All the Merch!

As I check the balance on my checking account, I can’t help frowning. With almost two months to the day left before the movie comes out, how am I going to afford all of this Hunger Games stuff?!

Confession: I have already pre-ordered 6 of the 12 nail polishes from the Colours From The Capitol line. And I want more. It’s taking all of my willpower to not go back to that site and buy 3 more colors because now that I’ve seen the Teen Vogue preview of the polishes, I like them more than I thought I did.

An accurate representation of myself

And the announcement from WizKids Games! I’m a grown-up, and I’m already planning where I’d put the figurines on my bookshelf. And I could totally see myself owning either of the games. My friends and I regularly play a Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone board game still so I know I would hardly have a difficult time find people to play these games with.

I already have 3 Hunger Games shirts, a Mockingjay pin and a snazzy bracelet I bought at Comikaze, not to mention the gifts I got for Christmas this year. And we have yet to be inundated with actual movie merch. That will come sometime in this 2 month period, after which my bank account will hate me.

Buy ALL the Hunger Games merch!

I’m bracing myself


  1. Even worse than wanting to buy ALL the merch for yourself is wanting to buy ALL the merch for contests and give it away to other people, then realizing there’s like $3 in your budget for that! Woo… I’m delirious!

  2. Where are our bloody high quality replica’s of Katniss’ Mockingjay pin!!!!?? I literally feel like stomping my feet in this instance.

  3. Did everything work out with that site? I don’t know them, but I really want to order a few of those colors for before the movie!!!

    1. Funny you mention it, I’m actually having a problem with getting my order (my friends have gotten theirs though). But you can order them from Hot Topic now.

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