Your Daily Dose of Fannie (aka Finnick and Annie!)


It’s weeks like this one that we sometimes wish Victor’s Village was more than just editorial style (but then we look at how much work our fansite friends go through to get all that news and usually change our minds!)

Finnick and Annie Mainstay Pro Behind the Scenes


We all know about the People’s Choice Awards, the many new interviews, and big Catching Fire news, so we’re going to focus on a piece of fandom joy that we feel got overlooked in all the hubbub.

FINNICK AND ANNIE! (Also affectionately known as FANNIE)

The sixth and final webisode in Mainstay Pro’s Finnick and Annie series came out yesterday, and it was the best one yet.

It’s no secret that we totally fangirl Mainstay Pro as well as screenwriter extraordinaire Shylah Addante of Down with the Capitol, so today we’re going to party like we in District 4!

Let’s address something first: HATERS GONNA HATE. The series was made by a small company with simple sets and amateur actors, most of whom were children and STILL out-acted most wannabe adult “actors”. Of course it’s not going to have the same effect as a multi-million major motion picture like… we don’t know… THE HUNGER GAMES.

Not to mention some people are so caught up in their own fanon (fan canon- aka what readers make up in their own minds) that they refuse to accept any stories or backgrounds other brilliant minds create.

For all its quirks, there’s one thing the Finnick and Annie series has in abundance: HEART. For that, we salute it!

There are plenty of cheap watered-down Hunger Games based ploys that ignore the meaning of story in the hopes either a little fame or a quick buck (though there are some excellent parodies out there! We’re not saying they all suck!) Director John Lyde directs short films based on books he loves and The Hunger Games is no exception. With the help of Shylah, Mainstay Pro weaves together an untold story of two beloved characters, not because they want lots and lots of credit for it, but because they want to share an experience with other Hunger Games fans.

Don’t believe us? Check out the final episode here:

If your heart didn’t leap a little right at the end, YOU HAVE NO SOUL. Seriously. You are dead to all emotion. You should probably get that checked out.

From the first episode, in which we learned Finnick’s dad looks like Poseidon himself, to that final episode, in which we gasped for joy and realized James Gaisford and Jack Quaid could be brothers– it’s been a crazy fun ride.

Of course, the fabulous team behind all this is now moving into the land of original feature films. We couldn’t be more pysched for them, but at the same time, we’ll always remember how they made our little fandom hearts leap.

Or Maybe Finnick’s Dad Was A Young King Triton from The Little Mermaid… We Can’t Decide!

The Girl with the Pearl


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