VICTOR’S VILLAGE CONTEST #1: The Orange Backpack!

If there’s one thing that’s become a favorite inside joke amongst fans of The Hunger Games, it’s THE ORANGE BACKPACK.

Back in August, Victor’s Village was among those at the forefront of BACKPACK GATE 2011, during which the fandom’s obsession with this minor detail became so obvious. The fallout from that was a long-running joke on Hunger Games Fireside Chat, a Twitter hashtag that took over our lives for a bit, and a Facebook page for the backpack with more likes than ours.

Now, the power of the orange backpack is in YOUR HANDS!

Model your tribute look by sporting an orange bag of your own! Send us your photo and you can win some amazing prizes!

The Hunger Games Orange Backpack by Starberry-Cupcake

By Luly -


1. SEND A PHOTO OF YOU WEARING THE “ORANGE BACKPACK” TO BY MARCH 17, ALONG WITH YOUR FIRST NAME AND LOCATION. The winner will be decided by the Victor’s Village staff and contacted on March 18!

2. WE GIVE POINTS FOR CREATIVITY. Just posing in an orange backpack is cool, but how about posing in an orange backpack in an awesome location and/or doing something hilarious? Even better! We’re looking for spunk and originality!

3. THIS CONTEST IS INTERNATIONAL. We love all of you all over the world, so everyone join in on the fun!

We understand that not everyone in the world just happens to have an orange backpack on hand, so…

4. IT DOES NOT NEED TO BE A BACKPACK. Got a gym bag, satchel, oversized purse or nice blanket you can somehow shape into a backpack-esque look? That’ll do!

5. YOU CAN USE PHOTOSHOP ON THE BAG ONLY. If your backpack/backpack-like bag isn’t orange, you are totally allowed to use Photoshop or even paint to make the backpack look orange (badly drawn things are our favorite!) However, you may NOT photoshop the rest of the picture!

Now that we’ve got the particulars settled…


  • A $15 Gift Card for Crazy Dog T-shirts, home of new District t-shirts! Want to buy a t-shirt without entering our contest? Use the code PANEM at checkout for $5 off!
  • The t-shirt of your choice from Cold Hands Warm Art! The shop is expanding beyond its already amazing line of jewelry with new clothing. You can pick your favorite when you win!
  • The Hunger Games: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion! With great behind-the-scenes info and images, It’s a staple in any fan’s collection! We’d just like to get you started with the first of multiple film companion books!
  • Flaming Mockingjay Vinyl Decal! Show your fandom pride on your laptop, car window, or pretty much any other flat, sticky surface with this awesome decoration!


Remember, this is just the FIRST of three contests before the release of the film!

In true Hunger Games form… MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR!


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