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The Hunter Games and Other Sad Misunderstandings

FANDOM: Some people just don’t get it. Or they get some fandoms, but perhaps not yours. Sometimes it’s just a little faux pas that’s a whole ton of hilarious.

The MTV Movie Awards were pretty uninteresting and uneventful this year despite plenty of Hunger Games WINNING (Jen for Best Female Performance, Josh for Best Male Performance, and Catching Fire for Movie of the Year!) Perhaps the most amusing moment of the night came just after Josh gave his first acceptance speech:



Yes, there’s not that much of a difference between The Hunger Games and The Hunter Games. It could have been a slip of the tongue, because we doubt Cameron Diaz lives under a rock THAT big. But it’s not the first time we’ve heard someone say “The Hunter Games”.

There’s a chronic thing among people who just don’t get the series:
They can only manage one of the two words.
Either “Hunger” is replaced with any two syllable word ending in -er, or “Games” is replaced with a kinda sorta rhyming word.

The Hunter Games. The Hunger Dames. The Bunker Games. The Hunger Pains. And these are people genuinely suggesting this is the title. It’s exhausting.

We’re sure you’ve heard some good ones too. Even people who enjoy the series (but aren’t super enthusiastic about it) do this on occasion. It’s like a disease! As fans, we’ve gotten used to this ridiculousness, but perhaps it can be cured.

That’s right: They got a fever and the only cure is more Hunger Games. If we all reach out, maybe we can save them from their embarrassing, grievous misnomers!

Advocating, Annoying… What’s The Difference, Really?
The Girl With The Pearl

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The Hunger Games Name Drop

Totally expected.

Totally expected.

The Hunger Games is kinda a thing nowadays, if you haven’t noticed! As such, you expect it to make its rounds through pop culture. Like the string of awful parodies and the joke Ellen made at The Oscars.

But some references are more ridiculous and hilarious than others! For instance, the latest song from rapper Drake, “Draft Day”:

On some Hunger Games shit I would die for my district
Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it
I mean forreal, girl you know I had to do it for yah

You can listen to the whole song here. We’ll wait. *blocks ears because once is enough*


Though this is just more evidence showing how popular The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence really are, it is pretty random in the middle of a fairly tough rap number (though Drake comes from a middle class background and once starred in DeGrassi, so no one’s really calling him hardcore.) It’s all bitches, fuck this and that, and n-bombs… and hey, Jennifer Lawrence!

Love at first rhyme

Naming your celebrity crush in the song IS pretty slick…

Aaaaaand when exactly do we hit the wall with The Hunger Games references? When do we say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”? Neverrrr! The song is bad, but this reference is so awesomely bad that it’s actually good!

For Drake’s next single, we’ve got some phat Hunger Games rhymes to suggest:

“I’m so fly I’d survive The Hunger Games arena,
Got more dough than Josh Hutcherson as Peeta”

“I’m a killah, I don’t fail
Droppin’ bombs, just call me Gale”

“Rappers be so obsessed with all the fame and riches,
Strutting around like they Snow’s Capitol bitches.”

*cough* Check my flow, y’all!

Forreal girl,
The Girl With The Pearl

Some Mockingjay Ideas for the Soul

Let’s be honest again, ’cause it’s kind of a forte here anyway– we really need some freakin’ Mockingjay: Part 1 news! And I don’t mean a blurb in some entertainment news publication that’s a reiteration of information we got snip-its of several months ago. Nope, we need honest to god NEWS. In a better world, in other words in a world where as a collective fandom we had the power to convince a major motion picture studio to release such wonderous news-y bits, I think we’d have them by now. Alas we do not have that power despite the size of our collective community. Until such news-y bits are released however, bear with me for a time or two, and well– let me spin a yarn on what this particular non-professional-semi-marketing-savvy fandom member wishes were some of the bits to be released, well– yesterday. And by “particular fandom member”, eh-hem– I MEAN ME

Use the propos: It’s already built into the canon of the series, and it’s– to be sort of blunt, an already solid, and climatically perfect feature. In my mind’s eye, which is kind of a visual place to begin with as a photographer, the propos Suzanne Collins envisioned in her book work on many, many levels. They’re transformative, they’re a call to arms, they’re a rallying cry to the little people, and they’re visually stunning. I can see it now, Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen standing on that roof top, a smoking and burning cityscape behind her, her face set in look of anger, fortitude, and conviction, speaking words that come from her inner most gutteral instincts– throwing down the gauntlet on President Snow, and transforming for the first time under her own terms, into the Mockingjay. Or, things could go another direction: The first attempt at a propos with Katniss was a monumental failure. I’m sure you all remember the tumblr_mla1llMN2R1qb8lw8o1_500telling line that Haymitch uttered, his first in the entire novel of Mockingjay, “And that, my friends, is how a revolution dies.” However, from a cinematic POV that propo could very well work. It’s got the swirling flames, the Capitol look, the lines– however stiffly delivered, but if you saw that on TV, or at least clips of it artfully cut together, I think it would work as a more than decent facet of a viral marketing campaign.

Other propos, or bursts that get pushed past the Capitol’s firewalls, in my head can all become major aspects of the upcoming advertizing campaigns that will eventually make their way to us. I can see it unfolding, flashes of wartime news footage, footage that looks like it could have been taken at any time during our own world’s most recent political, and wartime events– only this footage will feature burning Capitol flags, and Peacekeepers in their white, exoskeleton riot gear, pushing, and beating District citizens down, and out-of-the-way. Of course this could all be intermixed with scenes of Katniss in the bowels of District 13 curled into a ball with boxes of school supplies behind her, and smash cutting from her mind’s eye to the last time she saw Peeta, to another smash cut of what she imagines is happening to Peeta in the Capitol. It could prove to be a visually stunning, and visceral experience– which is kind of what we want, hm? No more games, no more pretty about it, just raw, unadulterated PTSD, grey clothes, and snap-shots of a mind that’s not quite on an even keel.

It won’t happen this way of course, but a True Detective loving girl can dream– right?

Them There Eyes

Hunger Games Fans: Stop Drinking the Media Wars Kool-Aid

Ah, the media! Every now and then, there’s a kernel of real depth and knowledge in there, but not nearly as often as you think. (Unfortunately, I realized this mid-way through a Journalism degree, so on top of no longer wanting to work for the media, I’m in massive debt!) Mostly, it’s about getting people to pay attention to what you’re saying and make them think it’s important, even though it’s usually not. This is especially true of entertainment media.

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where's the downside, again?

Not the same. Both inspiring the world to take action and think for themselves. Where’s the downside, again?

So let us repeat a sentiment we’ve stated before. One more time with feeling!

There is no real fandom war between The Hunger Games and Divergent. Or between The Hunger Games and any other franchise, for that matter. Quit drinking the media wars Kool-aid. Seriously.

Them There Eyes already covered that EW pulled a seriously dick move by trying to deflate The Hunger Games series to up Divergent. Surely, other media sites have done it as well. Entertainment Weekly, especially, has stock in the success of the Divergent series. Note that they have stock in the success of THG as well, but it’s already a proven success so they don’t have to coddle it anymore, just cover it. Hence the clueless “Katniss is from District 9 and Victors are reaped in every Quarter Quell” review Catching Fire got. Successful fandom-centric franchises are huge readership draws. And Lionsgate? They don’t care which one you like better because they are both owned by Lionsgate. Though it should be noted that a lot of THG fan outrage is hypocrisy, given that most people seem perfectly okay with people deflating Divergent in favor of The Hunger Games. It shouldn’t be either way.

Of course, The Hunger Games/Divergent media wars have the desired effect. Everyone has preferences. We rush into the conversation to pick a side. Fans run out to say “I think Series A is better and anyone who thinks Series B is better is an idiot!” and vice versa.

Even we sip the Kool-aid a bit without realizing it. Them There Eyes was quick to call the movie mediocre based solely off critical reviews. When someone commented on one media post about how Mockingjay was awful and Allegiant was great, I was quick to respond with the inverse opinion. And I REALLY LIKE BOTH FRANCHISES. Not in love with the last Divergent book, but I still like both on the whole. Plus, we believe everyone should read and decide for themselves.

A beautiful little reminder.

A beautiful little reminder. Same for their adaptations.

People like what they like. Some like The Hunger Games. Some like Divergent. Many, many people like both. And that’s fine! Don’t let the media make you think otherwise! Critics are not gods. While they make valid observations about film now and again, they’re often self-important jackwads. A movie isn’t good or bad or special or fun because a conglomerate of cynics tells you so. Seriously, that takes all the fun out of moviegoing. If you’ve ever had to stop asking a friend to go to the movies because they shot down everything you suggest based on critics, you know. So don’t let them push you around, m’kay?

This is not a war and nobody needs to pick sides. When the next potential franchise comes out, the media will do the same damn thing because people will STILL get hyped up over it. IGNORE THEEEEEMMMM. Have your preferences, have your personal tastes, but cutting down someone else’s fandom just to up yours, whether you’re Owen Gleiberman or just some random person on Tumblr, just makes you look like a petty ass.

Again: The Kool-Aid. STOP DRINKING IT.

The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Cosplay Character Crisis

Effie Trinket may be one of the most cosplay-able characters in the world. Got bright hair, frilly dress, outrageous accessories, and an excess of makeup? BOOM! EFFIE! You can do it a million times and never look quite the same, yet still be distinctly Effie.

Effie, Effie, Effie!

Effie, Effie, Effie!

Which is why we’re not totally surprised that when the a Hunger Games Capitol cosplay contest cropped up in the UK, it essentially turned into “the running of the Effies”! Girls. Guys. EVERYONE got their Effie on. It was originally thought to be a fan gathering, but later reports specified that our cosplayers were in it to win tickets to the Mockingjay: Part 1 premiere.

Two things crossed our minds:
1) Wait… They’re already doing premiere giveaways in the UK?!
2) Why does the Capitol always get the cosplay love?

Sure, the Capitol is a little more fun and sparkly. And as mentioned, it’s essentially the easiest. Katniss either in The Hunger Games arena outfit or midway through her Mockingjay dress transformation seems to be in second place. But a badass rendition of ANY Hunger Games cosplay is appreciated.

Remember the Caesar Flickerman cosplay at Comic Con that was so good, not-so-obsessed fans actually thought he was Stanley Tucci? Or that time Kristen Bell admitted she and husband Dax Shepherd were Clove and Cato one Halloween? Why can’t we get some more of that?!

OMG LOOK!  A Peeta!

OMG LOOK! A Peeta!

Why does NO ONE cosplay Haymitch?! You get to act drunk all day, perhaps even BE DRUNK, depending on your circumstances! Why is Peeta so underutilized? He got dressed up in Capitol outfits too! Even our lovely Finnick and Johanna don’t get enough cosplay love.

Seriously, we’d be far more impressed with anyone willing to venture into these characters than just another Effie. It takes a little more planning, but it also makes a bigger impression. We love anyone who’s willing to play up The Hunger Games! We just want to see the character love spread.

So there’s our dare to you, convention attendees of the world!
The Girl With The Pearl

Jammy Time: How to Marathon The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD/ Blu-Ray

Friday the DVD and Blu-ray editions of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are being released in the US and Canada, which means a lot of us are not leaving the confines of our homes this weekend. Why? Because we’ll be glued to our respective television sets, absorbing what we’ve all hopefully already viewed a cfdvd1handful of times in movie theatres. Me? I’ll be like everyone else probably, inconsolable and re-watching Peeta and Katniss’ last scene together until he attempts to choke her to death in Mockingjay: Part 1. It’s going to be an emotional weekend, and just for kicks and giggles, I’ve come up with a list of things we should all do, or have on hand whilst partaking of the emotional roller coaster that is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

First off I highly recommend getting comfortable. That means if you’re a lady person, lose the bra, and put on some pajama pants, perhaps some ridiculously comfy socks, and forget about washing your hair– who cares, no one can see you anyway! And if anybody can see you, they should already know that The Hunger Games is not something they’re allowed to judge you on, therefore clean hair isn’t something for them to get their panties into a twist about, ‘kay? You may want to continue to wear deodorant though, just to keep the yelling at bay.

You're not goin' anywhere, don't need this!

You’re not goin’ anywhere, don’t need this!

Stock up on tissues, I think two boxes will suffice unless of course you’re the type who cries during diaper commercials. And, yep– because you’ll be crying so much, and using all those tissues you’re going to get dehydrated therefore you must have a hydration station at the ready. Stock your fridge with water, I’m going to go buy a bunch of mineral water and lemons for myself, and just go to town crying my ass off, and drinking bubbles and tartness that I know won’t add any weight to my ass at all. However if you’re like every other person in North America you’ll probably stock up on less healthful carbonated beverages. I beg of you though that you drink more than soda this weekend, I hate for your dentists to look in your mouths weeks or months from now and proclaim that you’ve got cavities in all your teeth.

For the legal adults in the audience I’m now going to suggest other beverages to have on hand. If you’re not obligated to be anywhere, i.e. you have no where to drive to– by all means have a glass of wine or two! Don’t go over the top though, I don’t want to read about some poor Hunger Games t-shirt clad, braless, jammy pants wearing, body of a woman that was found in a pool of their own vomit after bingeing on Stella, or three bottles of wine. ‘Kay just don’t!

Om nom nom

Om nom nom

Munchies! I mean did you really think I would forget munchies!? Wrong! I suggest an array of salty meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Uh huh, think antipasti platter, only if you hate olives, go with pickled whatever you like, or here’s a thought, sliced fresh veggies! My, green olives stuffed with garlic sounds mighty tasty right about now, also fresh cucumbers, and red, yellow, or orange Bell Pepper, the green ones have no flavor. Cheese, if you’re feeling low-brow, and like American Cheese in all its artificial orange, salty glory, by all means have some! But even Effie Trinket would make faces at you, so try something a bit more um– real, I mean not even Katniss has access to that stuff. So imagine Peeta using American Cheese in his cheese buns, and then gag with me! Or, perhaps you’re not up for all the work of arranging food stuffs semi artfully on a plate, in that case order pizza and call it a successful weekend. Food snobbery done, moving on!

Have your Smart Phone at the ready, perhaps a laptop, or iPad. Why? Because live tweeting on Twitter, and live blogging your marathoning on Tumblr whilst watching all the extras and bonus features, along with finally rewatching the film– well, it’s going to happen, so may as well have everything fully charged so you can share all the feels with the Internets, and you’re friends, maybe you’re mom. Just do it, you know you want to.

Take breaks y’all, remember you can hit pause now and go to the bathroom without missing a damn thing!

Them There Eyes

Mockingjay/Divergent Marketing Mayhem

Dear Hunger Games fans…
Y’all are dramalicious.

Not ALL of you, of course. But some of us like to see things. To create issues what no real issues exist.

Case in point: The Mockingjay/ Divergent marketing “scandal”.


Fiery friends

As you may remember, Lionsgate ate merged with Summit Entertainment recently. Given this, many of their marketing efforts are intertwined. Lionsgate owns The Hunger Games and Summit owns Divergent. So far in their partnership, the merge hasn’t blatantly meant any unprecedented delays in marketing, but someone out in the Internet whispered (probably on the cesspool that is tumblr) “There hasn’t been much Mockingjay Part 1 promotion yet because of Divergent’s promotion.” And just like that, complaints and worries took off.

Suddenly, a portion of the internet dissolves into feisty grandmas watching their soap operas:
“That new slut Divergent thinks she’s gonna just come in and steal Mockingjay’s man! To hell with that hooker!”

You gotta calm down there, Chuck.

Yes, at this time last year, we had the new poster reveal and a couple images of Victory Tour promo featuring Katniss and Peeta. Contrary to popular internet belief, we did NOT have the Capitol Portraits yet. Those came in March.

So really, we’re on par for what we had for Catching Fire at this time last year. Yet everyone’s looking to another YA movie to blame for that. HUH?

At least we've had tabloid leaks

At least we’ve had tabloid leaks

First off, we forget that Mockingjay Part II is still being filmed and the studio could very well be waiting until the focus is off filming before they worry about promotion for Part 1. It’s going to make a killing at the box office either way. Even so, The Hunger Games and Divergent are still marketed by two different teams, so it’s not as if promotion for one negates the other. Lionsgate and Summit marketing have been known to work together in the past, not cockblock each other. And frankly, there’s no way in hell anything happening in November is going to affect a movie coming out in March. If people want to see Divergent, they’ll go see it regardless of whether or not Mockingjay character portraits show up in the meantime.

Secondly, can’t YA fandoms all just get along? YA fandoms like to get elitist, judge each other, and in this case, blame each other for their problems. Hunger Games fans want more stuff and they’re not getting it, so they look to blame Divergent. There’s already so many people out there trying to discredit and undermine the young adult adaptations out there (including the ones that will forever hate on The Hunger Games, even if it won all the awards) that we should support each other instead of running around hating on each other. Capice?

Stop Being Jealous When Another Pretty Girl Gets Attention, Wannabe Prom Queens,
The Girl With The Pearl

Rumorville Strikes Again

So here we are friends, stuck in the middle of February. The Catching Fire DVD doesn’t come out for a month. And it’s still too early for much marketing activity for Mockingjay. What to do, what to do?

Seems like some people are keeping busy by starting rumors.

When are we going to get a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer and full trailer? This is an easy rumor to start. Since the Mockingjay release dates are the same weekend as Catching Fire, the lazy rumor is to just assume that Lionsgate will replicate their marketing calendar date per date.  So, teaser trailer at the MTV Movie Awards in April and full trailer at San Diego Comic Con in July.  This could very well happen. Both events are high-profile and the timing fits well.  And their plan worked out pretty amazingly for Catching Fire. Why mess with success – maybe they’ll do it again.  OR maybe they won’t. WE DON’T KNOW YET. What we do know is that an unnamed tumblr “source” shouldn’t qualify as a source.

Remember when this came out and it was awesome?

Remember when this came out and it was awesome?

April and July are too far away for me anyway. What about some reveals in February and March? There were Catching Fire reveals during this time period last year, like the awesome Capitol propaganda pieces announcing the Victory Tour and the Capitol Portraits.  Those happened in late Feb and early March. So does this mean we need to be obsessively checking our various social media sites for news? Well, yes, and no. As the days tick by the inevitability of Mockingjay Part 1 marketing is more realistic. That’s just how time works. All this stuff is going to happen… eventually.

But I would caution that counting on a date per date replication of the Catching Fire marketing plan is setting yourself up for disappointment. The Mockingjay Part 1 plan has already strayed from Catching Fire.  Remember in January 2013 when there was the Entertainment Weekly cover article and all those exciting stills?

Where is the Mockingjay Part 1 version of this?

Where is the Mockingjay Part 1 version of this?

Yeah, nothing yet for Mockingjay besides the logo poster.  And that was great and exciting but it wasn’t much of a new reveal – it was basically shown to us at the end of Catching Fire. Though I always feel a spark of hope Tuesday/Wednesday each week that THIS WILL BE THE WEEK the EW thing happens. And then every week it’s something else and I go about my week.

So while I appreciate how the rumors are keeping the fandom excited during this downtime, I’m really not going to believe anything and and I will trust no one. Because I think the people that actually KNOW can’t and won’t tell us until they’re good and ready. And evidently, they’re not ready.

The upside? The awesome feeling you get when these things come completely out of the blue. And all the freaking out that ensues.

We know that all this stuff is coming. And that it will destroy us in the best way when it does.


Suzanne Collins, We’re Going Down With Your ‘Ship

Thank you for being you, Suzanne Collins! For writing The Hunger Games series, of course, but also for allowing it to be loved for what it is.

Yes, we’ve talked about how we wished you were more actively involved in the fandom and that still stands. But at the same time, your lack of chatter regarding the series helps maintain the mystery and the purity and just recently, we’ve realized just how much we appreciate that!

Still my OTP 4eva! NO! 5eva!

Still my OTP 4eva! NO! 5eva!

As you’ve probably heard, JK Rowling recently put the Harry Potter fandom in an absolute tizzy when she recently described Ron and Hermione, one of the most popular relationships in literature, as “wish fulfillment” and a stubborn choice to stick to her original plans for the series even though it was “not for reasons of credibility”. It doesn’t help that these quotes have been sensationalized by media sources saying she regrets writing the relationship and that Hermione should have ended up with Harry (which would directly contradict many of her earlier interviews and was actually implied by Emma Watson, not JKR, during the interview in question.) Unfortunately, it was super easy for the media to imply all these things because JKR sliced that can of worms wide open, seven freaking years after the end of the series. Fans who understand exactly why Ron and Hermione worked as a couple (like us!) are outraged and Harry/Hermione shippers, would Jo once playful agreed were delusional for ignoring “anvil-sized hints” to the contrary, are simultaneously rejoicing and demanding an apology. Despite the full interview explaining the situation with a little more depth to show JKR is not anti-R/Hr and the fact that none if this changes the ending to the Harry Potter books or movies, the whole fandom is a complete clusterfuck.

Now imagine if Suzanne Collins did something similar? What if several years from now, she tells the media that in hindsight, Katniss probably should have ended up with Gale. Because they came from the same type of background and they presented each other with fewer challenges to see the world differently than they already did. That it just would have made more sense if she stuck with the totally stagnant cliche in which the hero falls for their best friend, suggesting that was the more credible option than what her intuition originally convinced her to write.

True of 99% of All Canon Ships

True of 99% of All Canon Ships

We’re pretty sure we’d rip all our hair out.

Relationships are not the only thing this could happen with, of course. New details on Panem’s infrastructure? The actual names of Katniss and Peeta’s children? Suzanne’s doubts about killing so-and-so or the severity of so-and-so’s attitude in Chapter X? Even these minor things would drive this fandom crazy!

Do we want to know every single detail, even the ones we don’t need? Sure! Do we need them? Prooooobably not! Sometimes it is better to wonder than hear all the answers and revelations, because as JK Rowling has proven– all the answers and the revelations can certainly take away from the magic and the mystery.

Live and let live (in a fictional plane of existence as originally concluded at the end of the final book.)

The Rest Is Up To Fan Fiction,
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village 2013 Year in Review

Because it ain’t over til the last interview is over, we shall not discuss the BEST TOPIC EVER tonight!

Instead, here’s some fun for the regulars that we usually bring you earlier in the year, but Joan Rivers wouldn’t shut up then awards show season and shit got weird. ANYWAY… it’s time for the Year In Review, where we give you all the stats on the awesomeness of you, our readers!

But first, let’s start in a bittersweet note: 2014 is the year we say goodbye to our dear Twiffidy as she moves on to focus on other endeavors. She has been an amazing part of this site and we couldn’t be more thankful for her! Wishing you the best, Twiffidy!

On a happier note, this has given us the chance to take on a new writer here at VV! We’ve already seen her fresh perspective in her guest posts, including predicting a behind the scenes look at The Capitol in Mockingjay and calling out shipping gone bad.


We hope you guys are ready, because JJ starts bringing the noise tomorrow! *pops champagne cork*

As for those stats, let’s take a looksy, shall we?


188 COUNTRIES. Our minds = BLOWN. We’re still shocked by the regular readers who participate, but to see that people have been lead to this site from all over the world is enormous.

Search Terms

The only downside the those 188 countries is that many of those folks were probably looking up trusty search term #1. Which, funnily enough, leads them to a post that makes fun of people searching for that and similar terms!

Best Posts

Note the highlight! Only one post about Katniss’ much-coveted cowl is actually from this year, but another of our top 5 posts is actually a fanfic-style guest post from late 2012 by Hunger Games Bookclub! Kudos, HGBC!


Some of our regulars caught fire (Get it?! *nudge nudge*) as they chimed in on all things Hunger Games this year. It can be a messy task, but we’re glad you’re out there doing it!

So what we really mean to say is THANK YOU for a great year!

Let’s do it again in 2014, PLZKTHX!

The Girl With The Pearl


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