New and IMPROVED! Really?

Lots of things annoy us; traffic, accidental stains on our clothes when we just got them days before, going over our credit card limit, when your significant other has eaten the last whatever when you had been looking forward to eating it ourselves – those sorts of things. For me though, seeing a header that says new Hunger Games image, and then clicking a link and seeing the same damn pictures I’ve seen for months or weeks, that more that annoys me.

Seriously, since when did editing a photo and adding more mega pixels to it make it a new photo, it’s just more cumbersome to have on your hard drive when you’re down to say, 3 GB’s. New means you’ve never seen it before, right? Not something you’ve seen before but has a crisper quality to it! I’m a really hard sell if you can’t tell, and frankly having headers (headlines) thrust at me at 9 am boasting new, new, NEW, and then getting NOTHING new, makes me see evil fairies with sharp teeth gnawing at my finger tips. What’s worse is I see people that I know and like gushing over said new pictures, and I’m just sitting about scratching my head wondering if there’s something wrong with my brain function.

Cinna, Haymitch, Peeta - this is so last month.

Frankly this all comes down to the lack of new material being released, BUT we’ve got four months until the film is released, and not all of us, like me, will be satisfied with seeing Cinna, Peeta and Haymitch having a chat on that Capitol sofa in clearer image quality. Here’s an idea, how about we see some of the other Tributes, or a still of Flickerman in all his blue sparkly glory, or Effie pursing her lips presumably annoyed at something Katniss has said or done.

Here’s to hoping new starts to mean new sooner rather than later!

Them There Eyes


  1. I was complaining about this exact thing the other day. I was just about to go to sleep at 4AM (don’t judge me lol) when my phone dinged, indicating an email and I blearily looked at it and since I get Google alerts, I saw “New Hunger Games still”. So I went into fangirl mode and grabbed my laptop… only to find out it was an old picture just high res. And then I couldn’t go to sleep for a while because it takes time to get down from fangirl mode. The RESPONSIBLE thing to do is say HQ or high-res versions released in the headline but online entertainment news sites know that saying that it’s new will make us rabid fans think it’s actually new and come on their site, getting more traffic and earning them more money. It really pisses me off.

    1. That photo’s not new though, the illustrated guide cover art was released weeks ago. They can just call it ‘new’ ’cause the photoshop pre-set used for the cover wasn’t used this time, same image though. Nit pick over.

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