Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Listen to Gandalf

As the amount of days before The Hunger Games comes out lessens, there will be a higher chance of leaked images coming out, and yesterday we got one. Though it was kind of hard to avoid it, for those that haven’t seen it, I won’t say what it was or what we think it could’ve been from. Because we weren’t meant to see it yet and you’re not going to get the information from me.

It might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m really unhappy to have seen it. It was a picture of a screen so it was low quality, and I hate when my first time seeing something is of that quality. I would’ve preferred seeing it the way we should have, official and clear and of nice quality and without the watermark. Oh yes the watermark, which is there so that if an image of it were leaked, they could track down who leaked it. Come Monday morning, someone will probably get fired.

Here, have an official new picture!

Also, as someone trying to get into the industry, it really irks me that whoever leaked the image didn’t behave more responsibly and professionally, I don’t care how big of a fan you are or how long we’ve been waiting.

As much as we’re dying to see how certain scenes are in the Hunger Games movie, please, PLEASE, cooperate with Lionsgate’s marketing team and take it as the studio means for us to see it. Leaked images being passed around the internet lessens the grandeur and excitement of, say, seeing another trailer. It feels cheap and ruins it. We’re all very protective of the series so those fortunate enough to know little secrets about the movie should do well to keep them.

I am not amused,


  1. Amen.

    When I first heard that there was a new picture this morning, I freaked. When I first saw the picture, I freaked. But afterwards, I regretted it. While I love nothing more than to see new Hunger Games stills (the stills sometimes bring me more joy than actual movie footage), that’s not the way I want to see it. In the movie, in a fancy new trailer, even an official HQ still would have been amazing. But I couldn’t admire it without knowing that someone is getting fired for releasing a low-quality picture of a screen.

    There was something else leaked today that I read (I’m not going to say what), but I really wish that I hadn’t. I didn’t expect there to be any spoilers FOR THE MOVIE, but of course, there were. I want to be in my movie seat when I experience those surprises. I want to be on an emotional breakdown with tons of people around me, staring. Not in the comfort of my own home in front of a small computer screen. What fun is that?!

    I hope that no one leaks anything else until the next trailer. I remember the excitement of seeing the second trailer on Good Morning America. I remember not knowing what to expect, and fangirling after something amazing was shown. Please, PLEASE, for the love of Peeta’s cheese buns, don’t leak anything else! You’ll ruin it for those who don’t want it to be spoiled!

  2. Doctor Who style for you, my dear!

    I saw the pic too. The thing that kills me is the original person basically bragging about getting the pic, like they just did the fandom a massive favor. All the while, they said they worked at a marketing research company and completely ignored that there’s a trackback feature that will lead back to them. You’re probably right on the “fired come Monday” bit!

  3. Yes! I can’t stress how much I agree with what you’re saying here. I hate getting spoiled and this was one of those unavoidable spoilers where you search for ‘The Hunger Games’ (daily, like a freak) on Google News and you’ll be lucky if you miss it! Even now, it’s the top result on the News section.

    I might start to avoid searching for Hunger Games related news for the next two months…but that will probably be the hardest thing ever (and will probably make me a little bit sad; I’ll miss Victors Village!)

    Here’s hoping there’s no more spoilers and if there are…they’re at least better quality than that picture, which is so bad it hurts my eyes, mind.

    Keep the leaks away! I really wish that the wondrous thing that is THE HUNGER GAMES is kept under wraps until March so that everyone can Marvel (pun intended) at the movie when it gets released.

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