Glen Hansard on the soundtrack for The Hunger Games? Yes, please.

Two days after our post about predictions for The Hunger Games soundtrack (written by Them There Eyes), the rumor mill was abuzz after was first tipped about Glen Hansard having written a song to be on The Hunger Games soundtrack. Excellent timing, right?

It gets better! There hasn’t been video up on YouTube of Hansard specifically talking about The Hunger Games, though concert attendees have assured us that he had. Until today.

Here’s the video of Glen Hansard talking about The Hunger Games:

And here’s the full song, called “Come Away”, performed live:

So what do we think about all this?

We’re trying desperately hard not to get too excited about it because without official confirmation from Lionsgate, we’d be counting our chickens before they’re hatched. Anything can happen, as far as we’re concerned. Songs can get cut last minute, and we could be left wondering what happened.

But all that being said, we’re ecstatic! We’re doing our happy dances! Just check our personal Twitters!

With the song itself, you can hear the Hunger Games influence in the lyrics, and the tone of the song goes very well with the tone of the story. What we love is that it isn’t extremely literal. It’s a song you can listen to outside of a Hunger Games context, but it is also not generic.

As far as our predictions, though Glen Hansard wasn’t specifically named in the post, his style is very in line with Bon Iver and Mumford & Sons, the first two bands mentioned in our post. If they’re going for this style of music for the soundtrack, then it bodes very well for us.

An Oscar winner on The Hunger Games soundtrack, Lionsgate? Ooh, you fancy, huh?

Also let’s think about what this implies about the kind of quality Lionsgate and T-Bone Burnett are going for as far as the soundtrack. Glen Hansard won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the song “Falling Slowly” from the film Once, an indie movie in which he also starred in, beating out three songs from Enchanted and a song from August Rush. Let’s say this again. He has an Oscar for songwriting for a film. Now that is quality. It’s a good sign to know that Lionsgate and T-Bone Burnett have asked an artist such as Hansard to contribute to The Hunger Games soundtrack. We know that they’re not just asking any old mediocre pop artist popular with teens. Quality is important to them.

Now all we want is confirmation (pretty please, Lionsgate).  And maybe more artists coming forward about their involvement with the soundtrack. That would be nice too.

I could listen to this song ALL DAY


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