Alexander Ludwig

Sam Claflin Gladly Is Not a Cartoon

Just to prove once again that we here at Victor’s Village have accepted, like, and genuinely think that Sam Claflin is, and was a great casting choice for Finnick Odair, I’m going to take it upon myself to gratuitously promote all his other projects, yes– that includes when he takes to le Twitter and does sporadic (points if you think of the same hit ’90s film when you see or hear that word!), and planned Q & A’s. They do happen on occasion, less than they do on other cast members Twitters’, like say– um, what’s his name again, he’s on that really violent series, he’s blond, tall, what’s his name!? Oh yeah, Alexander Ludwig! Anyway, Sam’s Q & A’s are always pleasant, always a little bit cheeky, and always a little bit self-deprecating. Poor man, someone needs to bolster his confidence! I’ll leave that job to his wife however.

The Internet is a great place sometimes, allowing us little’uns to have a modicum of a connection to famous-y people like in this instance, Sam Claflin. And this past evening Mr. Claflin did not disappoint, although I was slightly disappointed because last night I was out celebrating my birthday by watching Grand Budapest Hotel, and thus missed the amazing,Sam-Claflin stupendous, Q & A put on by Digital Spy that he participated in! You can read the highlights here, and bathe in the funny, and sweet, and the dogged. However, here’s the gist, or my highlights!

He’s still shocked that he got the role of Finnick, because at the time he looked nothing like the fan-art he made the terrible, horrible very bad mistake of Googling before he auditioned. Sam, love you– but even I hated pretty much all the Finnick fan-art out there before people started taking it seriously and using real people as models. And even then they still were rather amateurish and crude. It’s no wonder his confidence was seemingly shot before he went in to those initial auditions, but he rallied. Which brings us to the second highlight for me from the Q & A session, he read the trilogy in five days! Ah, this means one thing to me– he’s a crazy-ass fan too, which should make all of us very happy.

Thinning out the highlights though, I have to ignore the anecdotes he’s already shared, like dropping Lynn Cohen in the frigid water– you know the drill. However, highlight number three for me is this tasty morsel of taste– he wishes that he could work with Tom Hardy in the future. More so than that he added that he’d also like to work with Christian Bale, as well as Bradley Cooper. Johnny Depp was also mentioned. So there you have it my fair folks, Sam’s our Finnick, Sam’s a funny chap, and Sam’s also got good taste in hopeful scene partners.

To bolster his confidence, because we really can’t leave it all to his wife– go see his new film The Quiet Ones. Comes out April the 1st!

Them There Eyes

The Hunger Games Cast Is Working

Deceptive title I know– but it’s true, the cast of The Hunger Games franchise are a working bunch of actors, and that’s a good thing. Yes, not only for them, ’cause it means they’re eating regularly, paying their bills, and are able to buy soap (soap’s very important, keeps you clean), it also means that we the fans can watch and/or look forward to seeing them in other roles, and therefore get a better grasp on what they as actors are capable of. Also, if they were one of the unfortunate lot whose character died in The Hunger Games, it’s kind of nice seeing them essentially rise from the dead, however as other people. So, without further ado here are a few tasty morsels to look forward to or nibble on pre and post November of 2013.

Leven Rambin’s character Glimmer may have died a horrific death in The Hunger Games, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still trucking away at her own personal dreams of being a successful actress. So, this weekend if you’re so inclined you can take in Leven acting her face off (but not literally), in the new Percy Jackson film opposite Logan Lerman. Check percy-jackson-sea-of-monsters-posteryour local movie listings if you live in the US, Canada, Ireland, the UK, or the Philippines, ’cause it’s out in all those countries today. Later this month it’s releasing even wider, and on into September it’s slated to be showing up in Greece, Australia, Argentina, Italy, and South Korea. After you’ve imbibed all your popcorn, and your monster sized cup of sugary carbonated water whilst watching Logan Lerman save the world… again, stay tuned within the next few months for Leven to show her face in the feature film Walter. Amazingly she has top billing on the IMDb page for the film, and the cast, not including Leven is pretty remarkable if I do say so myself, as it includes such names as William H. Macy, who has been in EVERYTHING, Jim Gaffigan, Milo Ventimiglia, Virginia Madsen, Neve Campbell, or as she’ll always be in my head– Julia Salinger from Party of Five, then there’s Justin Kirk– AKA Andy from Weeds, and Peter Facinelli. Personally I’m hoping this one turns out well, ’cause I like pretty much everyone in this cast, yes– even Facinelli.

Next victim, or Tribute if you will, is Mister Bruno Gunn! We haven’t seen him in action as Brutus in Catching Fire yet, only in static poster form sadly– but this month you can see him in the season finale of the HBO series True Blood. And if you’re a Trubie, little FYI– he’ll probably be clad in blue scrubs, and possibly in the company of Steve Newlin, AKA the worlds most hilarious former right-wing christian zealot turned gay vampire you’ll ever lay eyes upon. Anyway, I’m also under the impression that his role could possibly turn into something recurring, so cross your fingers, toes, and eyes for that to come to fruition– man’s gotta keep himself in soap, and keep feeding his dog. But there’s more! Just this past month he took part in the religious themed horror flick The Vatican Tapes, I have no info on when that one will be gracing the silver screen– but I’ll make an educated guess, and say probably next year maybe in the Northern Hemisphere’s summer months, or perhaps around Halloween. Stay frosty, ’cause I think Bruno will show up in more projects sooner rather than later.

Dayo Okeniyi, the man with the thousand watt smile, has several films coming out in the near future. And if you’re one of the lucky people living in the Los Angeles area or New York City you can go see him in the critically well received film The Spectacular Now, which is in theatres in both those places right this very moment. The rest of us lazy sods will have to wait around for it to show up on Blu-ray, On Demand, or in our local independent movie houses. Grudgingly I’m now going to lay on you that Dayo’s currently filming a feature film opposite this fandom’s least favorite choice for Finnick Odair, yep– none other than Alex Pettyfer. The film’s called Endless Love, and the synopsis reads like something I’m positive will intrigue some, and make others scratch their heads and say, “wha’?” Synopsis is as follows, “the romance between two teenagers turns obsessive, dark, and disastrous.” So, basically he’s in Romeo & Juliet for the iPhone proficient. Do with that what you will.

Another Catching Fire cast member will also be gracing us with his presence on the Vikings-OneSheet-630-jpg_000314premium cable network HBO very very soon. Jeffrey Wright, our Beetee, has what looks like a meaty recurring role on Boardwalk Empire this forthcoming season. Luckily for most of us we won’t have to wait that long to see him showcasing his acting chops in this aforementioned meaty role, because Boardwalk Empire’s season premiere is September 8th of this year. If you’re not a Boardwalk Empire fan yet, I suggest you marathon that shit ASAP, because you’ve already potentially missed three years of amazing, and stepping in at the beginning of the fourth year is like skipping dinner, and then only eating the cherry on top of your melty chocolate fudge sundae. Go to! As they say in Shakespeare.

Lastly we have The Hunger Games alumni Alexander Ludwig who’s currently filming the second season of the TV series for the History Channel, Vikings. He’s far from home, and breathing the fresh air of Ireland, probably drinking lots of beer, and getting in touch with his likely non-existent Irish roots. Most notable however is Xander’s up coming film Lone Survivor, which looks like one of those films that may end up competing for an Oscar or two at next years Oscar ceremonies. Xander probably has a closet full of soap by now, tiny little hotel soaps if I’m guessing.

That’s all for now folks!

Them There Eyes

Hunger Games Fans Are Cheaters… AKA Kids At Heart

Let’s all stop and admit to something: We are a bunch of big, dirty cheating cheaters!

It’s not our fault! When you’re swimming with sharks or running with wolves or existing alongside some vicious creature (aka other fandoms!), you do what you gotta do to come out on top!


It least it looks cooler than an Oscar!

How did this revelation come about, you ask?
Today was a big day for me on a personal level, as I managed to pull off my sister’s bridal shower without murdering anyone in the process. But even in the middle of playing party hostess extraordinaire, The Hunger Games still worked its way into the day… because everyone knows I’m a huge fandom geek.

This time, it was a cousin who has children in the appropriate Kids Choice Awards age range. To paraphrase…
Her: “We were watching The Kids Choice Awards last night. The Hunger Games won a bunch of stuff! I was kind of surprised, given the age range.”
Me: “Oh, the Internet knows no age range. Maybe 10 percent of the people voting for The Hunger Games were actually age appropriate. When voting is all online, an 80-year-old could vote for the Kids Choice and no one would be the wiser. Kids voted, I’m sure, but I guarantee you there were way more adults. Hell, I bet some cleared their cookies and voted multiple times.”
Her: “Don’t grown adults have better things to do with their time?”
Me: “Sadly, no.”

From there, I tried to point out Alexander Ludwig’s heinous comb-over. She didn’t recall, but SERIOUSLY, WHAT WAS UP WITH THAT?!

Anyhow, clearly there’s a large chunk of cheaters among us! Not to say that there aren’t kids who have read or seen The Hunger Games– we’re under the firm belief that it’s up to parents to decide when their children can watch certain books or read certain books– but we wouldn’t guess that the majority of kids are totally saavy on books and movies heavy on death and political turmoil. Plus, WE KNOW about the cheating because we helped facilitate it through our social networks! Because if The Hunger Games is nominated, WE BETTER WIN, DAMMIT!

Willow's elbows FTW!

Willow’s elbows FTW!

We’re not the only ones, of course! Kristen Stewart won not one but two awards. Plus Johnny Depp took home the award for Best Actor for Dark Shadows, which was a great movie… said no kid ever. They seem a little out of place among the wins for Selena Gomez and One Direction and Spongebob Squarepants. That’s because they are! They were put there for the fandoms and the fandoms ensured the win, regardless of supposed “age restrictions”.

For the record, it was totally worth it, simply for that moment we realized that Willow Shields is both adorable AND double jointed in her elbows!

We All Know We Have the Maturity Level of a Ten Year-Old Anyway,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Newly Crowned Clown

Sometimes there are unexpected gems unearthed in the slowly being erected foundations of this wonderful thing called The Cast of Catching Fire, and those gems are not only the über class some of these people bring to the table, acting talent wise that is. However, after careful examination there are a few real diamonds in the rough, and some of those diamonds are members of the cast who’ve deemed the wonderful place known as Twitter, as a playground for their aimless, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes ridiculous thoughts. Last summer when the cast of The Hunger Games was established, and then almost all the Tributes’ Twitter handles were revealed– most of us went along and followed them. I always felt a bit strange following a bevy of teenagers personally, but I sucked it up and followed the boys and the girls from District 1 to District 11 (Josh Hutcherson didn’t start using Twitter again until 2012.), thankfully the boy from District 11 was, and is very legal– so, I didn’t feel completely weird about following him at 23-24 years of age. Others though, I just don’t think I can ever feel truly comfortable following someone who’s not old enough to get a drivers license. Although, I’ve made the exception for Willow Shields, and Amandla Stenberg.

For me, and maybe for some of you out there, one of the more appealing things about the cast of Catching Fire, is the fact that everyone who’s been cast so far is an adult, and we no longer have to avert our eyes when they do or say something questionable– wait, I personally still have to do that, ’cause I still follow some of last years Tributes. This time though, or this summer– no one in the new cast has done, or said anything too off kilter, and like I said above– some of them have turned out to be gems. Not that it’s a contest or anything, but some of these people are better at using Twitter than others, and in that sense– I guess there sort of is a contest going on, but maybe we shouldn’t tell them. So, without further ado, I bring you a comprehensive list of who’s best/better at using Twitter in the cast of Catching Fire!

She Sings, she acts– she’d rather use Facebook!

 Coming in last place is unfortunately Ms. Maria Howell, aka @MariaSingsActs. Maria’s Twitter timeline for the most part is tweets asking people to go like her Facebook page– which defeats the purpose of having a Twitter, doesn’t it? Does for me, but I don’t matter– do I, do I? Perhaps the limitation of 140 characters to express her self has proven too daunting, I know I didn’t get a hang of it for a while. Time will tell if Maria’s tweeting skills advance over the span of the next year, ’cause being part of this project is likely to change her life, and possibly her Twitter habits.

Next up is another lady, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, aka

Gym shoes!

@1StephanieLeigh! I’m sure she’s a sweetheart, and she’s very thankful for the complimentary tweets she’s received from fans after being cast, and judging by her tweets of the last day or so, she really loves her sister. However, and this is going to sound awful, all she’s tweeted lately are glamorous Instagram’s of herself. Survey says, I need more substance than tweeting about finding her gym shoes, her appreciation for the congratulations on being cast in what’s sure to be one of the biggest money making films November after next. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, especially since it looks like she took a break from the Twitter-sphere somewhat recently, and just got back into it.

Brutus Brutally Loves Hash-tags

I’m happy to announce that Bruno Gunn aka @BrunoGunn is a laugh, and I’m not pulling anyone’s invisible tail when I say that. He’s probably the most enthusiastic Tribute to be added to the roster, and man does he love a hash-tag! Bruno’s a fan of not only hash-tags, he’s also a fan of replying to fans, and also– the man likes puns.

Running ahead of Mr. Gunn is of course our

He knows how to waste time on Le Twitter like the best of ’em!

dear, and newly crowned Finnick Odair– Sam Claflin aka @samclaflin. Sam’s Twitter avatar pretty much says it all, he’s jocular, and yep– he knows how to carry on an almost hour-long Twitter-wide conversation about combining different words into drunkenly hysterical matings. Also, he’s apparently not afraid to start singing to himself in public when he’s bored, alone, and did I mention bored… whilst at the airport. Sam gets a very shiny, completely non-existent silver medal for knowing how to use 140 characters, and use them well.

Don’t be fooled by the jawline, he’ll make you laugh your face off.

Which brings us to the winner of this non-contest! But here it is, or he is– Mr. Alan Ritchson aka @alanritchson. Alan is kind of a master at tweeting, perhaps it’s his song-writing skills being put to use, or the training he received whilst being part of a comedy television show– but damn-it-he’s-just-fuckin’-funny! Personally, I was not expecting him to be the winner of this non-contest, but he so is, because he goes and says things like, “all the training I’ve been doing has rendered the lower 98% of my body useless. I’m thirsty, I’ll drag myself to the sink by my face now.” Or this glittering jewel of hilarity he tweeted just today, I warn you now to read the caption first. Okay, and not only is he hilarious, but he’s also an expectant father who tweets about putting up animal decals in his unborn child’s room, which of course makes anyone with a soul let out an “awwwwwe”. So, there you have it– Ritchson wins the shiny, shiny gold! I cannot wait ’til he makes me despise his character like Xander Ludwig did last March, thus making me admire him for not only being funny, but being a talented actor — Alan I mean. Okay, Xander as well, can’t forget good ol’ Xander!

Th-th-th-that’s all folks!

Them There Eyes aka @Rebekahdg

An Apology Letter to Alexander Ludwig

Almost two weeks after Them There Eyes and Twiffidy, I have finally seen The Hunger Games. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS!

We promised you a lengthy reaction post featuring all three writers very, very soon. In the meantime, however, let’s talk about a non-spoilery aspect of the films that won’t ruin the film for all the people who had to stay home on a Thursday night!

Alexander Ludwig

This guy: 1, Us: Zero.

Alexander Ludwig–
As much as it pains me to say it, we owe you an apology.

At one point in time, you really had us worried. It was shortly after you were cast. All that we knew was that you starred in a Disney movie with The Rock, modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, posted pictures of yourself shirtless, and rebelled against the letter E. (Seriously, what did the letter E ever do to you?!) Your fangirls were, to put it nicely, freakin’ RAMPANT— mostly about your abs.

Everything about you just screamed “BRO!” And when we think of bros, we do not think of decent actors. We think of Ashton Kutcher and the rich jocks who got away with everything in high school.

It probably didn’t help that we never could picture a blond, blue-eyed Cato. You were too All-American boy band to be what we had in mind, so we assumed you were the lazy pretty boy of the group.

But then we saw some interviews. You’re pretty well-spoken and entertaining. You sure didn’t sound like a bro…

Then you went out and met the fans and released “Liv It Up”. We all know Bros don’t make fun of themselves or write surprisingly catchy songs that subtly nod to The Who (at least we hope that was your intention.) It IS about being famous and partying… but let’s just day that we are all too familiar with that partying phase (except with less travel because we’re broke.)

Finally, we saw the movie. You’re still pretty (yay genetics!), but decidedly NOT some lazy, brotastic excuse for an actor. You have got chops. That final showdown on the Cornucopia was something else. We really thought you had lost your freaking mind (and we mean that in a good way!)

You changed our minds, which is not an easy thing to do around here. We’ll tell you what, though: We’re glad that you did.

There! I said it! Are you fangirls happy?!

We’re Mainly Basing This Off One Scene, So Don’t Get Cocky!

The Girl With The Pearl

The Creep Factor


Turns out you get not one but TWO posts inspired by the tweet to your left. Twiffidy had a fun take on it yesterday, but mine is a lady more cynical. This lady. I want to slap some dignity into her.

We don’t care about your sexual preference, marital status, nationality, religion, age or background. There is one universal truth among all of us: When someone is attractive, you notice it.

It’s not our fault! We’re only human. You follow someone on Twitter and they make you smile, so you think “This person has charisma.” You see a picture of somebody good-looking and you think “Oh hey, that’s a pretty attractive photo.”

As long as you don’t venture into the land of crazy ass fangirl and decide you need to hit on this person constantly and stalk them until they eventually agree to have babies with you (or more likely, get your ass thrown in the brig), then there’s really no problem. You’re just noticing that this person is attractive. Simple. Innocent. Harmless.

Then why do I feel like such a creep?

For instance, the new photos of Jack Quaid from Interview Magazine. They are really good photos. I’m pretty sure everyone has noticed that he looks attractive in them and 99.9% of us do not feel the sudden urge to stalk Jack Quaid (sorry about the .1%, Jack!)

Jack Quaid Interview Magazine Potrait by Sebastian Kim

Damn you, stylized photoshoots!

There’s nothing revealing about the photos. Jack is of legal age, so we’re not pedophiles-in-training. Hell, I was born within 5 years of him (and most of the other male tributes), which doesn’t even make me finding him attractive pervy… though it would be like sneaking glances at my friend’s little brother. Maybe that’s why it feels so wrong?

We have no idea how to handle this. On most subjects, we have NO SHAME and this isn’t something most people feel shameful about. We’ve heard plenty of people older than us announce that they found Josh Hutcherson or Alexander Ludwig attractive.

We even tried to create a graph explaining the creep factor based on age difference. We couldn’t even create something logical.

Personally, I blame past experiences. I’m a massive fan of Harry Potter and back in the day when LiveJournal was relevant to me, I looked into a lot of LJ communities. And A LOT of them we dedicated to perving over Harry Potter stars. Not your typical fangirling. STRAIGHT UP PERVING. There was one community in particular that was basically a place for 40+ year old women to get together and discuss how much they wanted to have sex with Rupert Grint, who played Ron. He was about 16 at the time. I was mortified for these people. Where was their dignity?!

I pledged very early on in my fandom-loving years NEVER to become one of those women. Every time I smile at a photo of Jack or Alexander or Josh, I feel a momentary flash of panic that I will become a creep.

I have zero intentions of leaving my fiance to try my luck with any member of The Hunger Games cast. In fact, I KNOW I shouldn’t even feel guilty for finding any of them attractive, because my fiance’s phone background is Michelle Tratchenburg.

Is it just us?! Is it okay to find anyone attractive (as long as they’re not a child)? Where do you draw the line?

I call it stalking, you call it love
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Cast Twitters Get Boss Status

If you follow some of our lovely tributes on Twitter (well, a certain one), a couple phrases may have entered your vocabulary. You guys know what we’re talking about. “Liv it up.” “Stay crispy.” “Chillin’ like a villain.” Okay, we added that last one, and we’re sure that dates us in some way.

Amandla and Xander having fun at dinner, pic courtesy of Dayo's Twitter

And then last night, we got another Ludwig gem: “Boss status.” We’re really expanding our vocab now!

As a fandom, we’re blessed with a largely fan-interactive cast. Sure, Josh, Liam and Jennifer are busy doing their thing, and rightly so, but Jackie, Dayo, Xander (obviously we’re all on a first name basis), et al., take to Twitter and answer fan questions and do live streams. And with such a tight knit cast that seemed to have really bonded on set, they seem to hang out with each other when they can, tweeting pics when they’re out together. Which is great for us! We love that. It’s nice seeing that they’re all so close and seem to genuinely like each other.

But of course, every now and then, we have to laugh and/or facepalm. Like we said, last night’s tweet was a real gem. And not just because of the “boss status” hashtag. Here’s the full tweet:

After we’ve gotten over the ickiness of someone in their 30s hitting on a 19-year-old, we have to admit, we kind of started to imagine what kind of pickup lines a 30-something would use on Jack Quaid. Probably calling him “Rookie” or “Maverick”. Asking if he’s “Got Mail” or “Addicted to Love”. Maybe trying to make a date for “The Day After Tomorrow.” All right, we’ve gotten that out of our system. If you couldn’t tell, we’re fans of his parents.

In all seriousness, to our wonderful Hunger Games cast, keep doing you. We love your pictures, we love that you seem to appreciate us fans, and we love hearing from you. Just… try to keep it appropriate. But if you don’t, you have given us license to playfully and lovingly mock you.

Liv it up and stay crispy!


The Other Men of The Hunger Games Part Three

Third time’s a charm right? Well here goes part three, hold on to your butts!

Our first man worth mentioning is quite the catch, he’s been in the business for a while now and– okay fine it’s Gary Ross!

Seriously, if you didn’t already recognize him you should have your Hunger Games fan membership card revoked, because Ross is none other than the director of The Hunger Games! Now, we have to say it took the power of suggestion to make us realize how bleeding good-looking this award-winning writer, director and producer is. Ross, you have to agree with us is a stone cold silver fox, and his appeal only increases when you watch his recent Skype interview with MTV, where he gushed and pretty much displayed his true nature i.e. his Hunger Games fan boy-ness. Oh, also the fact that he’s the man who wrote Big and Dave, two of the most charming comedies of the late 80s and mid 90s. This guy wrote a scene where Tom Hanks jumps on a trampoline in a tux– without irony. This is a man who wrote a scene where essentially Ripley from Alien sings a song from Annie, and enjoys it. That’s hot, okay– just is. It should also be addressed that he directed and wrote both Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, two films that while they both seem to air on the side of lightness, they simultaneously deal with quite heavy issues that we all can relate to on some level. Furthermore Pleasantville is notable because of its innovative use of color or better yet its lack of color, as well as multiple homage’s to great films of the past, art criticism, social criticism, not to forget some pretty damn great acting performances. Seriously though, the man’s got a fantastic smile, and that’s key when choosing a director, right?

Our last man, can we just say it out right, is the best looking behind the scenes guy we’ve come across in this painstaking (it was so painful guys, you have no idea) search. That there is Mr. Chad Stahelski, and he’s what can only be termed as tall, dark and handsome. Chad’s a stunt man and stunt coordinator by the way, so obviously he’s likely in fantastic physical shape. Let’s see what might we have seen him in, granted not him him, but him doubling for other people; he’s pretty consistently doubled for Keanu Reeves on several projects including all The Matrix films, on The Crow he doubled for Brandon Lee (awe), he doubled for David Boreanaz on Angel as well. So, now we can all get out our DVD’s and try and pick him out in frame by frame mode. Chad’s sadly not performing any stunts in The Hunger Games though, he is however a stunt coordinator on the project. Other films he’s had the same or similar title on are Killer Elite, Iron Man 2, Speed Racer, 300, V for Vendetta, TRON:Legacy and on two of The Matrix films he was the martial arts stunt coordinator meaning he’s got a specialized background in martial arts– which is decidedly sexy (yeah, we said it). The best project in our opinion that he’s had his hands all over is Serenity, the Joss Whedon project that continued the short-lived and much-loved cult series Firefly. The stunts on that film are something to be in awe of, notably Nathan Fillion’s because he did a lot of his own including a pretty visceral face plant right into a glass floor (he did it more than once, he may have chipped his cheekbone), and Summer Glau– wow Summer Glau, can’t say much about her physical work in that film other than wow. Honestly, just knowing Chad had much to do with such a beloved project other than The Hunger Games, well it warms the cockles of our hearts (we’ve got a lot of hearts).

So that’s it! No it’s not, two honorary mentions have to go to two chaps both from the Eastern Seaboard, Mr. Russ Bowen, come on down!

Mark with Leven Rambin. Photo taken from Mark's Twitter.

Russ Bowen is a news caster from North Carolina who during the duration of the filming of The Hunger Games was a wealth of knowledge and tid bits where it came to everything and all he could get his hands on having to do with the film. Russ has been mentioned here before, but we thought it was high time it was addressed that not only is he an enthusiastic unintentional member of the fan community, but he’s not too hard on the eyes either, and the accent–that’s just a bonus.

Lastly we have to mention someone who spent large chunks of his time on The Hunger Games set this summer. Mr. Mark Reardon, aka Alexander Ludwig’s good friend, house mate and fellow USC student. Mark has no official credits on the film, but it’s been feigned to multiple times that he participated in the film in one way shape or form. Our guess is he may have been an extra or a stand in for someone, but you’re guess is as good as ours! Either way, Mark’s a fit bloke, (good-looking) and engages with fans on a semi regular basis. So in all those capacities it’s felt that he’s worth mentioning.

That’s it guys, time to go back to our lives. Lives? What are lives?

Them There Eyes

Follower Blackmail: You’ve Been Warned!

Welcome to another Follow Friday!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Follow Friday is a term used on Twitter. Each Friday, users suggest great Twitter account to follow to their current followers. It can get a clog up your dashboard a bit, but it’s usually a great tool for promotion and forming friendships.

Blackmail twitter


Then there’s its other purposes: FOLLOWER BLACKMAIL!

This phenomena is something usually seen among celebrities like The Hunger Games tributes and the occasional fansite. In a nut shell, it occurs when someone says:

It happens quite often in The Hunger Games fandom. While filming, Alexander Ludwig promised fans a Ustream chat almost every other week, if only they could get him to a certain number of followers before then. Jackie Emerson offered up her music video once she reached 5,000 followers. Fansites offer prizes if they can get to a certain number of followers– not that we’re against prizes, but we feel they should be announced once the follower number has been attained and not as a way to actually attain it.

The fallout from this is a mass amount of crazed fans begging their friends to follow someone they probably already follow and the celebrity which the #FF is about retweeting far too many of them.

It’s not cute. In fact, it’s one of the most annoying things about Twitter. And that goes for ALL fangirls, not just Ludwig’s.

Twitter Follow Friday

The Fail Whale ensnares all the little Tweeters!

After all that, of course, the celebrities barely ever come through for most fans. Alexander Ludwig’s chat has “technical difficulties” or he can’t get to computer until 11pm PST when most of the people who fangirl him are asleep (because they’re all 14.) His chats happened about half the time they were promised.

Though we can’t really blame for her for it because she’s not the one editing the thing, Jackie Emerson’s video wasn’t ready when she reached 5,000 fans. We love Jackie. She’s super friendly and funny, but we hope she learned the moral of the this tale: NEVER underestimate the power of Twitter and hyped up Hunger Games fans!

Let’s all be friends and follow each other on Twitter. But let’s do it out of mutual respect and love for The Hunger Games, NOT because we’re offered a reward.

Now Follow Us Simply Because You Love Us!
The Girl With The Pearl

Starting Rumors Tribute Style!

Imagine this: You’re part of a very popular group of young, successful, and attractive actors. You’re on the set of a major motion picture that’s going to put your career on the map (if it isn’t already) and all your spare time is spent shaking up North Carolina with your awesome co-stars.

Too good to be true, right? WRONG! When you think about it, this is the life of our tributes. We’re not trying to rub it in anyone’s face. We’ve just got a suggestion for these lucky few:

Makeout forest

The good makeout spot is right behind that treee over there..

You’re a veritable fountain of gorgeous youth.. and we want you to hook up.

DISCLAIMER: 1) Obviously, this does not apply to anyone under the age of 16. For the love of all things holy, DO NOT BE THAT CHILD ACTOR.

When we say “hook up”, we’re not necessarily talking about the horizontal mambo. We believe in a wee bit of peer pressure, but not to that extent.

Frankly, we just think it would be kind of funny if a couple of the 74th Annual Hunger Games actors were sneaking off to make out in between takes. Since Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Hemsy are almost definitely not single, we have to depend on the rest of the tributes for such quality behind the scenes secrets!

All the ingredients are there: Dinner dates. Late night parties. Spending lots of time together outside of work, where you get involved in various shenanigans and then TwitPic it because it’s too awesome NOT to share. It’s all a big love fest even before the part where two of you break away and start kissing gets involved!

It’s not we don’t love to awesome friendship all the cast members share! It’s fabulous to see you’re all getting along so well in between shooting scenes in which you kill each other! But the fangirl gods are a nasty bunch that’s nearly impossible to appease. They DEMAND cast drama (and you thought the Greek/Roman/Norse gods were bad!)

Alexander Ludwig playing guitar

This dude is practically BEGGING for it!

Why do you think the media drools over the possibility of a romance between any two co-stars? That would be the fangirls!

Don’t worry, we’ll still care about your characters and your performance even if you all just sit around playing chess every Saturday night… maybe. We’ll just care a little MORE about, say.. Glimmer and Marvel if we think Leven Rambin and Jack Quaid are sneaking off into the forest for a little alone time. *wink wink nudge nudge*

We really hope none of you have a significant other that we’re offending terribly, but consider this a relationship prep course for when The Hunger Games hits it big! Speculation of sexytime is what the media lives for. You’ll supposedly be having romantic rendevous with people you’ve never even met before! We say you start the rumors early yourself, that way you’re guaranteed to be connected to someone you actually want to be connected to!

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