The Victory Tour

Hail the Conquering Victors!

ACATCHING FIRE VICTORY TOUR POSTERbout an hour + ago we got one of the first tastes of the wonders yet to come, other wise known as we got a shiny, glossy, new, fabulous, highly styled, pretty-pretty, white rose laden, poster featuring our beloved Peeta, and our treasured Katniss promoting their Victory Tour! And the world wept, rejoiced, fan-fared, other stuff. No, really, everyone, guys, girls, whatever you identify your selves as– this may be short and sweet, but if this poster is signs of things yet to come? Visually speaking The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will surpass Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, and quite possibly eat it for breakfast, with maybe a little salt and pepper on top?

Personally, I love the look, it’s polished, as in they look like they’ve been through a body polish a la The Capitol, it’s also streamlined, and the lighting is fantastic, and god knows I love me some good lighting (photographer, I’ve literally left locations because the light sucked), and of course the pièce de résistance— the costuming. Katniss’ dress is gorgeous, a sort of throw-back to the 1930’s with its pleated top, and of course it is white symbolising the image that the Capitol likes to project of her– that’s she’s pure. And then there’s Peeta, looking handsome as ever, also in 1930s style garb– check out the trousers, they have metal tabs instead of him wearing a belt– that’s a throw-back to old school styles right there (yes, I study fashion as well, sue me). I like that Trish Summerville has decided to keep continuity by using the 1930s styles Judianna established in the Districts, I think it falls in nicely as the 1930s was hard-times for most everyone, and also a booming time for Art Deco architecture, jewelry and clothing– which is reflected mostly in the avant garde styles in The Capitol. The way I like to think of it is, the Districts are stuck in the Depression, the Capitol is fully embracing the Victory Rolls, the shoulder pads, and mad fashions seen later in the 1940s, it’s all there if you’re paying attention, promise.

Be forewarned, this is just the beginning– because more is to come, we have months on end of nibbles that’ll hopefully only wet our appetites for the main event, and personally I cannot wait to see what they unfurl at us.

Them There Eyes