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It’s Just An Audition

When Grant Gustin confirmed that he has auditioned for the much coveted role of Finnick Odair, the fandom went nuts. From reading my Twitter page, it was as if we were in an official state of panic.

But I honed in on an interesting observation from Mr. Gustin: “I don’t think [the producers] know what they’re looking for just yet.”

So before you grab a paper bag to breathe into, let me ease your worried little heads.

It sounds like those casting Catching Fire are seeing pretty much everyone submitted for the role that more or less fits the general description. Remember when Katniss was being cast? They saw dozens and dozens of actresses, many of whom don’t even look like or have similar resumes to Jennifer Lawrence.

If you don’t quite know the type of actor you’re looking for, the thing to do is basically see everyone, that way you know what you don’t want. It’s much easier to eliminate first before picking and choosing. That’s, you know, why there’s an audition process. And while he’s not a very popular choice for Finnick in this corner of the interwebz, he is in others, and Lionsgate has a history of letting popular fancasts have a shot at auditioning at the very least for the franchise.

You should listen to me, I watch Smash

And he said “audition”. I did not even get a whiff of “call back” or “screen test” or anything else where it sounds more serious.

So again, I wouldn’t be worried about this news, or any other actor you deem isn’t quite right for the role, saying they’ve auditioned. If anything, be grateful Lionsgate is entertaining a variety of actors. It’s a step closer for them in figuring out who they want.

If he’s not right for it they’ll see it

Finding Finnick Odair — Grant Gustin

After a short “We’ve got too much to do surrounding the release of this movie!” hiatus, the fansites have regrouped for another round of Finding Finnick Odair! This week, we’re discussing Grant Gustin, who has an.. ummmm… enthusiastic fanbase supporting him for the role because of his current role on Glee.

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Grant Gustin

Victor’s Village
Grant Gustin, Grant Gustin, Grant Gustin? I’ll be perfectly blunt, and some people may not like it, actually I’m sure some people will not like it — Grant Gustin is one of the worst fantasy casting ideas to come out of The Hunger Games fandom to date. For one, he’s the same age as Jennifer Lawrence at 21 year-old. Two, in my opinion (and I know I’m not alone), superficially I say — he’s not good-looking enough to portray someone like Finnick. Finnick Odair is supposed to be universally attractive, and I honestly do not believe that every man, woman, child, or hermaphrodite who would see Mr. Gustin’s image would think “damn that’s an attractive man.” And to go back on the word I just used, man, I don’t look at Mr. Gustin and see a man — I see a boy. Finally three, and this is the clincher for me, and I think for most people it is as well, experience — he doesn’t have a lot. I’ve checked his IMDB page, and he has four credits to his name, mostly bit parts, and then there’s the recurring role he’s had on Glee this season. I know he was in a traveling production of Westside Story as well, which I know takes fortitude and gumption, but I’m sorry– I just can’t get my head to wrap around the idea of an actor who’s seemingly ONLY portrayed high school students in his very short career in the role of Finnick Odair. Finnick, who is a champion, an Adonis, a soldier, a lover, a victim of circumstance, and most importantly an adult. Gustin’s experience hinders his chances greatly, especially with the caliber of actors already cast in the franchise (Josh Hutcherson has been working since he was 10 year-old!) as well as the caliber of directors whose names are floating around as possible candidates for the job. Mr. Gustin’s experience is minute in comparison to all of these people, and I don’t think that having him cut his teeth with Finnick is a smart choice for him, or for this franchise, it’s just too damn iffy. I know Mr. Gustin has a mad fan following, but I question their gusto, because it seems to be a small but loud group of people pitching a fit for him to play Finnick. To me, he cannot be Finnick, he just cannot.

Down With The Capitol
We’ve heard quite a few calls for Grant to play Finnick, but in all honesty, we just aren’t seeing it here. Yes, he’s cute, but does he have the look of the “famous Finnick Odair?” As a past victor, Finnick is older than Katniss and Peeta, but Grant looks to be about the same age as them. He’d also need to bulk up a lot for the role, as Finnick is described as being quite muscular. We also have never seen him act beyond Glee, so it’s hard to judge if he even has the goods, especially when looking ahead to Mockingjay and the way the character is portrayed in that book. He loves The Hunger Games and has said he identifies with Finnick, and that’s fantastic, but that’s not enough in our book to turn him into our Finnick.

Hunger Games Movie Site
We know that there a ton of people who think that Grant would make the perfect Finnick. However, I am just not sure that he’s right. He just is too young to be Finnick. I am just not sure why he is a popular choice for Finnick. Sure, he’s great on Glee, but that’s his only credit. He is a boy. We can appreciate that he is a fan of the books, and think that is great, but he’s just not Finnick. He’s just not a choice for Finnick that I can understand.

Hunger Games Fireside Chat
We know that a lot of fans are very passionate about the idea of Grant Gustin as Finnick, but we just don’t get it. At 22, he’s just a couple of years younger than Finnick, but he looks even younger…which is why he’s currently playing a high school student on television. He looks like he could be one of Katniss and Peeta’s classmates in District 12, and that’s not good. Finnick needs to be obviously older. He’s a man, not a boy. Gustin admitted in at least one interview that he’d need to do some serious bulking up to play Finnick, and we agree with him. Does he have enough time to put enough muscle on his skinny frame before filming begins? Probably not. Also: What do we know of his acting abilities outside of ‘Glee’? We know people love him, but Gustin will not be cast as Finnick.
Adam adds: If we’re going to throw out random people from Glee who don’t have a build resembling Finnick whatsoever, then I’d at least pick Darren Criss. He’s more talented, better-looking, and more beloved by fans. Gustin isn’t even the best Finnick from his own show! (Consolation: He’s a little more Finnick than Chris Colfer)

The Hob
Amanda: Grant Gustin is one of those actors who’s been suggested for Finnick and people either love him or hate him for the role. With Glee really being his only credit, it’s hard to judge his acting skills, and to be honest, I haven’t really watched the show very much. But even based on looks alone, he doesn’t seem like Finnick to me. He’s a cute kid, but not drop dead gorgeous by any means. And IMDb has him listed as 22 years old, which isn’t old enough to play Finnick, in my opinion – since Jennifer, Josh and Liam are all older than their characters, they’re going to need to get an actor who is at least Finnick’s 24 years of age. I love that he’s a fan of the books, but this is one casting suggestion I don’t really understand.

Hunger Games Network
My first impression of Grant Gustin is that he looks young – too young. But apparently he’s 22. Which is still younger than what I imagine Finnick to be. Yes, he’s adorable and very cute. But I just don’t find any Finnick-ish qualities about him. Finnick is a character that requires complex acting – remember it’s not just the sugar cube act, but Mockingjay as well. I just don’t see this cute kid pulling off Finnick no matter how cute he is.

HG Girl on Fire
Sheila: While I like Grant Gustin as the bad boy on Glee and find him adorable, he just doesn’t exude any of the character traits that I always envisioned in a character like Finnick Odair. From a physical standpoint, Grant looks very young, with a lean physique that doesn’t exactly make me think of Finnick who can carry Mags, and Peeta in times of need. Additionally, while I think his acting is fine in Glee, I’m not positive he has the experience, depth or range to play such a complicated character. So while Grant is fine on Glee, he is no Finnick Odair.
I’ve never seen a single episode of Glee, so I can’t say I’ve seen Grant in anything besides YouTube clips from some other tv show he had a small role in. I do know that my first impression of him was “too young”. Sure, he’s 22, but he looks like a teenager. He’s attractive, but not smoking Finnick hot. I don’t care how much tanning lotion they slap on him, he’s just not the Finnick I ever imagined. Show me someone that looks like Brad Pitt did in the early 90s and I’m there.

What do you think of Grant Gustion as Finnick?

Stay tuned for next week when we talk about Chris Zylka!