If You Had One Question to Ask Josh Hutcherson, What Would It Be?

I was fortunate enough to have gotten the opportunity to ask Josh Hutcherson one question during a fansite roundtable interview as a representative of both Victor’s Village and Welcome to District 12!

When it came to figuring out the question, I knew it had to be a good one. I mean, you get one question to ask the guy who plays your absolute favorite character in anything ever so it’s kind of a lot of pressure. Also, as a fansite runner, I’ve gotten to know the kinds of questions that members of the media ask The Hunger Games stars, and after hearing the same questions asked time and time again, I was incredibly determined to ask something creative and something that hasn’t been asked before.

So here it is: If President Snow forced you onto a present day reality show, but you could pick which one, what show would you choose and why?

I was so nervous about asking and, you know, talking to him and having him hear my words, that I even wrote down my intro (“Hi, I’m Tiffany and I’m from WelcometoDistrict12.com and VictorsVillage.com”) so I wouldn’t lose my train of thought mid-sentence. That would’ve been embarrassing.

When it came time for him to answer, he seemed to give it a little thought. He claimed to not watch much reality TV, but come on, we haven’t forgotten how much he loves the show Gigolos. He eventually answered with Man vs. Wild, since he likes host Bear Grylls and thinks he could learn some great survival skills if he were on the show. How fitting for a Hunger Games actor!

Also, he said maybe Jersey Shore as well, just so he could talk some sense into those people. Come on, Josh. We all know you secretly wish to GTL with The Situation (joking!).

One of our other favorite questions was “What fansite would you start?” from Savanna from HG Fireside Chat, to which Josh replied with “a UK site”. No, not United Kingdom, but University of Kentucky basketball since he knows the players’ stats and follows the team really closely. Another great question came from Kimmy from Mockingjay.net, asking about the stunts in the film. Josh singled out the final showdown with Cato, Katniss and Peeta on top of the Cornucopia, explaining that it took a few nights to shoot and involved a lot of intense choreography, which of course made us more anxious to see that scene on screen. MyHungerGames.com asked about what it was like seeing his face everywhere, like on the Peeta pillowcases that have come out as merch. He humbly said that it wasn’t something a person expects in their lifetime and talked about how his friends would send him pictures to his slight embarrassment, but he feels that it’s also great to see that people are excited for the movie and his character. Shylah from Down with the Capitol asked about what Peeta’s and Josh’s tokens would be. For Peeta, he thought that since his relationship with his parents wasn’t all that great, maybe something like a pendant from a grandparent would’ve been his token. For Josh, his grandmother makes “the best fried chicken in the world” so he says he’d have a chicken bone from that as his token.

It was a great experience and slightly surreal in that I was on the phone with so many other fansite runners and then Josh Hutcherson! He was incredibly nice and seemed really grateful to the fansites for all their hard work.

So we pose the same question to you, dear victors:

If President Snow forced you onto a present day reality show, but you could pick which one, what show would YOU choose and why?

Thanks, Lionsgate!

For more about what the other fansites asked Josh, check out my recap of the roundtable on Welcome to District 12!


  1. Big Brother. In kind of obsessed and would actually finish the application process if it weren’t 1000 pages long and required a psych evaluation. I think I’ve watched enough of it and have learned what it takes to win that one. But, my fantasy is to be good enough to be on so you think you can dance, but I haven’t taken a dance class since 7th grade and I’m sure I still suck. Good question.

  2. Project Runway! I never miss a season or episode. Love the frantic creativity and let’s face it- it’s indoors and there is running water and food!

  3. If I have one question, I’ll ask Josh what it’s like to work with the cast of the movie. Not to mention, they are bringing in high-profile cast with the likes of Philip Seymour Hoffman in Catching Fire. I hope the casting will work out well for the sequel.

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