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Starving For News

Are you starving? ‘Cause I’m starving! Yes, for legit Mockingjay: Part 1 news! Sorry if you thought I meant I was starving for food, and yes I know making jokes about starving for food isn’t in the best taste, but come on! We’ve never toted our selves at the most PC of blogs, have we? The answer to that question would be a succinct, and a definite “nope!” So where was I? Oh yes… WHERE’S THE BLOODY MOCKINGJAY: PART 1 news we’re bloody well starving for?! Um, no where to be seen or heard from that’s where.

Let’s put things into a bit of perspective, shall we? Some of the most secretive, and anticipated films of the decade have been releasing information on their productions almost every other week for the last several weeks. I’m talking about Star Wars: Episode VII, which you have to agree is one of the most talked upped sequels in history. Well, casting news for that one is happening all the time. And then there’s Captain America’s third installment, we now know that it’ll be released the same day as the Batman/ Superman film that every other person and their dad is up in arms about the casting of Ben Affleck in (I don’t care, I like Ben). But the

Sorry, forgot this happened too

Sorry, forgot this happened too

Mockingjay films that have been in production for months, we’ve got zilch legit news, unless you count Danny Strong saying in an interview that he’s under a gag order not to speak about his working on the screenplays, or the cellphone footage of Liam Hemsworth participating in filming a super secret black ops looking Peeta rescue scene in a hotel atrium in Atlanta? Yep, that’s about all we’ve got! Not satisfying, huh? Uh uh.

There’s nothing to do but bide our time, and theories abound that we won’t have to wait too long for something substantial to reach us poor, unfortunate fans. MTV awards shows as we know by now is the place where all the teaser trailers for The Hunger Games franchise have had their debuts. And one is coming up pretty fast. Yep, the one where Katniss Everdeen has been snubbed in the hero category, because we’ve all stuck in a world where those with lady parts are not considered hero worthy for silly cable television awards shows. Anywho, the awards ceremony is on the 13th of April, meaning we’ve got a little under a month to go. So I say sit tight fellow fans! We’ll get our teaser trailer, and then have fun over analyzing that for about six weeks, and we’ll be sated for a time!

29 days!

Them There Eyes

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The Hemsy Boys

Oh, those Hemsworth boys! Let’s take a moment to gaze at the aesthetics:


Now that we’ve gotten the fact that they’re both hotties out of the way– Liam and his older brother, Chris, are both actors. They look very much alike (though they do have an older brother who barely looks related) and they seem to have quite a bit in common. But know what they are not? Interchangeable.

For instance, we knew Liam had auditioned for his brother’s role in Thor but until earlier this month, we learned just how close he was to getting it. Chris revealed that Liam was originally favored for the role, down to the last five candidates. However, there was “something missing” from the final five and through Liam making it so far along, Chris’ agent was able to get him a second audition.

To which our reaction was…


We love Liam as Gale, but we can’t possibly imagine him as Thor! If one thing definitely differs between the two brothers, it’s their acting style. Chris is grittier with a hint of schmoozing charm while Liam has a wide-eyed, genuine approach. One works for a superhero, one works for Gale Hawthorne.

Don’t get us wrong! We think both of these boys can take on varying rich, complex roles. We just don’t think they should be going for the same roles. We’ve talked before about how Liam needs to broaden his horizons outside the action adventure genre, but it’s more than that. Chris and Liam are brothers, but they’re not the same guy, they wouldn’t work in the same roles. Is it a bad thing? Nope! They’re just different.

Frankly, we’re glad Liam didn’t make a good Thor, because then he was able to portray Gale well. It’s funny how Hollywood works out sometimes.

We Couldn’t Refer To Liam Simply As “Hemsy” Here. For Shame!
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Actor Memorabilia-Rama!

News flash: Josh Hutcherson now exists in bobblehead form!

josh hutcherson bobblehead

The Hutch approves!

Yep. The Cincinnati Cyclones, a minor league NHL affiliate team, held Josh Hutcherson bobblehead night on the January 17th. Josh even came to the event to celebrate! The bobblehead itself doesn’t look much like him, other than THE JAW and an impressive head of hair (and does the figure have a 5 o’clock shadow?!), but dammit.. IT WORKS. More than most Catching Fire merch, even! Because there is always a market for ridiculously kitsch merchandise!

In that spirit, let’s think up some other ways to memorialize our favorite stars in not really collectible merchandise that could only be found in minor league sports arenas!

Jennifer Lawrence Thunder Sticks – Seemingly innocent things that cheer up a lackluster crowd but can sometimes be a bit disarming? Totally J-Law!

Liam Hemsworth Foam Boogie Boards – Liam is a surfer, but real surfboards are expensive! Instead let’s slap his face on a little foam boogie board and let fans brave the waves with those!

What you've always wanted!

What you’ve always wanted!

Woody Harrelson Hemp Bracelets – Because once you’ve posed on the cover of hemp magazine, we’ve got to spread the good word in your honor!

Sam Claflin Frisbees - Seeing as he’s always working to stay “Finnick fit”, fans see Sam as the athletic type. There’s no real athletics in the stands of a sports game, but how about Sam’s face on a frisbee? Because eventually you’ll see it as a call to exercise. Right? …Right?!

Elizabeth Banks T-Shirts - Straight from the t-shirt cannon! Each includes a zany cartoon rendering of Elizabeth looking totally sweet while saying something slightly inappropriate.

Jena Malone ViewMaster Toy - Jena is a photography enthusiast but again, we’re on a budget! So let’s mass produce 90s childrens toys with slides of her photos! Not weird at all! *cough*

We know you’re disappointed that you can’t actually get these things at the next sporting event you attend. But at this rate… who knows? Maybe you can soon enough!

Bobbleheads Look Classy By Comparison,
The Girl With The Pearl

Top 10 Hunger Games Moments of 2013

We told you those annual nostalgia lists might find their way here! With only a day left in 2013, we thought long and hard about the embarrassment of fandom riches that has been 2013 and compiled our top moments! Prepare to get all sentimental!

Note that this is a general fandom list, because our personal list would include things like “Suddenly becoming mute when facing the actors” and “Walking like drunk idiots at the Catching Fire after party thanks to the devil’s shoes”.  Not nearly as fun, now is it? We decided not to include actor moments here either, given that there’s too many good ones to whittle it down!

First Catching Fire Trailer - We didn’t know what to expect when we heard about a Catching Fire first look at the MTV Movie Awards back in April. The Hunger Games teaser was a :23 look at one scene, after all. But it was a FULL TRAILER that really set the tone. It. was. glorious.

She even went gray for us! (Photo: FameFly / Getty Images)

She even went gray for us! (Photo: FameFly / Getty Images)

Julianne Moore Cast As Alma Coin - All the Mockingjay casting news has been good news, but none more thrilling than the announcement of Julianne Moore portraying President Alma Coin. She’s got the chops that will make Coin a sharp, ambiguous character. Plus, every recognized actor cast proves this is more than some teen franchise.

Peeta Gets Manned Up -
Remember the big, controversial Josh Hutcherson quote in Entertainment Weekly and the fandom flip out that followed? We knew it meant that Peeta would get a bit of a do-over that put him more in line with Book!Peeta, but some others went into a panic mode. Now that we’ve all seen the movie, this is why we always tell you NOT to panic!

Global Fan Day - Press junkets and late night talk shows are fine and dandy, but on November 6, Lionsgate opened the questions up to fans via the social networks. Yes, there were still some uber fangirl “OMG I TOTES LUV U UR SO HAWT!” questions out there embarrassing us, but there was also a rarely afforded time for intelligent, fun celebrity-fan interaction.

Final Mockingjay Scene Announced -
Who else freaked out when Francis casually mentioned that Jennifer Lawrence had already filmed the final scene in Mockingjay? Also, when he said that scene featured Katniss serenely hunting in the woods! Is it an extension of the book epilogue or did they cut the book epilogue all together? WE MUST KNOW!

Catching Fire Fan Camp - Three days of Hunger Games fans playing games, partying, red carpeting, watching movies, and getting visits from the people involved in the film? MAGICAL.

Catching Fire Premiere And Screenings - So many great quotes from the stars come during premieres, plus it’s basically a giant fandom lovefest! But Lionsgate also did a great thing this year in realizing that not all fans can make it to the premiere and holding 24 simultaneous red carpet livestreams and premieres in cities across the US!

Cue the Mission Impossible theme!

Cue the Mission Impossible theme!

Catching Fire Crushes Box Office Records - This franchise don’t mess around! Winning the single weekend box office was expected, but we also broke records for the highest grossing film in November– a popular, blockbuster-packed movie month– and had one of the highest grossing opening weekends of all time. As in EVER.

Francis Lawrence AMA Reddit - It takes a lot to make a movie, but it takes some serious guts to go on Reddit a couple days after the movie’s release and hold an “Ask Me Anything” session. Plenty of questions were along the lines of “I didn’t agree with something you did. Why did you do it?” Francis was beyond graceful and gave great answers that let us know he really thought this series through and tried everything (Many excluded book scenes were filmed but later cut for time or because they didn’t translate effectively.) It gave us a whole new respect for him!

First Look At Mockingjay Filming -
A few pictures from the Mockingjay set have popped up, but nothing compares to actual fan filmed footage of Gale and Boggs busting into the Capitol set, confirming that the next movies will provide us with a deeper look into things happening outside Katniss’ POV and more action!

Looking back on this list, we know there’s still tons to look forward to in 2014.

Happy New Year!
The Girl With The Pearl

Killing Jennifer Lawrence

How about that title, huh? Yeah, so the big news in the fandom, or according to my Google Alerts, is

Totally awesome fanmade poster!

Totally awesome fan made poster!

that Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m guessing probably Mahershala Ali, and Liam Hemsworth, possibly Lily Rabe as well– were involved, that is if they were in fact filming District 2 scenes, if not, welp, then I’m wrong and I will go drown my sorrows in cookies— any who, the smoke machine being used in a tunnel scene malfunctioned and choked out the actors, and probably a few of the crew as well. Heavy day on set I’d say, wouldn’t you? But no worries! Jen’s alive and well, and I’m also guessing back in Kentucky getting her post-Christmas binge on with her brothers goading her on, and her parents affectionately rolling their eyes at their children’s antics. That, or she’s stuck in a rented house in the greater Atlanta metro area, yep– still partaking in a post-Christmas binge with a choice number of family members, and friends goading her on.

I dunno, I just somehow doubt the woman took the experience to heart. Like, if she’s having nightmares, I hope they’re more Lost Smoke Monster, than billowing, choking smoke, encroaching upon her, making her eyes water, and her heart pound in her chest, a cold sweat prickling, and sliding down her back. However, if she is having the latter I hope she’s talking it out, and getting the help she needs. She’s a tough cookie, albeit eccentric, but tough, and resilient. If you want to compare though, worse, or worse if you’re thinking broadly, things have happened on film sets, or film shoots for that matter. For example: Martin Sheen nearly died whilst filming Apocalypse Now in 1978, yep he had a heart attack, and shockingly he was only 38 years old at the time. Also, the set on the same film was washed away by a Typhoon at one point, disastrous. Peter O’Toole nearly died on the set of Lawrence of Arabia– fell from a camel, which is a phrase you don’t hear everyday. Malcolm McDowell, or as you youngins know him as– the white-haired white dude in those hilarious commercials where he and James Earl Jones (gray-haired black dude, sounds like Darth Vader), reenact supposed real text or Facebook comment conversations

This is how you go temporarily blind

This is how you go temporarily blind

between young people– yeah, he went temporarily blind after filming a super, intense, torture scene in the pivotal, and classic film A Clockwork Orange. And if you want to get even more bloody, Sylvester Stallone had to be air lifted to a hospital after filming a boxing scene in Rocky IV, hot damn. Bruce (Bad Ass) Willis lost two thirds of his hearing after filming a scene in Die Hard, which is what happens when loud bangs go off very close to your ears, ouchie. Mister Brad Pitt required surgery after doing a scene in Seven, where his arm went through a car’s windshield, which was not in the script– they wrote it in afterwards. And finally a lady! Nicole Kidman broke and/ or fractured two ribs and seriously injured her knee whilst filming the spectacular film Moulin Rouge! Almost all her scenes after had to be filmed with her seated in a chair following the injuries, you get fictional doughnuts sent to you if you can point out all those scenes to me and the world at large. George (Fucking) Clooney broke his spine whilst filming little seen, but totally worth seeing, Syriana, seriously see it. Oh, and another lady! Halle Barry has suffered multiple injuries on multiple sets, several of which required schedules to be greatly altered so she could heal– let’s just rename her Halle (Accident Prone) Berry, okay? But most notably, and most tragically– Brandon Lee died of a gunshot wound on the set of the film The Crow in 1994.


Them There Eyes

Operation: Staging Mockingjay’s Rescue Scene

We’re infiltrating the Capitol, peeps!

Mockingjay Capitol rescue set The Hunger Games

Ah, the secrets of a film set!

Not too long ago, we featured a great guest post about things that could be expanded upon now that Mockingjay is being worked into two movies. As The Hunger Games and Catching Fire have shown us in gradual doses, through scenes like Gamemaker planning and Snow’s interaction with his granddaughter, there is a lot we can get out of a scene that wasn’t specifically in the books.

When Robert Knepper was cast as newbie Minister to the President, we knew we’d get some more not-quite canon fill-in moments… BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS.

It started with a couple innocent photos of a Capitol set at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, complete with twelve pillars featuring the names of victors from each district (some of which were pretty damn amusing, like Mags being given Lynn Cohen’s surname and the inclusion of Ron Stafford, the actual name of an actor who has an uncredited role in Catching Fire as a past Victor). But then… BUT THEN… People started rappelling out of the sky! Well, from the ceiling!

Yup, it’s true! It looks like we will actually see at least some of Peeta and Johanna’s rescue! There’s been so many hopes about getting those tumultuous in-between moments in the Mockingjay movies, as long as they don’t overtake the whole narrative. And this one is the freaking Mac Daddy of them all!

We’re not getting too excited, though. Remember, there are a couple ways this could turn out:

Liam Hemsworth The Hunger Games Mockingjay set Capitol rescue

Hemsy in the house!

Quick Cutaway - For all we know, this could be the whole shebang. As someone (probably Haymitch or Plutarch) tells Katniss that they’re going to get Peeta back, we see the team land on the balcony, take out a few guards, and enter. The rest is implied.

Full-blown Action Scene - Mockingjay Part Two will probably feature the bulk of the action, so this bit (which will likely be in Part 1) would be a smart way to keep the beginning heart-pounding and fierce!

Hijacking Awareness Session - It seems that Gale and the other knew something was wrong with Peeta before he got back to Katniss. What happened during the rescue?!

On The Cutting Room Floor - This doesn’t seem likely, but Francis Lawrence named quite a few things filmed for Catching Fire that didn’t make the final cut (some of which were also featured in movie stills). There are no guarantees!

But Gale and Boggs (aka Liam Hemsworth and Mahershala Ali) were there. And DAYUM, do those District 13 uniforms look way too form-fitting for a functioning soldier! At the very least, we remain thrilled with the knowledge that we’ll see more of that!

Hopefully, this opens us up to all sorts of spectacular looks at things that happen in canon when Katniss isn’t around. Because as much as we love hearing about thrilling events occurring off-screen.. Oh wait, we totally don’t!

Belay On, Hemsy!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Catching Fire Clip Show

Catching Fire press overload has begun! BRING IT, BABY!

We know that it can be daunting for some, but we personally love soaking in all the teasers before the movie actually hits theaters. Most fans will turn around in a week and say “It feels like we’ve seen half the movie already!” Well, ya haven’t and you’ll realize that once you get out the theater!

As much as we love interviews, we’re in it for the REAL goods… That’s right: CLIPS. Sweet, delicious angst-dipped morsels of movie magic! Unlike trailers, it’s more than 5 seconds per shot and you really get to feel the moment!

We’ve been graced with two clips in the last couple days. Now let’s get together and drool over them!

Clip #1 – “You Do What You Want. I’m Staying Here.”

As introduced by Hemsy and The Chin (after confirming that Liam does not, in fact, have sex with kangaroos), clip #1 shows Katniss and Gale debating whether or not to run away from District 12.

Gale doesn’t seem as fervently anti-Capitol in his pursuits to protect the districts as he is in the books. Perhaps the raging ripping off of leather gloves just didn’t have the same effect on screen?! But alas, the cross-marketing opportunity of Gale angrily turning away Capitol Couture products has been missed! Forever sad! Then again, this obviously isn’t the WHOLE scene, just a pretty chunk.

But for real, guys… Katniss effing Everdeen. She doesn’t want anyone looking to her! She can’t help them! And we totally believe her helplessness in that moment, even though we know she’s dead wrong in the long run.

That girl had our emotions all in a tizzy until our attentions were turned to the Capitol brigade and their gas-guzzling ways!

Also, we feel like we should be writing free verse poetry about the gray barrenness of District 12… and possibly these characters’ lives. Just because.

Clip #2 – “This Trip Doesn’t End When You Go Back Home.”

Catching Fire Clip

Damn Haymitch! Time for three snaps in Z formation as you tell these n00b victors what it’s all about! Winning The Hunger Games is (usually) a one-time deal, but being a victor is FOR-EV-ER.

Note that both Haymitch and Peeta are not in the loop about Katniss’ debacle in film world, which probably means Peeta doesn’t have a massive meltdown about being kept in the dark all the time. But he still seems pretty damn pissed, which gives us a look at the appropriately bolder Peeta that’s more in line with the books.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is really good at crying. She cries on cue like a boss! And it’s tearing up our hearts into little teeny shreds! Katniss will be emotionally shot for 90% of this movie, which means we will be too. Dammit!

Only One More Thing We Need… MOAR CLIPS!
The Girl With The Pearl

#TickTock3: Catching Fire #GlobalFanDay Round-up

Google+ Hangout

Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch Clip

Catching Fire Clip

Facebook Live Event

Catching Fire Facebook Live

Jennifer Lawrence and Francis Lawrence Tumblr Chat

Catching Fire Tumblr

Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth Twitter Chat, Courtesy of DWTC

Global Fan Day

Know what’s awesome? Global Fan Day. Know what’s not awesome? Yeah, having to work during the entirety of Global Fan Day, feeling like a jerk, taking out your phone to check on things, but then realizing your data plan won’t cover the chats, hangouts, and whatever else went on– because that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Also, I’m outside pretty much 90% of the time during my earning hours, and well, it’s raining right now, so, do the math!

Jen testing out Google Glass. Taken from Popsugar.

Jen testing out Google Glass. Taken from Popsugar.

I’m sure it was an awesome, fantastic, amazing good time, but little ol’ me didn’t get home until almost 9pm, and then frankly all I wanted to do was waste time on Pinterest, catch up with friends, and um– eat food finally, also put on my jammies. That’s right folks, this article was written while I was in my jammies! That’s okay, I’m sure we’ve all done it, some of us have probably even tweeted whilst naked.

Anyway, I was able to catch up on some of the happenings today, and while none of the stuff was live for me it was still enjoyable. I liked the Google Hangout, Jen was on as usual, teasing Josh like crazy, and forgetting about Liam’s most intense scenes (the whipping scene). However, it’s got to be said– there was a lot of repeating going on throughout the day, mostly because there are only so many original questions to be asked, and so many original answers that could be said– and no, that’s not a dig. However, there were still some valuable tid-bits that were revealed, like that Katniss’ bow was custom made, and worth $8,000, also that Jen nearly lost it. That parts of the film were also likely used in Jurassic Park, that the CGI monkey’s are top of the line, and that the sounds are based on Howler Monkey’s, and that Liam just seems like a very quiet, thoughtful guy. Oh, also that Josh Hutcherson needs to probably do a dance movie!

Dance movie, Josh Hutcherson, NOW!

Them There Eyes

EW Covers Are Not “Ew”

Entertainment Weekly and The Hunger Games go together like pie and ice cream. Ever since we got our first look at Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, the magazine has given this fandom some great gems (Jennifer Lawrence toasting with “To Amelia Earhart, may she find her way” is a great example). Also, let it be known that I have an Entertainment Weekly subscription just because it was more cost effective for me than to keep going out and buying magazines with Hunger Games covers. So, of course, fast forward to now, pre-Catching Fire release, I was just waiting for their second The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cover – because let’s be real, we knew the first teaser one wasn’t going to be the only one. And we get four – yes, FOUR – covers to collect choose from.


We’ve got Katniss, sans braid, which we’ve been seeing a lot lately, her blown behind her. At first I thought that maybe they could’ve chosen a better picture, but the more I look at it, the more I’m digging the vulnerability in her expression.


For Peeta, I feel like it’s time to retire that pose for Josh Hutcherson. Poor Josh, they don’t seem to like having him look straight at the camera, he seems to always be looking up and to the side.


Sam Claflin as Finnick (yay, he gets his own cover!) is dead on in my opinion. That’s Catching Fire Finnick to me – smoldering and a little dangerous with something hidden. I’m crossing my fingers for this one; if it doesn’t come to my house I’m going out looking for it.


And Gale… in the arena. Okay, okay. I’m fairly confident that he’s in front of the arena background to make all the covers look uniform – no, I don’t really think he’s just going to randomly show up at the Quarter Quell. I really can’t wait for the Mockingjay movies so that Gale can stop looking out of place. But it’s just like with the chair pictures where, as a major character, he needs to be included in the major marketing. And the waves and rain are just added into the picture with Photoshop. We can live with that, right? (Everyone: Right.)

I really can’t wait to get this issue of Entertainment Weekly. November is fast approaching, and I’m ready to get into fangirl mode.

Oh and I’m sure the article will be awesome too


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