Victors Revealed

As of a today a shiny new promotional dealio/thingamabob, which is actually a word surprisingly enough, was presented on Hunger Games Explorer, or as I like to think of it as, the Conduit Of All Things Hunger Games And Seriously…What Is That? The Hashtag #VictorsRevealed was, well… revealed to us this Tuesday, and of course most of us all went “what’s this one gonna be all about?” and today we got our answer– banners. Oh yeah, but not just any banners, or banner, because only one has been released as of yet, but according to a broad spectrum of fan opinions– not a well designed banner.

You can see the banner in all its glory here, and form your own informed opinion on it, or you could do a Twitter search in the hashtag #VictorsRevealed, or peruse Tumblr, and lose your self in the frank hilarity of people’s initial reactions. These however are a few of the ones that I came across minutes after the first part of this new campaign went live, but note, some of these quotes were edited for clarity: From @Aeris_4 AKA Cecile, “I think I’d rather wait longer and not have any posters at all than see recycled stuff. No, I’m not

Made by Mellarkish on Tumblr

Made by Mellarkish on Tumblr

sorry…”, and this one from our frequent guest post writer here at Victor’s Village, @jj_dash, “I keep looking at it and I’m embarrassed. This is no good. Fix it…” Then there’s the lot off Tumblr, like “slow clap for the Photoshop amateur at Lionsgate responsible for that poster.” which was courtesy of brothermellark. Or, “I’m not even that upset about the editing to be honest, I’m more upset about the fact that they’ve given us hardly any stills, but they’ll give us one image of a photoshoot we’ve already seen. Like, at least release the entire photoshoot without the ugly background and coloring…” said by FrostingPeetasWounds. And to be frank, I tend to agree with everything being said by these fellow fandom members. Maybe we’re being too harsh, maybe we’re just a spoiled bunch of naggy whippersnappers? But, are we?

Here’s the deal, I get the concept behind the banner, I like that Peeta and Katniss are standing on the volcanic rocks of Hawaii, I mean in the arena, looking stalwart, and I’m still greatly looking forward to the reveals of the next banners in the campaign, but this one– this very first one feels slapped together, lacking genuine focus, and also severely lacking the look of a professional artists hands on it. It makes me feel that they’re putting out too much too fast, perhaps pouring more of their energy into Capitol Couture, and ignoring the tried and true phrase, “quality over quantity.” I also question whether or not the marketing department asked for outside opinions on these pieces, or this piece, because I guarantee you a focus group would likely have told them point blank, that that banner is not doing its job properly… at all. Oh well, it’s just the first banner, I’m sure it can’t get any worse.


Anyone else afraid that we’re going to end up seeing something like this in a matter of months though? Anyone, anyone at all?


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