Sexually Depraved Scenes Implied by The Hunger Games

Back in September, released this hilarious article about the sexually depraved undertones in Harry Potter that most of us pay no attention when we read the series.

That got us thinking. Even when a book isn’t particularly romantic or sexy, there are still some dirty, filthy references in its midst. The Hunger Games is no exception to this.

So what references have we been missing? Let’s explore!

Donald Sutherland President Snow Pimp

He dresses like one..*

#1. The Hunger Games Victor Prostitution Ring

This is the most obvious one. Finnick clearly spells out that he was forced into prostitution in The Capitol, doing the dirty deed with anyone willing to pay the price. The torture he was put through is ultimately what caused him to join the rebellion and fight back with the secret he’d learned about high-powered society. BUT he wasn’t the only one.

Haymitch says that after his family and girlfriend were killed, he was the person held up as a warning to “Finnicks and Johannas and Cashmeres” that The Capitol is not to be messed with. We figure Johanna didn’t play by the rules and become a Capitol-made prostitute, which is why she has “no one left to love” and we cry ALL THE TEARS for her. However, somebody else, probably multiple other victors, must have played along. We get the feeling that wealthy members of Capitol society have.. ummm..  differentiating tastes.

Does this make President Snow the ultimate pimp?

#2. Haymitch Sends Katniss Date-Rape Drugs

Sleep syrup. It can be used as an anesthetic or a remedy to sleeping problems. It tastes like berries, so it’s easy to swallow and not really detectable when mixed into food or drink. It sounds so innocent!

Then you realize that sleep syrup doesn’t just put your to sleep, it KEEPS you asleep through pretty much anything. Lucky for Peeta, Katniss’ only intentions were to keep him from following her, because she tricked him into eating a dish that would have enabled her to do anything she wanted with him for a few hours.

If some sleazy Capitol resident mixed that syrup into someone’s fruity little cocktail, the drinker would be in a whole world of trouble.

katniss peeta

More like it.. except with different actors

#3. Peeta and Katniss “Sleep Together”

Fanfiction writers have been abuzz for ages with this theory. Frankly, it makes sense. Two seventeen-year-olds, because they are irrefutably scarred by horrible events, sneak into each other’s rooms at night to seek comfort. They wrap their bodies together, fight off nightmares, and sleep.. and NOTHING ELSE HAPPENS. Really?!

Let’s be honest here. We were all seventeen once. If we were willing to share a bed with someone of the opposite sex, it was NOT just to sleep. We’re not saying Peeta and Katniss didn’t find emotional comfort in each other, just that that probably wasn’t the only kind of comfort they were getting, ifyaknowwhatI’msayin’. This is particularly true for the night before the Quarter Quell, when both characters are positive they’re about to be brutally murdered within a couple days. Why not throw your inhibitions to the wind?!

#4. The Naughty Housemaid

Outwardly, there are very few people that Haymitch Abernathy is actually fond of. Even toward Katniss and Peeta, to whom he serves as some sort of twisted caretaker, Haymitch acts like a drunken asshat at all times. We didn’t expect that to change. Then comes along Gale’s mother, Hazelle Hawthorne, whom Haymitch hires as a housemaid after she loses her laundry jobs as a result of Gale’s illegal hunting scandal.

There’s not much said about her new line of employment other than Haymitch seeming to be very fond of Hazelle, a rarity among rarities, and she has no complaints about him. This also occurs during a time when Haymitch is forced to sober up by a liquor shortage and everyone is forced indoors by the Great Blizzard of District 12. We’ve got no solid proof, but our mind goes to one place: Haymitch was TOTALLY getting it on with Gale’s mom!


So we thought of four examples. We guess The Hunger Games doesn’t have a lot of sexually depraved implications, after all! But now that you’ve got all these lovely images in your head, we bet you could think of some more that we forgot!

Victor’s Village: Turning the Fandom Mindset into a Gutter Since June,
The Girl With The Pearl

*Not actually Donald Sutherland! Just his evil twin, Lou Adler.


  1. Ah ah, you forget Gale feigning to doing naughty stuff with other girls on the slag heap. Me thinks slag heap is a total reference to what you become if you go to said slag heap… er.. a slag. Yeah, but what does that make Gale?

      1. You heard it here first ladies and mostly ladies! Gale is a manwhore! Wait, he’s more just a slut, ’cause I doubt those girls were payin’ him!

  2. Um, not exactly dirty but Finnick and Annie had a kid that was most definetley conceived in 13… And Uh, I think HGFireside chat brought out the slim possibility of a Mother Everdeen/Haymitch kind of relationship. And Snow had a granddaughter. Just someothers that come to mind. Yup. Lol

    1. See, all these things involved sexy times, but we wouldn’t call them depraved. Finnick and Annie were married. Mrs. Everdeen didn’t work for Haymitch so any relationship between them would be kinda disturbing but not naughty. Picturing Snow as a sexual being as SCARY AS HELL, but unfortunately.. that’s true of most current politicians too and they have families! LOL

  3. And don’t forget the head peacekeeper from 12, the old Cray, who payd hungry girls for sex, and Katniss admits herself that, if only she were older when her dad died and they started to starve, she would probably knock his door. o.o

  4. Oh God, the sleep syrup one. EVERY house would’ve had a bottle too, isn’t that what Katniss says? So everyone had access to a potential date rape drug, awesome.

  5. About Katniss and Peeta’s, um, sleeping arrangements, I think everyone in Panem already assumed something happened.
    After all Peeta told everyone before the QQ that Katniss is pregnant. And with everything that went down in Mockingjay, nobody took back what he said so as not to make him out to be a liar. But it doesn’t matter though because we all know what happened at the end of Mockingjay.

    1. Yeah we def agree that all the others were making that assumption! We’re just going by Katniss’ narrative, in which she claims that in reality, all they did was cuddle and sleep. We’re calling BS on that part of her story!

      1. Sincerely, she didn’t even deny it to Gale… OR to her mom! come on, I would totally deny it to my mom if it was a lie! ¬.¬’ if not everything, at least something happened O.O

    1. But that’s assuming they live in a world without birth control! Which would also mean Katniss and Peeta didn’t have sex until around the time that their first child was born, when they were both 32. At 17, people already assumed they were a serious couple and victors can get pretty much anything they want, so it’s pretty plausible that they could access that sort of stuff.

      Also, it doesn’t have to be straight-up sex, but it’s likely SOMETHING happened.

      1. My brain just kind of exploded a little bit, but yeah… they did SOMETHING, they had to have. I also just keep going… ‘those bathrooms were fully stocked, no doubt they had a future fantastic medicine cabinet with future fantastic condoms in it!’ I bet they have, like, ones that look like holograms by then.

    2. Gomez addams [@saidthejoker] I agree. Those two had wayyyyyyyyy more intense things on their minds. and as for victors village, it is possible for people of the opposite gender too share a bed to comfort each other without going allk the way, I think you need too check your facts and rewrite this review a little more carefully. I’m not trying to make this a negative comment, I’m just giving a couple of suggestions

      1. You’re taking this post way too seriously. First off, there’s really no research to be done. Secondly, these are our fun little conspiracy theories, so it’s nothing to get yourself tiled up about. Tap in to your inner sense of humor and you’ll be just fine🙂

  6. Lots of nakedness. Like Katniss with her prep & then by the time CInna comes she doesnt even try to cover herself. Or when Katniss finds Peeta at the river she has to strip him of all his clothes. Even though she gives him a towel he says, I dont mind if you see me. But in the meantime so would ALL of Panem! I really wondered if the cameras caught all this stuff too. Katniss even mentions how they’ve sent other tributes practically nude into the interviews.

  7. When I read through those chapters involving Peeta and Katniss sharing a bed, I didn’t assume they ‘slept’ together until the words in which the author used to describe the set-up sunk in. It makes it believable the two characters would sleep together, especially the night before the Quarter Quell. I really doubt Octavia would burst into tears if they were just laying there fully clothed, considering all of Panem have known about their ‘star-crossed lovers’ relationship for a good year now. Including her. My theory is they did in fact ‘sleep together’ but the author didn’t go into detail as not to take away from the rest of the story and make it mushy

  8. of course they didnt have SEX. idiots. didnt you read it carefull, it says something like they fell asleep and in the morning they woke up with no nightmares…. they didnt have sex cos obviously if they did the author would show it and things probs get awks between them…. KAY!!!!! AND PEETA AND KATNISS DID NOT HAVE SEX…. GET IT RIGHT!!!!!

    1. Dude. That was one night out of who knows how many. Remember when Peeta said, ‘Go home, Katniss, I’ll be there in a minute.’ I’m sorry, but it sounds lime he’s implying that they live together. *cough,cough* I think they did. If you look at the words close enough, there is a real possibility. And its a young adult novel, not 50 Shades of Grey!

  9. I didn’t even really pay much attention to these, but my innocence was destroyed already reading M-rated fanfiction about canon couples. Hilarious.

  10. I’m way late in this convo now, but I don’t think that they did have sex. Mostly because of the way her emotions about the kissing scenes are described. If they’d had sex it would have changed everything in their relationship for the rest of the books. I don’t doubt the likelihood of two 17 year olds “sleeping” in bed together leading to sex, but these are no ordinary 17 year olds. It’s easy to assume inhibitions would leave with the knowledge of what they are heading into… and that probably would have led to sex if the whole star-crossed lovers thing started earlier, but heading into their second games they were already so screwed up and she was too confused about her feelings for him and her decision to die so he could live to actually cave into a sexual relationship.

  11. Actually yeah two 17 yr olds can sleep next to each other without having sex (I know from personal experience). She doesn’t even show any strong feelings towards him for that stuff to happen and he never tries anything. As for the other tributes, yeah probably some stuff happens, but Peetas lie saves both him and her from prostitution.

    As for the sleep syrup, yeah it could be used with bad intentions.

    Also Haymitch didn’t show any feelings towards his housemaid. He hated being sober, but he never talked about wanting comfort from any woman, probably because his girlfriend was killed after the Games.

  12. I would say that Katniss and Peeta do not have sex until the end of Mockingjay. I don’t think they have sex the night before the quarter quell for a couple of reasons…
    1) Katniss often refers to the couple of passionate kisses she shared with Peeta, so they did have sex I think she would not consider these kisses as much; it would have changed things.
    2 and most importantly) After Peeta is hijacked, Katniss notices that he implies that they had multiple sexual encounters. This was obviously the Capitol implanting more false memories to further terrify Peeta (they possibly made him think that he loved her, but then she turned on him at some point). But the point is, I don’t think she would tell us (not word for word but something like) “Again with the implications, like more happened than did on those nights on the train” if nothing sexual had ever happened.

  13. Katniss mentions that everything is allowed in the arena except cannibalism. What about rape? Certainly there were some psychos that preyed on the smaller and weaker tributes. That would disturbing, especially if the rapist was a victor.

  14. Hmm. I can believe that there was no actual Everlark hanky-panky that night, for reasons previously mentioned.

    I ship Hayffie with all the energy and power of the universe, so all sexual relations Haymitch may have had with other women I can only imagine as simple, meaningless flings. I perceived no hints at feelings for Hazelle on his part–just that she was a good housekeeper, and that they obviously managed to be on good terms with one another.

    But, yeah…Gale’s a manwhore/slut, some poor soul ACTUALLY had sex with–and probably married–Snow (and no matter how bad she herself is/was, that still makes her a poor soul, n’est-ce pas?)…etc. xDD

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