Day Two The

Today wasn’t exactly a wealth of Catching Fire or Mockingjay news, so you’re just going to have to suffice with a little personal happy dancing over other things from some of us. Why? Because today was day two of’s relaunch, and those silly little ID cards that aren’t technically available for physical ordering until next week, well– certain fansite staff members got theirs in the mail today anyway. What can I say other than it’s nice waking up to the UPS man dropping off a package for you, (no not that kind, you crazy kids, the other kind)– opening it up, and finally knowing why you were asked a couple of week ago for the information of what District you were sorted into when was up and running the first time, and not living up to its massive stores of potential. It’s not some big, scary secret that a vast majority of the larger, and some of the smaller fan-sites out there are in contact with Lionsgate, is it? If it is,

Yes, those are my real cheekbones

Yes, I own those earrings

um– how do you exactly think we were able to give out tickets to the LA premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and how do you think we were part of the promotional puzzle piece scavenger hunt for The Hunger Games? Really, how?

Anyway, the IDs are kind of snazzy, no? I didn’t get one last time around, mind– mostly because I’m lazy, and maybe I didn’t like the look of them. Also, I didn’t like any photos of myself at that time, and I didn’t want another hard plastic card with a photo of myself that I didn’t like in my possession– much like my license or my passport. Trust me I’m kind of glad my passport expired, just so I can go through the process of getting a new one. Speaking of passports, isn’t it a bit odd that they’re called “ID Passes”? Think about it, the citizens of Panem can’t exactly travel freely, so why call their ID’s “passes”? They can’t go anywhere. Hm, maybe they’re called passes as a subtle dig at their immobility? Back to the actual ID cards though, they’re much better designed this time I think, I like the icy gray tones, the thumb print decal, and the way the photo looks slightly raised, but it’s not. It’s nice, it’s well designed, and I’m probably going to keep mine for a very long time. Maybe not in my wallet, but perhaps in a scrap book that I’ll look back at in 30 years and think, “those crazy fansite years were so crazy.”


Them There Eyes


  1. Speaking of the fact that they can’t go anywhere, what’s up with “Migrated From”? Couldn’t it be something like, “Residence”, or “Home District”? Also, there’s apparently a thunderstorm going on in my home of D2 right now.

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