The Hunger Baby Name Games

I have officially chosen a name for my first child (and no, that arrival is not happening anytime soon!)

If it's a boy, the name shall be Finnick Gale. If it’s a girl, Katniss Johanna.

Think that sounds ridiculous? So do we! So why are people actually doing it to their children?

Katniss plant

Congratulations! You've named your child after glorified grass!

After all those reports a few weeks back stating that Katniss had overtaken Isabella as one of the most popular names for a baby girl based off a fictional character, we lost some faith in humanity. We aren’t hardcore Twilight fans, but at least Isabella sounds normal! There are plenty of people would had the name long before Twilight and many people would used the name weren’t referencing the series.

Yes, Katniss Everdeen is an amazingly strong character who risks her life time and time again to save the nation. Her name isn't particularly ugly either. However, it is VERY recognizable. The Hunger Games is about to blow up on the pop culture scale, after which any girl with that name will be poked at for being named after at arrow-wielding rebellion leader who kills people and then deals with some severe mental issues.

Oh, and just like Katniss Everdeen, they're named after a plant. Not even a particularly pretty one.

Finnick Odair

Or after a fictional guy you thought was really hot..

But it's not just Katniss, either. Shortly after that story broke, we stumbled upon a baby blog that suggested Finnick was a really hip name for boys. The reason? Because 1) it’s in The Hunger Games and 2) It easily breaks down into two nicknames, either “Finn” or “Nick”. Simply naming your child “Finn” or “Nick” is obviously too difficult a process!

Again, anyone with knowledge of the books knows that Finnick was a wonderful character who found love even in the darkest of times, but he also killed a whole lot of people, was forced into prostitution, and died a really gruesome death. Who WOULDN’T want their boy’s classmates, or at least their teachers, to relate them back to that?!

So before we run off and name our kids Peeta Haymitch and Primrose Rue (and make the flat out DUMB assumption that Katniss and Peeta did the same with their children), let’s take a step back and think about what we’re really doing here: Putting a giant target on their back in the middle of the arena that is middle school.

Some Names are Better for Puppies than People,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Middle School? A name like this means death in high school!

    Please, people, if you love your kids, don’t do this to them, and even if you DON’T love them… just don’t curse them this hard… it’s YOUR fault, after all… they are innocent…. T-T

  2. Katniss is what I wanted to name a daughter, no lie. ha. Def not having kids for a LONG time, but I think it’s one of the better original ones. I don’t like many other Hunger Games/Julius Caeser names for a kid, personally.

    I think if you do pick a first name from HG tho, you should pick a “normal” middle name. I don’t like the idea of smashing every male or female character’s names together just for the sake of doing it, especially when they don’t sound good together.

    There is only ONE Peeta, there is only ONE Katniss- do not give your child a name that is SO recognizable and iconic. Your child is going to feel like to live up to that character. Plus every time you introduce yourself “hi my name is Katniss” the person is either going to A) look at you strange becaus your names after grass or B) say “oh! Like in The Hunger Games?” Those books will haunt them forever.
    Plus, all those names Re out of the ordinary- why put your kid through that? I bet there’s a 95% chance a little boy named Peeta is going to get picked on at the playground- kids are brutal.
    People need to understand that these names are not normal, they are normal for Panem, but far too strange for now.
    I’ve been trying to tell people this or ages but they keep telling me “BUT THAT CHARACTER MEANS A LOT TO ME AND I LOVE THE NAME!”
    I just roll my eyes. It’s not ok. Let there only be one Katniss, and that be Katniss Everdeen.:)

  4. If you want to use a crazy name, have a hamster. The characters in the hunger games have no biblical names though. Something I noticed.:)

    1. Or a stuffed animal.
      Speaking of biblical names, Peter sounds like a more innocuous version of Peeta.
      Peeta and Katniss are wonderful characters but naming a kid after them is just asking for trouble.

    2. I totally agree! I would name a puppy Finnick in a heartbeat, not a person!

      The lack of biblical names may or may not be intentional. Collins obviously doesn’t mention religion, but it seems she was more interested in using uncommon names to show the futuristic side of the series (with a few exceptions). And biblical names tend to be VERY common.

      1. I almost think it was intentional–I’d imagine after all of the natural disasters and wars, faith in God would be a bit unpopular in that storyline. However, the emphasis on Greek and Roman names shows what the Capitol and the wealthy districts admire—the use of natural names in the other districts shows what they value as well.

  5. I agree, do not name your child after a Hunger Games character. All the names are so unique, that if you name your child after one of the characters, the child will be forever teased.

  6. Hi! I would just like to point out that the “glorified grass” Katniss is named after most likely points to its Latin name, which is ‘Sagittaria.’ Which leads us to the astrological sign, Sagittarius.
    Which is *gasp*,
    This is because of the leaves in the shape of an arrowhead.

  7. Guys, this is so not true. I never intended to name my child after a character of a book, but i simply love the name Finnick. I dont understand what kind of problem you have with these names. And isnt a name like Finnick better than naming yout child Apple or Chantal. Kids can go after every kind of name or even the looks of a child, like if its wearing glasses. So whats the big deal of naming your child Finnick or Katniss (which, by the way, is a beautiful name and i like the plant too.) Doesnt mean that all the kids always only think of the book.

  8. Wow, you people are just as ridiculous as this article. It’s parents like you that raise the bullies at school. Great job, you guys! You should feel proud to be such a wonderful, accepting, and open-minded addition to this world.

    1. So our kids (that we don’t even have, BTW) will be bullies bc we don’t want people to make decisions that may get their kids picked on? Sound logic. As expressed in our posts, we had tough times in school without the added awkward of an easily teasable name. School is hard. There will always be mean kids. I think parents who don’t consider the repercussions their decisions have on their kids are 100x worse than us, yeah?

  9. Mmmm…..I dunno. The series is full of perfectly legitimate, terrific names which are more than usable in our modern world without inviting excessive bullying or teasing, even if they’ll now be forever associated primarily with THG. On the other hand, many Paneman names would be a lot for one of us to saddle a kid with! If you use Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, or another one that sounds “made-up” and/or was virtually unknown outside of the series as a given name…well, it’s like having a kid named Hermione. Everyone is automatically going to be 99% certain that the parents are super-fans! The associations aren’t bad by any means, unless you’re named after a universally despised person (e.g., Joffrey!) Are children likely to be made fun of for having HG names? Or will the other kids probably find it totally awesome? Wouldn’t lots of people love to stand out with a very unique, “abnormal” name? It all depends upon the individual situation, which there’d unfortunately be no way to predict.

    Katniss, aside from rhyming with the meaning of Mimi-Siku (“cat piss”), really isn’t a bad name. Lots of plants have become names, and tons of names have really simple meanings.
    I personally wouldn’t use such a name, but I also wouldn’t condemn those who decide to as bad parents. I can understand the desire to name for a much-loved, admired, inspirational character. Many of my very favorite names became such largely thanks to characters who bear them–if only because they forced me to give the names more consideration and thought than I otherwise might have.

    Whatever you do, for the love of Peeta, just avoid naming your son Coriolanus. xDD

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