Holiday Card Contest Winner, Plus District Photo Contest Voting!

The holidays have come and gone but we’re still getting our party on over at Victor’s Village!

Let’s start by thanking you all for getting the Victor’s Village Facebook page to 1,000 likes! Much love to you all and be sure to keep spreading the word!

Now let’s talk WINNERS. Actual ones and perspective ones!

Congratulations to Kira! She won our holiday card contest with this hilarious Christmas greeting from President Snow:


Kira has won a Catching Fire Fan Camp poster signed by Willow Shields, a Mellark Bakery poster from Blueleaf Creative, and a copy of THE PANEM COMPANION by V. Arrow!

As promised, readers will be choosing the winner of our District Photo contest! Check out your options and pick your favorite on the poll below. The winner will receive a Catching Fire Fan Camp poster signed by Francis Lawrence, a Hob poster from Blueleaf Creative, and a Mellark Bakery apron from Studio Vim!

District 8 – Entry 1

District 8 – Entry 2

District 12 – Entry 1

District 12 – Entry 2

District 12 – Entry 3

The poll closes Tuesday, December 31st at 11:59pm, so get your votes in quick!

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The Gifts of Catching Fire Christmas

Did you know you can reserve Catching Fire on DVD right now, while it’s still in theaters?

While attempting to finish Christmas shopping, my local “doomed to close because we mostly sell current music” store asked me if I want to reserve my copy now. I don’t think the cashier was ready for my truth bomb about how you can’t just reserve any old version of the DVD when there will be so many editions to choose from. Buuuut anyway…

Between gift buying and Catching Fire talk, we got to thinking about what the best gifts would be for these characters after Catching Fire ended. Thinking forward to Mockingjay, there are a few things to come to mind!

Yeah teenage angst!

Yeah teenage angst!

Katniss Everdeen – A Really Snazzy Diary, Perhaps with a Shiny Little Mockingjay Design on It, and a Punching Bag
We know nothing about dealing with the complexities of PTSD. But we DO know a few good things to help a 16-year-old girl to throw down some feels!

Gale Hawthorne – P90X
Because model soldiers aren’t built overnight, you know! Try 90 days!

Haymitch Abernathy – Pure, unfiltered alcohol followed by a metric ton of coffee
Time for Haymitch to figure out the alcohol to coffee ratio that makes him useful without making him mean!

Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason – Three paper clips, a pen, duct tape, air freshener and every episode of MacGyver (and a TV/DVD Player combo, obviously)
The ultimate escape plan! They can then decide if they want to share with Enobaria.

He manages his way out of EVERYTHING!

He manages his way out of EVERYTHING!

Alma Coin – A ridiculously big, fluffy stuffed animal
This lady needs someone to hug! And there don’t seem to be too many willing human participants sooooo….

Prim Everdeen – Percy Jackson books, a bag of sweets, and an iPod filled with pop tunes
We tend to forget she’s only 13. We want her to get to BE 13!

Buttercup – Catnip
That cat just went on a journey that even the entrails Katniss sometimes feeds him can’t make up for!

Boggs – A Heavy Duty Poncho Fashioned for Combat
Boggs goes through a lot, but we thought we’d do him a small favor by helping him avoid that moment when Katniss pukes all over him.

Get Your Holiday Cheer On, Y’all!
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Holiday Contests

We know that the Holidays aren’t always fun and games, so we’re holding not one but TWO holiday contests to bring on the cheer!

Our 2011 Winner!

Our 2011 Winner!

Gather up all your photoshopping/paint skillz to create a humorous, virtual holiday “postcard”. You don’t have to be a graphic design expert, just someone with a fantastic sense of humor!

All holiday postcards submitted will be featured on Victor’s Village. On top of that, we’re giving away an awesome prize to the creator of our favorite design!

The Rules
2. You can theme your holiday card after ANY winter holiday (including one you just made up, if you wish) or in just a general “Happy Holidays” format.
3. If you include photos of specific characters that have already been cast in the films, you must use the actor cast as the character! We get it: You wanted someone else to play Katniss or Peeta or Peacekeeper #56. But they’re not, so deal.
4. To keep things from getting too big and crazy, keep all holiday cards 600w x 350h or smaller!
5. All entries must be sent to no later than Monday, December 23! The Victor’s Village staff will pick our favorites and announce the grand prize winner soon after!

Blueleaf Creative designs

Blueleaf Creative designs

The Prizes

No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen glimpses of Districts! We want you to take a photo of the “district views” in your neck of the woods and let the world see how you view the districts or The Capitol!

The Rules
1. The photo must be an original taken by you. Anything else will be disqualified.
2. No Photoshop! If you want to get creative, stick to the Holiday Card Contest!

Mellark Bakery Apron

Mellark Bakery Apron

3. The photo does not have to represent the District you live in, according to the books. So if you live in Europe and take a photo of something that reminds you of District 12, enter it!
4. All entries must be sent to no later than Friday, December 27! The photos will be voted on by the viewers starting December 28. The winner will be announced December 31!
The Prizes

Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Every holiday season, Victor’s Village searches the joys of the Internet to find new Hunger Games holiday favorites. We realize that it’s already the last night of Hanukkah, but there’s never a bad thing to window shop with us!

Every Hunger Games fan is different, but if you or someone you know gets as obsessed as we do, maybe something on this list will excite!



Starting off a little simple, but the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack is a must-have! Like the first soundtrack, there are so many songs that connect specifically to the books to form a beautiful, emotional reference. What’s new this time around is the mixing of genres, so fans can hum along, air guitar, belt it out, and break it down all in the course of one album!



When it comes to Hunger Games fandom related decorations, we’ve always appreciated the more subtle nods like this clock with the Catching Fire Arena obstacles painted on the hour they go into effect! Available in black or white, it’s one way to test newcomers to your home on their Hunger Games knowledge!



Know someone who’s got skillz in the kitchen? Make ‘em an honorary member of the finest bakery in District 12 with a charming and super functional apron! Yup, the Mellark Bakery CAN be rep’d without a reference to Peeta’s buns. Who knew?!



We tried to keep this list mostly gender neutral, but we like shiny things. Not to mention that this handpainted cuff bracelet, featuring the literal Katniss and Primrose plants, tells the story of an epic family bond without being too in-your-face. There are pretty of more obvious Hunger Games options out there, but the elegance of this one has got us hooked!



The comfort of District 12 has a rustic feel to it and so does this HOPE tumblr created by ceramics artist Blaine Atwood. With a hot beverage inside and a good book by your side, this looks like the perfect companion on a cold wintry night.



Katniss’ cowl wrap in District 12 has been making fans fall in love since Catching Fire was released. There are several versions on Etsy varying in style and price (not the mention knitting patterns!), but this one by theLOVEstitch appears to be one of the more accurate looking designs. The downside? This is the most expensive item in this post BY FAR. Be prepared to fork over the dough!


by SoCool Designs


Decals are kind of a classic way to show off things you love, whether it be on your laptop, your car, or somewhere around the house. And at only a four inches, you can fit these Mockingjay ones along decals from your other favorite fandoms and rest assured they’re not going to consume your whole living/driving space.



Were we sucked in by the cute factor? ABSOLUTELY. Charms are a totally flexible type of fun. They can be used for cell phone charms, necklaces, (really big) earrings, or kept as collectibles. We may be inclined to take them out and about to snap pictures with them in funny situations. Because that’s what grown ups do!

That’s our list. As you may know, this list is a precursor to our annual holiday contests! We see awesome Hunger Games prizes in your future! Will one of these awesome items make the list? Keep checking back to find out!

P.S. Looking for books or movies that interest a huge Hunger Games fan? Check out our recommendations page!

Hunger Games Halloween, Catching Fire Style

It’s only a few short weeks from Halloween! If you’re going as a Catching Fire character, now is the time to prep! We all know looking your best isn’t always an easy thing, but here’s some tips to help you out!

First off, let’s talk the Catching Fire Arena look. Arena and training gear is the CLASSIC representation of the series, so those who know the series will definitely know what you’re going for!

Depending on your comfort level with spandex, there’s a couple different options here!

First, the more comfy, unisex pants and t-shirt combo:
Catching Fire Hunger Games Cosplay RimThis one also comes with a sweater option for children, which is nice if you’ve ever experienced Halloween in a region where autumn happens (ICYMI– it’s usually effing freezing.) You can also grab just the shirt.

For the less weary, there’s also the “Hunter Jumpsuit”, as the company trying not to break copyright laws refers to it:


From there, you can customize your character with their weapon of choice!

And if your hair is too short to be hers, there’s always that lovely Katniss “Arena Girl” Wig. Yup, still around!

Want that “burning up the atmosphere” look?


There’s also Cosplay Katniss and Peeta shirts that can be dressed up with some dark pants, though it’s not quite the same effect (and hilariously, the female model is WEARING IT BACKWARDS.)

catching fire hunger games katniss on fire cosplaycatching fire hunger games peeta on fire cosplay

Unfortunately, there’s one main element to all these things: They’re kinda, sorta, REALLY EXPENSIVE. Which may be fine with you, if you’re big into cosplay or Halloween in general.

For the rest of us.. Believe it or not, it might be easier to be a Capitol citizen. Elizabeth Banks may be in Alexander McQueen, but a big part of Capitol style is that there is no continuity and you can basically make it whatever you want. Go all thrift shop on Halloween’s ass! Get yourself some fabric butterflies and a lavender wig, if you’re crafty! Guys, find yourself an outrageous suit, tack on that glitter fabric paint, grab a blue wig and call yourself Caesar Flickerman!

Really, the possibilities are endless! If you like dressing up for Halloween, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Chins up, smiles on!

May The Sizes Be Ever in Your Favor!
The Girl With The Pearl

Panem Independence Day Must-Haves

Happy 4th of July, Americans! Happy belated Canada Day, Canadians! ..Hell, wherever you are, Happy Independence Day of some sort that will come around eventually, whenever that may be! We’re heading to Panem in this post, anyway.

As we all know, you don’t just win a war without then turning it into a national holiday. We don’t think Panem is any exception! It may not happen right away, but eventually, the country is going to start celebrating the defeat of President Snow in a big way.

And you know what that means? MERCHANDISING! You’ve gotta be able to show your national pride!

So what would that entail, you ask? We have some ideas…

P.S. This already exists.

P.S. This already exists.

Katniss Everdeen’s (Novelty) Bow and Arrow Set - This one’s for the kiddos. Nerf bow and arrow sets to commemorate the victor whose arrows burned through the hearts and hovercrafts of her enemies, minus all that nasty bloodshed! …Though, walking through a crowd, you’ll notice many parents trying to comfort a child who has just been whacked in the eye by a foam arrow. Fun for the whole family!

“Peeta” bread - The name begs that the main dish of the revolution be named after Peeta. Rather than being an actual bread, of course, it’ll be more like a fried dough– smothered in cinnamon and sugar and whatever other sugary topping the consumer wants! Something delicious to warm the heart on a cold Panem Independence Day (since the defeat happened in mid-winter)!

Abernathy Brewery’s 451 Lager- Given his infamous love for the bottle, it’s only fitting that Panem’s first brewing company be named in honor of Haymitch Abernathy. He is credited for his behind-the-scenes efforts that sprung forth the revolution, though some people still have trouble seeing him as a political figurehead. The company released a year-round variety of seasonal brews, but the 451 Lager, named after “Star Squad” 451, is by far the favorite.

Girl on Fire-crackers - Deemed responsible for the most injuries on Panem Independence Day, the owner must snap a firecracker on the ground in front of them to be momentarily surrounded by a ring of fire reminiscent of the “Girl on Fire” dress Cinna made for Katniss. Unfortunately, no one has managed to reproduce Cinna and Portia’s synthetic fire, which means burns galore for fidgeters and anyone with copious amounts of leg hair.

Sold with matching fishing spear!

Sold with matching fishing spear!

Light Up Trident - Finnick Odair is the poetic hero of the revolution. He was a well-known figurehead across Panem who died to save the nation from tyranny. He and his doomed love are immortalized in every form of art, but as far as Independence Day celebrations go, all he got was a plastic light up trident that most people use to poke their friends or fight through a crowd.

City Circle Fireworks Spectacular -
The Capitol remembers the devastating bombs that went off in City Circle by offering by a stunning fireworks show in front of the President’s mansion. As the ash falls, people are encouraged to think about the lives lost to make the country great, but usually get distracted by that kid with the light up trident on the side of them.

You Go Get Your Independence On, Panem!
The Girl With The Pearl

The Enigma of Mrs. Everdeen

What makes a good mother?

There are plenty of elements, but there’s certainly not a specific recipe to being a successful, loving parent. It’s not easy for everyone and some people deserve the benefit of a doubt.

Does THIS look like she doesn't care?

Does THIS look like she doesn’t care?

During the time we spent reading The Hunger Games trilogy and a long while after, we tried to figure out whether we loved or hated Mrs. Everdeen. She, the overworked but often considered saintly Hazelle Hawthorne, and the vicious Mrs. Mellark are the only living representations of motherhood we see throughout the story. Of the non-abusive two, Mrs. Everdeen is the “worse” mother, in the most basic sense, but it’s hard to tell whether or not she’s a bad mother…

We’ve heard the theory that after her husband died, Mrs. Everdeen stopped loving her children. Like “Oh, your dad is dead? BAM! Forget you then!” Or better yet, that she NEVER loved them, which the books don’t imply at all. We don’t buy it.

It could be the opposite, in fact– Mrs. Everdeen loves her family so very much that when the realities of poverty and death hit her in the wake of her husband’s passing, she’s crippled by it. She recognizes the state of the nation and the death of her husband and the inevitable death of her children, which would have been the case for both the Everdeen and Hawthorne families had one of their children not become hunters, no matter how many jobs each mother took on.

She saw the darkness in the world that would soon consume her family and because she loved her family so much, she couldn’t function at the very thought of it. When she realizes after months and months that they are not completely doomed, she begins to come out of her stupor. She recognizes that she has an emotional condition and, the book implies, begins to take medicines. However, we’re nawwwt talking psychiatrists and first-rate care. There’s still some demons in there that she can’t deal with all on her own, which is why she can’t always bring herself to actively participate in her children’s lives and ultimately decides to part from Katniss. It’s easy to assume that she did so for her own selfish reasons, but is it possible Mrs. Everdeen stayed away for Katniss’ sake, knowing she couldn’t be the support figure Katniss needed?

Expect Ghost!Mr. Everdeen ain't much help here...

Expect Ghost!Mr. Everdeen ain’t much help here…

It’s hard that tell on what scale to rate a parent in Panem, because it’s not about things we know like cheering at sports events, taking us out for ice cream, and giving dating advice. You could say that supporting the family is the ultimate sign of love and by failing to do so, Mrs. Everdeen was a “bad” parent. But think of all the people who are out of work and/or dealing with mental illness today– Do they all not love their families? We think they still do.

There’s one thing we’ve learned from the plight of many literary mothers. We are super lucky to have moms who can only be described (obnoxiously) as DA BOMB!

Happy Mother’s Day To All the Moms Out There!

The Girl With The Pearl

Your Valentines from The Hunger Games Characters!

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s here. Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’re single, you’re probably wishing that real people were as easy to love as fictional characters. Dating or married? It’s not cheating if you’re enamored with a fictional character (or five!) Either way, it’s totally not weird. We swear!

Therefore, we’ve got some hilariously steamy Valentines from the people you REALLY want them from!

Kick back with some chocolate, perhaps a little wine, and enjoy! Perhaps if you by some chocolate on February 15, a.k.a. the half-price candy holiday of pure joy, and stick one of these on there, it will make your love life a little more awesome!

Katniss Everdeen Valentine

Peeta Mellark Valentine

Gale Hawthorne Valentine

Johanna Mason Valentine

Seneca Crane Valentine

President Snow Valentine


So we make graphic in the same fashion in which we write posts– at an early high school level– but you still love us, right?

Remember: It’s Not Wrong If They’re Not Real,
The Girl With The Pearl

** Seneca Crane’s manscaping line inspired by the hilarious Shylah Addante of Down With The Capitol.

Holiday Contest Winners!

It’s an exciting time of year and an especially exciting moment here on the site, because we get to announce the winners of our holiday contests! We held an Ugly Sweater contest and a Hunger Games Carol Contest this year, the fabulous prizes for which are listed here.

Now onto the good stuff!

The Ugly Sweater Contest

Congratulations to Annie for her winning entry, a doozy of a sweater she was forced to don in her school Christmas play! She says it was extremely itchy on top of it all, so we’d definitely say she deserves a prize for wearing it.


Hunger Games Carol Contest

The staff voted for their favorite Hunger Games Carol and unanimously chose the winner, Sylvia! Her carol, set to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree!” shows just how fans fall in love with the series. Check it out!

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.
Not only was the book so good
But the movie was well done.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.
Your tributes are so fierce and strong,
Although some are too young to die.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.
Why must they, split apart?
What do you mean no District 12?
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.
We love to fangirl all day long.
The fansites are the very best
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.

For our runner-ups, click “Read More!”


Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2012

There so many ways to celebrate this holiday season, but why not share just a touch of Hunger Games cheer with your friends who are also fans?

We’re sharing with readers via our holiday contests, but while scouring the Etsy for some of the amazing prizes up for grabs, we found some other great things! Things we wanted to give away but Dammit! There is a budget! So instead, we’re going to share them with you here so we can all oooooooohhh and ahhhhhhhhhhh over these things together!

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace by NaturalPrettyThings

Dandelion in the Spring Necklace Hunger Games Etsy NaturalPrettyThings
Katniss needed a dandelion in the spring and apparently, we need one from late summer/early fall after seeing this gorgeous design inspired by the series! It might not seem sensible to keep a delicate wisp of a dead dandelion around your neck. But you know what? We are totally in an argument with sensibility right now!

Hunger Games Series Glitter Christmas Ornaments by TreeBaublez

3 pack Hunger Games Christmas Glitter Ornaments by TreeBaublez
This one was not only hard to keep off our prize list, but it was hard not to buy it for ourselves! TreeBaublez makes excellent fandom designs that would make any Christmas tree squee with excitement, if trees could squee!

The Hunger Games Hollow Book Safe with Book Box by HollowBooksCo

Hunger Games Hallow Book Safe by HollowSafeCo
We don’t understand why we love hollowed out books… we just do! And since most fanatics already have a copy of The Hunger Games floating around their home, no one would suspect much of this Collector’s Edition turned really cool hiding spot. Unless you left your hollow book and your actual Collector’s Edition right next to each other!

Shoot, Gurl Tee by theWolfandtheBee

Shoot Gurl Hunger Games t-shirt tee theWolfandtheBee
We love the Hunger Games and archery references with just a pinch of snark in this design from the Wolf and the Bee, with whom you can currently save 10% with the coupon code Christmas2012!

Mockingjay Inspired Drop Necklace by TheForksForest

Mockingay Inspired Drop Necklace by theforksforest hunger games jewlery
It’s not everyday that you see fancy vintage looking jewelry inspired by a dystopian series, but that makes us appreciate this simple but sweet drop necklace, complete with a freshwater pearl! It’s eye-catching yet it alludes to the series without being obnoxious, making it a nice subtle way to fangirl!

Crocheted Hunger Games Characters by LunasCrafts

Crocheted Hunger Games characters by LunasCrafts
Not gonna lie: Realistic characters dolls freak us right the hell out! But this little crocheted family of Hunger Games characters is super cute and great for anyone who could do with some handmade collectibles to give a room a pop of playfulness!

Stay Alive Poster from Blueleaf Creative

Stay Alive Hunger Games Poster Blueleaf Creative Etsy
We’ve already fangirled Blueleaf Creative in the Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide, but we had to do it once more! Want to get your hands on these sassy, colorful prints? There’s a special coupon code for Victor’s Village readers! Just use the code VICTOR10 at checkout through 12/12/12 for 10% off any purchase!

As For AWFUL Hunger Games Stuff We Found On Etsy… That Post Is Coming Soon!
The Girl With The Pearl