Finding Finnick Odair – Lachlan Buchanan

Meet Lachlan Buchanan. Lachlan is still a newer actor, but he has appeared in the film Newcastle and recently the show Working Class.

Victors Village:
Kait: We know nothing about Lachlan Buchanan, so we looked into him a bit. We discovered one thing: There are A LOT of people out there who think he is a smokin’ hot hottie. Our first impression is that he kind of looks like a young Mark Hamil (aka Luke Skywalker), though with some transformation we think he could pull off the Finnick look. On top of that, he’s only got a few television credits that we’ve never heard of to his name. Being sexy is great and all, but we need some reassurance that our Finnick can ACT too! We can throw our hearts into backing Lachlan until we see his acting chops in action!


Lachlan Buchanan Finnick Odair

Lachlan Buchanan

Down With The Capitol:
Arianna: To be honest, I don’t know much about Lachlan Buchanan. I have heard his name mentioned in the Hunger Games fandom and I know he is a fan of the Hunger Games Trilogy, but I’m not sure he is my type of Finnick. He has the build and blond locks for Finnick but being that I haven’t really seen him act, I cannot make any judgment on whether he could play a great Finnick. He is Australian though, and that always a plus in my books.

HG Movie Site:
Erin: Lachlan Buchanan has great boy next door good looks, killer blue eyes, and hair like he was lost in the blue lagoon. He is good looking, but I am not familiar with his work enough to judge him. If we are going based off looks, I would say that he could play Finnick. But his acting… well for me it is limited to what I have seen on You Tube, and I am not positive that he would be the man I would call Finnick. I don’t mean to be rude, but we must keep in mind who Finnick is supposed to be, and I don’t think that there would be lines in the Capital to sleep with him and pay, but I know that there would be. I feel like he has just as good of a chance as anyone, and would be better than Armie Hammer.

HG Fireside Chat:
Savanna & Adam: Like Erik Odom, we unfortunately know nothing about Lachlan Buchanan. His body of work is very small, and he appears to have done most of his acting in his native Australia. We only recognize his name because many fans actually wanted him to play Peeta way back when, and he may or may not have auditioned for the role (we’re not sure if this was ever confirmed). So, since we can’t assess his talent as an actor, we’ll again have to sink to a Capitol-esque level of superficiality and base our opinion solely on looks. Buchanan is by no means a bad-looking fellow, but we’re not sure if he’s stunning enough to embody the famous Finnick Odair. (For what it’s worth, Adam — who fully admits lacking expertise in this area — thinks he is quite good-looking.) At 21 — the same age as Jennifer Lawrence — he’s also probably too young to effectively portray an older Victor. We do like that he’s an experienced surfer, though, as he could probably relate well to Finnick’s connection to the sea.

The Hob:
Amanda/Megan: Our opinion on Lachlan Buchanan may be a bit biased because we’ve actually had the opportunity to meet him in person! He was a sweetheart – quite charming and extremely attractive – spot on for the book’s description of Finnick as “utterly gorgeous, tall and blond by genetics, and bronzed and muscular.” Lachlan naturally has that “surfer-boy” look because he’s a surfer in real life (having grown up in Australia). Plus we love that he loves The Hunger Games and has talked about wanting to audition for the film! Being a fan of the series is a big plus in our book because it’s that enthusiasm and passion that will drive you to really deliver on a role. We admit that we’re not too familiar with his acting abilities beyond a few YouTube videos from his past TV shows. But being a relatively unknown, up-and-coming actor in young Hollywood would allow Lachlan to take the character of Finnick and make it his own.

Hunger Games Network:
Tanvi: Lachlan Buchanan as Finnick Odair? Yes please. I was one of those strong voices in the fandom who opposed him as Peeta because he looked too sharp. And that sharpness would be perfect for Finnick. Yes, I’m saying this purely on the basis of looks, but I really do believe he could be a great Finnick. Apart from Finnick’s Catching Fire personality, this dude also looks like he can pull of the slightly sober personality from Mockingjay – just look at his piercing, soulful eyes. I had a slight conversation with him during the Peeta Mellark speculation days and he was extremely humble. Therefore I’m all up for him as Finnick! Admittedy, I haven’t seen him act much except in passing in Australian TV shows, but one last brownie point – he’s a surfer!

HG Girl On Fire:
Sheila: Knowing essentially nothing about Lachlan Buchanan, I had to resort to his IMDB page, twitter and youtube videos to get a sense of him as a potential Finnick Odair. From a purely physical perspective I can definitely see Lachlan as having the looks to convince me he could be Finnick Odair. With his beautiful eyes and hair, it didn’t take much to convince me. What I’m still unsure of though is whether he has the acting skills to pull off such complex character, but I’m willing to give him a chance.
Crystal: I’d never heard of Lachlan Buchanan until last week when I was told that we’d be writing about him this week! I did a quick Google search of him and was pleasantly surprised. He’s got very beautiful eyes, a messy mop of blonde hair, a handsome face, and best of all, he’s been surfing since he was 12, so you know he’d be great with any water scenes they’d need him to do. Looks wise, I wouldn’t complain if he was cast as Finnick! My only concern would be whether he can act because I’ve never seen him in anything.

What do you think of Lachlan Buchanan as Finnick? Let us know in the comments!

Be on the lookout for next week’s Finding Finnick Odair, were we will discuss Garrett Hedlund, who is best known for playing Sam Flynn in TRON.

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