FAME: Suzanne Collins – Review + Exclusive Panel!

Special post today, people!

As you know, Bluewater Comics has teamed up with our friend Sara Gundell, also known as The Hunger Games Examiner, to create a new comic in their biographical FAME series.

Lucky for us, we were given the opportunity to review FAME: Suzanne Collins before its release! So gather ’round and enjoy our analysis!

FAME: Suzanne Collins tells the story of the author we all love, but don’t know very well. Though The Hunger Games is obviously mentioned, the focus is NOT solely on the series. This comic is all about Suzanne, including her youth, education and early career. Suzanne is notoriously private and not into the whole social networking movement (hell, her website is still heralding the upcoming release of Mockingjay), but Sara has dug up the facts and inspiration behind her career that has information that even we didn’t know!

Because this is a comic book, the writing in concise, but it’s also a lot of fun. We especially enjoyed the quotes from Suzanne Collins throughout. They serve as a firsthand perspective that breaks up the narration nicely.

What about the illustration, you ask? It’s pretty spectacular! Our one critique is that, other than the cover, the renditions of Suzanne and popular celebrities do not match their actual likenesses (though we assume this was done for copyright purposes.) The art really does help tell the story and add a new, fresh element to it all.

If you’re a collector of Hunger Games books and memorabilia, this is one we suggest you add to your list! In case you missed the giant graphic on on sidebar, you can pre-order here!

And if our word isn’t enough to convince you, here’s an EXCLUSIVE panel from the comic! It’s not giving away, but it’s still a beauty!

Victor's Village exclusive panel for FAME Suzanne Collins by Sara Gundell Bluewater Comics


It’s WAY Better Than Any of the Comics We Collected as Kids!

The Girl With The Pearl


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