A Few of Our Favorite Hunger Games Things!

We are less than a month from Hunger Games glory! As the date approaches, more and more AWESOME Hunger Games goodies are popping up over all the Internet! So today, we thought we’d sit down and go through some of our absolute favorites!


District 12 The Hob by Crazy Dog t-shirts


We have a thing about wearing someone else’s face on our chest. It just doesn’t sit right with us. Thankfully, Crazy Dog t-shirts has come up with some pretty sweet district t-shirts that are being sold for both guys and gals. We got our hands on this District 12 t-shirt with a cool salute to one of the series most nefarious locations, The Hob. Non-fans may or may not get the reference, but everyone who loves the series knows they can find us lurking around the black market in style!

Looking for a little variety? They’ve also got their own design for District 11 and District 13, available in proper sizing for men and women!


Hunger Games soundtrack


Now that we’ve seen the track listing, how could you NOT want the soundtrack? It’s got The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Glen Hansard, even a non-poppy Taylor Swift tune! It may not come out until March 20th, but you can bet we’ll be rocking out to this killer lineup in the days before the movie!


Hunger Games Capitol Colours Nail Polish


Okay, we give in! Capitol Colours is materialistic and it forces the American public to admit that it’s the Capitol… but it’s also kind of fantastic. We can’t ignore shiny things on our fingernails.


Hunger games knee socks


Another love of ours? SOCKS. Once upon a time, I didn’t have any solid colored socks in my drawer, most were also neon (then I got a real job.)

Want to have your district pride, but still keep it low-key? There is nothing better than awesome District 12 socks tucked safely under your jeans and beneath your casual sneakers. YOU know you’re rockin’ it and that’s all that really matters! ..Or just bust out the skirt and knee highs at the midnight premiere!


Hunger Games earrings


If we allow ourselves one slightly obnoxious bit of Hunger Games jewelry, it is THIS. Mockingjay pin hoop earrings! Bless whoever came up with the idea for these! Everyone who knows The Hunger Games will know how freaking fabulous we are once and for all!


Hunger Games Throw Blanket


The author of this post is also the proud our of a Harry Potter snuggie. TRUFAX. But we need multiple ways to keep warm and show fan pride in these cold winter months, thus we also require this super comfy looking Mockingjay pin on fire throw blanket!


Hunger Games Belt Buckle


Another gem in the slightly ambitious accessories department, this belt buckle will spice up your wardrobe without getting you funny looks for people passing by in the mall. However, there’s probably one thing that should be taken into account: WARNING! Your friends will look at your crotch area for just a liiiittle too long to see what your awesome belt buckle says!

Now that your mind is exploding with the sheer force of all this awesomeness in front of you, let us make an announcement! THIS POST IS A GIANT TEASE FOR ALL YOU LOVELY READERS. It’s contest season, everyone! We’ll be doing not one but THREE contests before March 23rd! You may very well have just looked at some of the fantastic prizes!

Excited? You’ll see the first contest and its prizes TONIGHT!

Finally Starting to Give In to the Hype,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Oh wow, my absolute favorite is the earrings.. As soon as the NECA collection came out I went through all of the products. This is certainly one of the items I will make sure I get my hands on before the premiere. Nothing like looking fabulous on a midnight showing! (:
    The Training Center shirt and Arena Jacket are really, really awesome too. I’d be eager to go out and exercise for a change, because I would look so goddamn cool, haha.

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