The Hair Controversy

It’s Miranda’s turn to point out one of many reasons why we as a fandom are pretty damn ridiculous in certain occasions . Preach it, girl!


I bet I’m speaking for MANY Hunger Games fans (or “Tributes” if your into that whole fandom nickname thing) when I say the most frustrating thing about casting is peoples never ending whining about hair. Hair, hair, hair. It’s too long, too blonde, too dark, too shaggy, too whatever. And to that I say, “WHO CARES?!”

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark

Would you really prefer THIS?

I mean seriously, does it really matter if Gale’s hair isn’t long a la fanart style? Does it really matter that Jennifer Lawrence is a natural blonde? Does it really matter that Josh’s hair is a sandy blonde rather than an ashy blonde?


Think about it. If they dyed Josh’s hair a bleached out ashy blonde everyone would be in uproar that it looks fake, which is very true. Sandy blonde looks waaaaaaaaayyyy more natural for Josh, bleached hair would make Peeta look like he was one of the housewives from Orange County. So let’s just be HAPPY that we even get a blonde Peeta in the first place!

Even IF they kept Josh as a brunette, in my opinion, it shouldn’t of mattered. Blonde Peeta was just as Suzanne Collins decided to describe him. His hair color adds no dimension to his characterization. He could’ve been a ginger and he would STILL be Peeta on the inside! Acting talents > looks

As for Jennifer Lawrence, when she was cast everyone was having aneurisms all because she was blonde. Really? Really people? You let Jennifer’s blondness overlook how freaking kickass she is as an actress? That’s sad. It’s also sad how many people haven’t heard of this new thing they invented called HAIR DYE. It’s magic! It can change hair to DIFFERENT COLORS! Gasp!

So, let’s be real people. Hair is hair. But a character is more than hair. A character has dimensions, and qualities that NO hair color can mask. You can always change hair, but you can’t change acting talents. Hair doesn’t make the character. So let’s stop complaining that Liam Hemsworth’s hair is the wrong shade of brown and be happy that an amazing story is going to be coming to life.

Now let’s shut up about hair colors and focus on more important things.

Like Josh’s muscles.

More of that, please!



  1. bleached hair would make Peeta look like he was one of the housewives from Orange County
    > The HORROR! Or he’d look like one of those Capitolites they saw in Mockingjay.

    Like Josh’s muscles.
    > I shouldn’t be saying this, but true that!

  2. Well it really all depends on peoples mental picture. Yes, Katniss’s behavior might not have anything to do with her hair color. But it affects how we look at her. When people look at Jennifer Lawrence and don’t see Katniss it dramatically decreases the connection they have to movie-Katniss, because she doesn’t look like the book-Katniss that they love.

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