TheCapitol.PN District Recruiters: What Does It MEAN?!


After weeks of inactivity, there’s finally something new from the official Lionsgate advertising campaign for The Hunger Games. We imagine it will eventually turn into something fun, but it’s been a sign-up station, a few pretty graphs, and a news reel that hasn’t changed in the past month.

TheCapitol.Pn District Recruiter Symbol

We thought it was an ax untl we released it was the same iamge for every district!

So when TheCapitol.PN Twitter announced that it had picked out fans to serve as “district recruiters”, we got all sorts of excited (after that short period of disappointment when we realized we weren’t one of them.) We rushed over to TheCapitol.PN to see what big exciting announcements there were regarding these big new changes.

NADA! ZIP! ZERO! ZILCH! That’s what has changed about TheCapitol.PN!

What the hell do these district recruiters do besides change their Twitter photo to a fancy Capitol image? From the looks of their tweets, half of the recruiters aren’t even sure. They just encourage us to expedite our registration via Twitter or Facebook in a competition to see which District can get the most pre-registered users (and District 12 is just cleaning house.)

Thankfully, our buddy Amie from HGGirlOnFire is the recruiter for District 7 and she’s given us a bit of insight! The recruiters each received messages informing them that they had been chosen. They were asked to change their Twitter photo and upon doing so, received a direct message asking for an address where The Capitol can send their uniform. ZOMGWEWANTAUNIFORM!


What if we already expedited our DIPs A MONTH AGO?!

As you can see, we’re just a little bit jealous.

Of course, nobody has any idea what any of this means. It’s entirely possible that the reps won’t have anything to do but “rally the troops” for the next six months, which would be a bummer for everyone. Or they’ll get all this cool Hunger Games related merchandise and provide fan testimonials before it all goes on sale for outrageous prices, which may suck even more for the rest of us!

So thanks for the cool website last month and the naughty naughty tease earlier this week, TheCapitol.PN! NOW GIVE US SOMETHING TO DO!

If only there were another super interactive Hunger Games website that’s actually going to be letting fans get involved instead of just dangling the idea of fun just over our heads until goodness knows when! OH WAIT. THERE IS.

Less than 24 hours until Panem October, bitches!
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. I think the worst part of being without regular internet access for about a week, was the fear that I’d miss something huge happening with Capitol.PN. I just need to get over that fear, ’cause I’m starting to think NOTHING will happen with it until a month before the film is released, causing a frenzy the internet has never seen before, or has…. the internet’s a crazy crazy place.

    1. I think we’ll EVENTUALLY see clips and trailers on TheCapitol.PN. Maybe we’ll even have to play a game or two to get to them. But who knows when that will happen? *whines like a 5-year-old*

      The suspense is killing me!

  2. How can i delete my capitol pn account? I’m not allowed to have one so I have to delete it but i can’t find a place to!

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