Get Prepared for Advanced Screening Info with #HungerGames24!

We are just 24 days away from The Hunger Games movie in all its glory! Are you ready?!

Obviously, you say.. so how would you like to see an advanced screening?!

Lionsgate has announced that there will be 24 advanced screening for The Hunger Games around the US, in honor of the 24 tributes in the area!

Want to know the details on the advanced screening locations and how YOU can win tickets?

Go to THIS SITE, find the city closest to you and get your support up on Twitter with the hashatag #HungerGames24! Starting tomorrow, Lionsgate will announce advanced screening details for FOUR cities per day based on which get the most interest on their Twitter hashtags!

To spice things up, the 24 events will be hosted by 12 District Sponsors, who will host two each! No word on who the sponsors will be yet, but they’ll be offering 24 lucky fans the chance to see the film early.

Now excuse us while we go spam Twitter with our local city’s corresponding hashtag!


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