Putting Up With Katniss Everdeen

If you’re reading this, you’re probably here because of Katniss Everdeen. Unless you followed your Google search on the triple baconator here, in which case… move along.

Anyhow, Katniss is a strong, realistic character who keeps us enthralled throughout The Hunger Games with her hero-goddess skillz and sharp wit.

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games

That's a bitchface if we've ever seen one!

She’s also kind of a bitch. And EVERYONE lets her get away with it. Why is that?

We’re not completely insensitive. We realize that Katniss suffers for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder throughout the series. She has a lot of reasons to be unhappy and act out. We also understand that there are a lot of people in both the Capitol and the rebellion who offer her up special treatment in an attempt to get her to conform to their side.

However, there’s only so much mellarky one person can put up with before they snap and lay down the law HARD. It seems these characters have an abnormal tendency to completely suppress their emotions toward Katniss. Or maybe it’s just us.

When Katniss and co. visit District 8, her rashness nearly gets them killed when she runs off to fight the Capitol bombers. Yet the only person who’s bothered by it is Haymitch, who lost connection with the group when she pulled out her earpiece. They got a great propo out of it, but we would be a WEE BIT more pissed off someone’s hero complex almost cost us our lives! Hell, Boggs drags her out of there, gets puked on, and doesn’t even get mad at Gale for breaking his nose. Tell us that if someone purposely kicked you in the face and broke your nose, you wouldn’t respond angrily!

And how is it that Katniss gets away with going back and forth with Peeta and Gale? Is there not ONE PERSON who realizes she’s kissing both of them and says something besides Peeta? He’s hijacked and paranoid, but he’s actually right. She’s a piece of work. I’d expect someone to tell her to stop messing around with their emotions and her own. We’d do it if she were a real friend of ours!

In fact, if you are double-crossing two people who are both kinda in love with you: STOP IT, YOU SCUMBAG! ..Unless one of them is Gale Hawthorne, because he’ll never actually yell at you for being in love with someone else while still kissing him!

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games

On you woodz, shootin' arrows at yo children

Even though Johanna Mason has her issues with Katniss, she never criticizes any of her actions specifically. She thinks Katniss is too heroic and a little fake. So? We think, out of anyone, she would be the person to really call her out. Does she criticize Katniss’ idiocy nearly often enough? Nope!

We’re not just talking about Mockingjay either. Even before she enters the arena in The Hunger Games, Katniss is rude. When she first goes to visit Madge, her only “friend” besides Gale, she doesn’t have much good to say about her. She immediately distrusts not only Peeta but his father as well. The man gave her cookies! Though it’s not easy to do before a massive death match, she refuses to make acquaintance with any other Victor before entering the arena in Catching Fire.

Again, it’s not that she doesn’t have the right to be moody in some instances. But rightfully so or not, most human beings react badly to being treated poorly and being taken of granted by anyone, not just Katniss. Unless they live in Panem, apparently.

Basically, she doesn’t like people. Yet they ALL seem to like her (unless they either lead Panem or want to). How the hell did that happen?!

The Girl With The Pearl


  1. haha You’re right! Katniss is a bit of a bitch, but what kind of protagonist would she be if everyone didn’t ignore her faults and love her just for being there *cough*Bella Swan*cough*

  2. Ok, I know this post was to be funny but 1) When Katniss was in District 8 she was still on the crazy side. The story is from her POV, so we don’t know if she got chewed out, maybe she did and doesn’t remember, 2) Katniss had trouble choosing but she was never kissing them at the same time, when the cameras were gone she wasn’t kissing Peeta, and kissed Gale twice?, 3) Maybe they were poison cookies? Eat these so my son can live. and 4) Katniss is a celebrity. We worship celebrities and think they’re actually nice people. Anyway, I love Katniss—an icy cold heroine. Maybe she is a bitch, and she definitely is crazy, but she’s f-ing awesome.

    1. We love Katniss too, bitchface and all!

      Though she DID kiss Gale more than twice and kiss Peeta at times when it wasn’t a calculated move for the cameras (though they were on camera.) THEY don’t even know where she stands in the Capitol because she goes back and forth between them so much.

      She also never seemed to have a problem with memory as part of her mental instability, so I think if she were reprimanded on any occasion, she’d remember that!

    2. oh yeah!! haha I don’t think she’s THAT much of bitch, I know on my period I am WAYYYY worse then her worst point!!!! maybe she’s always on her period at that time of month whenever something big is going on………. hmmmmmm………. makes sense doesn;t it now rthat I think about it…..

  3. Uuuh, yeah. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen than Katniss is a jerk as much as Gale. Gale gets blamed for most of the evils of Panem and Katniss is up on a moral pedestal yet Gale didn’t do anything Katniss didn’t do.

    Katniss is selfish, clingy, indecisive with no personality but it’s her prerogative. No one would really want to be in her shoes.

  4. Things you missed:
    Katniss assassinated the president on national TV and got away with it.

    She killed Coin “for Prim” not necessarily because Coin is the new Snow.

    She ate Gale’s turnips when he needs the calories more and all she does is sulk inside a cabinet.

    Katniss was in boy trouble so she demanded to go bomb people in D2. Yet all people can think about is how Gale destroyed the Nut.

    She is attracted to pain and suffering, feeling the “hunger” in the cave and at the beach when Peeta was at death’s door, kissing Gale while he’s half dead, kissing Gale again when he’s crying. At least Gale called her out. It’s not as if her kisses would make everything well.

    At the hint of rebellion, she wanted to run away. Gale called her out but it didn’t do anything until she saw him get whipped within an inch of his life.

    She demanded so many things before agreeing to be the Mockingjay.

    She already chose Gale yet still slept with/kissed Peeta because she’ll be dead anyway and she knows she’s on TV (at least during the kiss) and Gale is watching.

    She tried to drown Buttercup!

    She cursed at her own mother and Prim didn’t even say a word, it’s her mother, too.

    Katniss was never happy, was she? Even twenty yearz after the fall of the Capitol, with consistent supply of bread and 2 kids she never wanted but begrudgingly loves, she’s still anticipating perpetual doom not even bothering to name her own kids. Peeta puts up with her though.

    1. If we fit every incident on which she’s cranky, this post would be super long. BUT we think this list takes it too far. A lot of her behavior you criticize like her “sulking” and hiding,being angry to others, etc are easily attributed to a serious mental health condition that causes people to act erratically after experiencing traumatic events. It’s not just her being an asshole in those cases.

      Also, you’ve mentioned in a few posts that Katniss doesn’t love her children and didn’t want them. We’re calling shenanigans on that. She says she was hesitant about having children and that Peeta wanted them but she never ever indicates she didn’t want them. We know damn well she sticks up for herself, so if she didn’t want kids, she wouldn’t have them!

      1. Hmm..you’re right. People got away with many bad things in THG because of mental insanity/condition. Peeta because of tracker jacker venom, Haymitch got to be drunk and semi useless because he has mental issues, Johanna Mason, Finnick, Annie. Katniss blamed assassinating Coin on mental problems. They were all forgiven their quirks because they have “issues”. You know, Gale has the same problem. Dude needs anger management; this guy saw 90% of his village die and not just 22-23 kids in the arena. Why can’t he be pardoned just like the rest?

        About kids, oh, i don’t know. She mentioned so many times how she NEVER want to have kids. 5, 10, 15 years But oh how Peeta wanted them. And I did say she loves her kids…begrudgingly. She doesn’t stick for herself. She stick out for others that’s why she’s always confused, she doesn’t have her priorities in order. What I felt she want the most is Snow.

      2. Erm, okay, not sure if this would position right but this a reply to ExLibris_Kate. Uhm, yeah, I’m appalled sometimes of what I end up submitting but I can’t find an edit button. That was a typographical error, and I was typing that at around 4am. And sorry, I’m from a third world country and English is my 3rd language so you will notice plenty of grammatical inconsistencies in what I’ve written.

    2. Odd reply spot! We really need to figure out how to extend the comments!

      See, you’re seriously misconstruing the words Katniss said about her children. She said it took her 15 years to agree to have children, because that’s the point at which she wanted to have children and not before that. She mentions that Peeta wanted them badly BEFORE then, but that doesn’t mean she was coerced into it.

      As older someones who have close friends and family with young children, we’d like it say it’s damn near impossible to “begrudgingly” love a child, even if you didn’t mean to have it. There’s parents who love their children unconditionally and parents who don’t and thus become abusive or absentee. There’s very little middle ground. We don’t think she’s a miserable parent, just that it took her a long time to heal from a serious condition before she was ready for the responsibility.

      And Gale DOES get away with stuff as well, much like the breaking Boggs’ nose scenario listed above. It does actually say in the book that Boggs never reported Gale did it or said anything to him about it.

      1. Wait, am I supposed to reply elsewhere?🙂

        They’re unnamed. Just like how her Mama was never named in the series. The mother she hasn’t forgiven or loved very much. But okay, I will leave Katniss’s mothering tendencies alone. I’m someone who cannot tolerate the idea of having children. And right now, I feel like nothing can change that. Maybe I’m displacing my feelings on Katniss but that’s how it feels like. She hasn’t really been the decisive type throughout the series. I.e. running away with Gale is crazy, she know he’s probably joking but she secretly hopes he’s serious that’s why it keeps popping in her head and not simply dismissed. If Gale talked her through it some more and the reaping happened two months later, maybe he could’ve convinced her.

        Thing is, Katniss is not healed. 20 years after the games, she’s still anticipating perpetual doom. I thought Peeta is the dandelion in the spring. The guy who represents hope, recovery and uhm, excitement to Katniss. But a score later, Katniss can’t get over the fact that she’s living on a graveyard. She doesn’t seem hopeful, recovered or excited. Only Peeta, with his shinging “goodness” can put up with this. If I liked Peeta better, I’d have been angry he was the “chosen one”.

        As for Gale, well I meant the fandom. He’s the baby bomber, the warmonger. People see him that way without considering that he has Finnick-like issues of his own. I mean, people are okay with Peeta trying to kill Katniss, but since he can’t even snap a much smaller girl’s neck, he failed and he’s forgiven. Gale happened to succeed in his “evil” deed despite his mental issue and this makes him the villain to most people. But wait, again, Gale just did his thing. He designed stuff, okay, but it’s not as if he coerced Coin to use them.

  5. There were most definitely more than a few moments I was annoyed with Katniss. But that is what I like most about the series actually. She’s not a perfect person, she can be kind of bitchy, ignorant, and selfish, just like the rest of us. It also makes her more human. If someone was living in her situation in district 12 and totally nice and awesome, it wouldn’t be very realistic would it? But I guess the only reason she gets away with so much is for the sake of getting on with the plot. If people refused to affiliate with her or let her do anything, there wouldn’t be much of a story would there?

    1. MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jusy llike when peeta said “well you’re a peice of work aren’t you?” he wasn’t wrong but thats what makes the plot as thick as it is! wow who would’ve guessed that someone’s being a bitch at times would make such a big impact on a story line, right?

  6. I thought she was a MUCH bigger bitch in the first book. In the last two she was just damaged, like a kid in an after school special.

    Maybe Boggs was going to kick her ass. Maybe he had this elaborate plan to get back at her, but we’ll never know because you can’t kick anything if you ain’t got no legs. And you’re dead. AmIRIght?? What – too soon? RIP Boggs.

    1. “Maybe Boggs was going to kick her ass. Maybe he had this elaborate plan to get back at her, but we’ll never know because you can’t kick anything if you ain’t got no legs. And you’re dead.


  7. Katniss is a bitch. But so are we. Nobody on earth can say they’ve never thought back on a time in their life and thought, “Damn! Did I really say that?”. We love her because she’s real, and because we can identify with her. She is strong and has substance. And as far as the romance crap goes, she grew up in the SEAM. The only real thought she had about the male species (until The Games) was if Gale’s extra strength was going to contribute in bringing in extra food that day. So, give our hopeless, clueless, rude, bitchy and blind Katniss a break. She only holds an entire nations deaths and revolution on her shoulders. No pressure. No one calls her on her actions and behavior because we get it. Boy trouble sucks, and she had no precedence with it to stand on.

    1. People seem to be taking this as a hate post. You couldn’t be more wrong! As we said in the beginning of the post, Katniss is a wonderful character. WE LOVE HER.

      All this post points out is that few characters ever say anything to her when she’s clearly in the wrong on several occasions (though we only name a couple). There are plenty of people out there under pressure and with mental ailments who are STILL called out when they do things that hurt others. Recognizing these issues is part of recovery.

      Also.. we love how you say “She grew up in the SEAM” as if saying “She grew up in the HOOD!” LOL

    2. candy sue totAlly agree with u.. don’t hate her, i think she did well in those circumstances.
      she tries to protect a lot of people along the way too which probably contributes to why she’s so confused all the time.
      – prim, rue, unable to see gale hurt (hence the kissing, he did say that without the sadness in him and her family to protect he didn’t stand a chance with peeta), to an extent the people of district 12 (esp the Hob ppl).. and so many where she thinks to protect a lot of people
      True she was selfish for her survival but who isn’t and she did risk her life for peeta although her motivation( or at least logic she persuaded herself to commiting a suicide mission) is that if she didn’t save peeta she would have been a pariah in district 12. Honestly maybe just maybe she did love him already and that for a person raised in her conditions where poverty and starvation are everyday occurrences she needed a more selfish reason for risking her life for someone who frankly did not pull his weight in the hunger games.
      Selfish as she was though, with all the two boys and kissing, acting a bit spoiled cause she could get away with it, perhaps use people for her emotional needs as well, she recognized all her flaws and didn’t hide them (hence why you guys see more of her flaws than anything) she admits she’s not the best person and a lot of times she sees the best in people that she could never see in herself.
      The idealization of primrose, rue, peeta are all so positive its not realistic but thats her point of view, she didn’t even really mention how violent/vengeful gale truly is until the end, she just mentioned a lot of sacrifices he made and that he was angry thats all.
      so she’s not vain or self important as she mentions again and again all her faults which i think under such circumstances couldn’t definitely have been worse, she volunteered to be slaughtered in the hunger games!
      as for her mother issue, how can you just forgive a mother who abandoned you when u needed it most, left you dying and hungry, watching your little sister suffer helpless, i think her behavior is well justified that she needs her mother but just can’t forgive or afford to go back to needing her.
      i think that there are a lot of small acts like taking gale;s food and leading people into attacks which could potentially get them killed and a lot of stuff where she just does what she wants; and these things are normal considering the pressure she was in first to survive and then live up to being the face of resistance which could lead to so many deaths she’s feeling guilty about. She’s only 17! yes she mature for her age in the beginning cause she had to but she’s human and way out of her depth. Give her a break!
      Finally, yes she may not be completely in love with peeta by the sound of it or estatic about her children. it seems selfish to be with a guy who loves u so much but the only thing u can think about is how good he will be for u. still maybe after seeing her mother’s all consuming love for her father she couldn’t do that anymore and after all that she’s been through she wasn’t the type to admit to herself that she loves peeta. and gale( maybe thats due to familiarity and security i don’t know) katniss did want to sacrifice her life for peeta in the second hunger games, out of love or perhaps yes she recognized that he was a far better person than she was ( admirable to me) she definitely have the type of chemistry with him e.g. beach scene. and there was no indication she didn’t love her children, its not as obvious because she worries about one day explaining to her kids why she is the way she is which is pretty messed up. peeta was broken too u know wouldn’t have made it if not for katniss.
      no she’s not the happiest mummy or wife but neither will you if you are responsible for so many deaths and lost the people you love and people who are of good or better character than u e.g. boggs perhaps.

      sorry wordy but I’m also convincing myself as i am u.

  8. “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder throughout the series”

    I’d argue with this point. Haymitch had PTSD that’s why he drank so much. Johanna had PTSD, that’s why she freaked out in the rain. Katniss did not have PTSD. Ms Collins wants us to think she did, but she didn’t. If she had PTSD, she would have frozen up in D8. She would not have wanted to go to D2. She would not have been able to go to capitol. You can’t be traumatized by and even to the extent Katniss was portrayed to have been traumatized then be some kind of kick-ass action hero. That’s not how PTSD works.

    “Unless one of them is Gale Hawthorne, because he’ll never actually yell at you for being in love with someone else while still kissing him!”

    If you want to give Katniss a pass as so many do because she’s a teenager, then you have to give Gale that same pass. Plus, I can think of four times Gale calls her on her shit. a) When she wants to run off and take Peeta b) when he mentions that she kisses him because he’s in pain c) in D2 with the whole kissing drunk person d) the conversation with Peeta and Gale in the cat lady’s basement.

    Peeta was so far up Katniss’s butthole, if he hadn’t had his brain chemically altered by the capitol, he probably wouldn’t have said a thing to her. Let’s face it, Peeta is that friend who just can’t stand up for themselves when the person they’re with is treating them like crap. You know, the kind that will always take the other person back because they have such low self-esteem or are just to blind and ‘in love’ to see the other person for what they truly are.

  9. Yes. I agree with this COMPLETELY. Katniss is definitely a bit of a bitch. And at the end of the trilogy, I wonder: Is it okay that I like Peeta more than the hero-goddess/badass heroine herself? Peeta’s like a genuine character, and when he’s hijacked, I realized how GOOD he was.

    And like nobody told her any of this. Seriously, if I was her BFFL I’d tell her on her face, like friends usually do when you’re being moody. And then Peeta puts up with her a bit too much.

    Why does he love her anyway? Because she sings (and not even personally to him or anything… just at school and to a dying girl & Avox).

  10. Katniss is not a bitch,she didn’t want to kiss Gale,he did first
    and we love her faults,guys come on stop fighting! or saying that she’s a bitch,she’s not
    leave her alone,she’s more strong,brave than you

  11. This all might be a bit unfair. Let’s not forget how much Katniss actually gives. She took the weight of supporting a family on her shoulders as an 11-year old girl, volunteered as tribute in place of her sister at 16, and was so focused on saving Peeta at the expense of her own life in the Quarter Quell that it bordered on a death wish (it was jarring how much Katniss was going into that arena to die in her mind).

    What Katniss is is emotionally selfish. She’s very willing to take the affections of others – especially in times of distress – but is very rare to return them in a real manner (I can’t even remember a time when she kissed Peeta when cameras weren’t around). Certainly part of that can be traced back to the double trauma of her father dying and mother disappearing into severe depression when Katniss was young. But she becomes very cognizant of how unfair it is to both Peeta and Gale later in the books but still does it anyway. Instead of trying to change for the better she dives into self-pity, especially after Peeta’s hijacking where she not only fails to become a better person but arguably becomes a worse one by bailing (can anyone imagine either Peeta or Gale abandoning Katniss in such a situation?).

  12. You know Katniss has a lot of hate towards CAPITAL people. Also tell me if you and your family were starving to death and no one helped you, and you had to go out hunting for your family to survive, do you think you’d be all happy gorie? No, I don’t think so. She was rude to Peeta before the first games, because she wanted to get home to Prim. What you don’t understand is Katniss, has been hiding behind this mask her whole life, all she wanted to do was make sure her family survived. And you know if you lived in District 12. I think to may be a bit bitchy too. Also it’s war, gettibg kicked in the face is least of Boggs worries. But don’t get me wrong i also get your point. I just wanted to say my opinion on the matter.

  13. Ive read a couple articles on this and the more I see of Katniss the more I honestly cant stand her character. I understand that shes in a situation where she can claim “she never asked to be the beacon”, but when she does accept her role she continues to abuse her abilities rather than working towards an overall solution. Being headstrong can be a positive trait if you have a good reason to be that way, but she is headstrong and when she finally does decide to do something, its rarely at the request of someone else and even when she does follow someone elses request she always has to put her own selfish spin on it and its done typically because shes pissed off about one certain thing that only affects her, or affects her the most directly and then responds by either suggesting or demanding a selfish solution, or just doing it with no regard to anyone else. Its ironic that they push so hard for her to be “the one” that everyone can get behind, because she seems like she really could give a crap less about anyone that isn’t within her direct circle. She doesn’t care at all about what is best for everyone, or working for the common good of her people. They make her out to be a woman of the people, when she for the most part only works for herself. Its just funny because I sort of liked her in the first movie/book, but as each one wore on I began to like her less and less until I realized I just hate her and really cant stand anything about her. Every time she speaks she says something that serves to piss me off.

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