Brawlin’ With The Mockingjay

This will be the first and last time I talk about the MTV Movie Brawl. Except for social media, possibly. We swear!

No, it hasn’t started yet. It’s still in the nomination phase. Yet… the heat is already on for the MTV Movie Brawl and Mockingjay Part 2. For some reason, this sucker always seems to be the one to get fans all sorts of riled up.


And honestly, y’all? We don’t know if we’re with it this year.

How I Met Your Mother had a funny little gag called The Murtaugh List, aka a mental catalog of things that make you say the infamous line from Lethal Weapon’s Roger Murtaugh: “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

The MTV Movie Brawl is on our Murtaugh list. And it’s pretty easy to see why, as evidenced by a fellow VV writer and a friend of the site:

As we’ve pointed out before, these awards have more to do with which fans are most likely to vote repeatedly than which fandom is actually the most beloved. Sure, Catching Fire won in 2013. But in 2012 and 2014, the franchise lost to films that we very mildly popular by comparison.

See, we don’t mind losing in these races. It’s gonna happen, especially since we’re not all screaming from the rafters about voting like other fandoms will. And that’s okay! But it would feel a little more realistic if the results reflected the actual box office opening weekends a little more closely. For instance, losing to Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, or even Divergent last year would have made some sense, as clearly large numbers of people were actually anticipating these films. We know this because they had solid opening weekends and a big box office pull. Veronica Mars was an indie and had a limited release including VOD so obviously the numbers weren’t going to as big, but the film didn’t even make back its $6 million budget. And while we definitely appreciate the Marshmallows enthusiasm, it didn’t leave much space for accuracy.

Surely, there’s quite the possibility that we’ll lose again because another crowd because there’s so many hardcore fangirls out there, people. Though it makes us slightly cringe-y, we’re betting on the Fifty Shades of Grey crowd to be the over-enthusiastic one this year.

So Yeah… We’re Murtaugh Listing It,
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village 2014 Year In Review!

We know that 2015 is officially upon us, but we’re gonna reminisce about 2015 one last time!

Every year, we like to stop and say thanks to you lovely readers! We’ve been doing our thing here since 2014 and we’re super lucky to have had years of fun, debates, laughs, revelations, and interactions with you all! You keep us on our toes at times, but we love it.

And think of it! JJ has already been here for almost one year! She’s been such an incredible addition to the Victor’s Village team and we couldn’t be more thankful!

Thanks to WordPress, we also have some official fun facts to share along with our own observations. We’ll start with a graphic that blows our minds every time:

world map vv

Whoa! Mind you, we know people end up on various websites for a lot of funky reasons. It’s still amazing to see that people from all over the world have visited.

Also, we’re not quite sure what we did differently to see a surge in German viewers this year, but… DANKE!

Our busiest day overall was November 23, the Saturday after Mockingjay Part 1’s anticipated release. Most fans seemed to find a chance to see it by then and there was plenty discussion here! Still keeping major spoilers out of publication that time, our post that day was “My One Mockingjay Part 1 Gripe” in which Them There Eyes discussed the disappearance of Gale’s family from book to film.

However, our most viewed post written in 2014 deliberated Catching Fire’s deleted scenes– and the scenes that were teased during marketing and NOT released even as deleted scenes (at least, not yet).

We also got lots of love from regular commenters, all of whom have added great discussion to our oftentimes random thoughts!

commenters vv

Thanks, y’all!

We got a critically debated but immensely satisfying movie in Mockingjay Part 1 this year, but it came with a few lows. There wasn’t much marketing until juuuuust before the film release and we really, really did not care for the soundtrack (and earned some unintentionally hilarious trolls for saying so.) More than that, the world lost an incredibly talented and inspiring actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who we were lucky enough to have on board as Plutarch Heavensbee.

But we’ve also adopted #frappuccino, geeked out over THG’s lady badasses with Elizabeth Banks, and learned that somewhere out there, a deleted scene featuring Finnick Odair in his underwear definitely exists! We’ll take all that awesome, for sure!

2015 is going to be a tough but spectacular year for The Hunger Games fandom as the movie franchise comes to a close. We can’t wait to share it with all of you! It’s going to be the most crazy fun we’ve had together yet!

The Girl With The Pearl

#UnlockMockingjay Madness

So remember when we posted on Tuesday about the Mockingjay Mosaic campaign and how we felt better about something like that than social media campaigns that make fans work toward media the studio was ultimately going to give fans anyway?

Things got WAY uncomfortable about 18 hours later when Lionsgate released a social media campaign exactly matching that criteria. Whoops! WE HAD NO IDEA, LG! WE’RE NOT MIND READERS! WE SWEAR!

First came the bait! Retweet #UnlockMockingjay enough and you’ll get this shiny new preview!


And oh man, did we want that shiny new preview. WANT!

Through the act of being wicked smaht (as we like to say in New England), someone somewhere– we honestly don’t know who because it was already common knowledge by the time we tuned in– realized that the algorithm involved would require 50k tweets to unlock the video. The hashtag challenge launched at 12pm EST. By the time I finished my lunch around 1pm EST, the buzz was firmly built, the fan tweets were rolling out, and the tweet-o-meter thingamabob was already at 60%.

Smooooooth sailing, right? WRONG!

4pm rolls around and it feels like victory (or as much victory as you can get out of a Wednesday afternoon.) WORK DAY DONE! COMFY SWEATPANTS ON! MOCKINGJAY-O-METER… BACK DOWN TO 44% PERCENT?

Apparently, at some point in there, Lionsgate remembered that Hunger Games fans are ravenous beasts who considered new Mockingjay previews their very lifeblood. 50k tweets probably took about 2 hours to complete and obviously, they were hoping NOT to release things that early. The re-calibration experts in the fandom looked into it and realized the new magic number was 360k tweets.

And that is when the hilarious, quote-filled fandom madness really took off, thanks to the brilliance of turning it into a bit of a game:

At a couple points, the widget jumped. Word on the streets of Twitter was that we only needed 261.5k tweets, then 260k. Baffled by the odd numbers but still wanting our Mockingjay preview, things started to get real cray cray:

Throughout this, we get a couple of pre-teaser teasers in the form of new stills. But it just wasn’t enough to satiated the NEEEEEED! Seriously. We make those zombies on The Walking Dead look tame. The frustration kicked in:

Even though we certainly felt that frustration, we were also starting to feel a little bad. Because this “unlocking” campaign despite its problems and the later-realized factoid that it was rigged to release at 7pm no matter how many tweets, we realized we were having a lot of fun. Not that Lionsgate necessarily planned it would turn into a quote-ridden meme fest, but other fans and fansites turned it into a really witty game and we really enjoyed getting involved.

Not to pat this fandom on the collective back too much, but WOW, WE ARE CLEVER AND HILARIOUS AND WONDERFUL! And #UnlockMockingjay kinda ended up bringing out the best in us.

Of course, we also got this spectacular sneak peek out of it:

But that deserves its own post, don’t you think?

It Was A Pleasure Being Ridiculous With You,
The Girl With The Pearl

Mockingjay Gets Self(ie)ish

As a collective fandom, it turns out that we like to do things BIG.


A little mosaic sampler action!

Premiere turnouts, trailer views, book re-reads, merchandising, fan fiction obsessing.. whatever! We want it all in massive numbers and full force. It’s part of sharing the love, right?

So it should be no real surprise that the German film distributor for The Hunger Games (or Die Tribute Von Panem, as it’s known in that neck of the woods) wants to break a world record. For what, you ask? THE MOST GIANT COLLECTION OF FAN SELFIES EVER… formed into a Mockingjay poster.

Okay, maybe not just selfies. You can submit an actual photo taken by someone else (because when is that selfie angle EVER actually flattering?!) or a selfie over at the Mockingjay Mosaic website and be turned into part of a giant poster!

Is it the most daring, brilliant concept ever? No. But here’s why we’re liking it: In the first bit of publicity we’ve really noticed from an international distributor working alongside Lionsgate, we’re feeling the fan appreciation. The mosaic poster is the first notable effort in the Mockingjay campaign (so far) to have fans showcased as part of the overall experience. Sure, the OLTM app allowed you to make Mockingjay part of your life, but it didn’t make your life part of the Mockingjay campaign.
…Does that make sense? Can you see the forest through the trees? Are you hearing what I’m not saying to you?!

Also, it looks WAY COOLER spelled "Mosiak"

Also, it looks WAY COOLER spelled “Mosiak”

Oftentimes, it seems like movie campaigns are all about trying to get you talking about how much you love something. It makes sense, of course, word-of-mouth and continual references are how many people manage to crack and get into a series they’ve been avoiding, especially this late in the game when they’ve seen many of the official ads and probably weren’t all swayed by them. A friend saying “Trust me, it’s good” in some way, even if it’s through supporting an official movie campaign like the OLTM app, is way more convincing than media ads that easily make us cynical. But really, these campaigns don’t have much benefit for the people who are already fans other than probably “unlocking” content that the studio is going to release either way.

Instead, this easy little idea says “We KNOW you love The Hunger Games! We’re so glad, we want to make you a part of what we’re doing for the film! Let us include you!” And even though it’s a tiny, practically invisible photo in a massive mosaic that will ultimately mean next to nothing in our lives, a single tear runs down our collective fandom cheek because… they like us! They really like us! And it’s fun too, so why the hell not?!

Now If Only I Liked A Single Picture Of Myself,
The Girl With The Pearl

Missing The Mockingjay And Her Friends

We’ve still got another full year of promotional images and trailers and premiere and press junkets for The Hunger Games franchise, but man.. It’s certainly starting to feel like the end is nigh.

Filming wrapped weeks ago, but only now are we starting to see the celebrities out and about at events, answering the media’s questions (and in doing so, totally filling us with our fandom end-of-days dread). In particular, Josh Hutcherson was out for the TCAs and Straight But Not Narrow celebrity basketball tournament. He talked about preparing for the press tour and friendship with Jennifer Lawrence:

(Thanks for tip, HG Girl On Fire!)

It’s one thing to hear the stars say in the past that they were going to miss each other, but it’s another to hear them say they are missing each other. PRESENT TENSE. At least they still see each other, according to Josh. And they’ll probably be outright sick of each other after spending days and days together on the press tour. But besides the obligatory answering of monotonous questions over a probably-too-long stretch of time, we’re reminded again that the actors have done their part.

How can you NOT root for them, though?!

How can you NOT root for them, though?!

We’d like to think that they’ll all be BFFLs once Mockingjay Part 2 press time is said and done, but who knows? It doesn’t always work out that way. While many actors remain friendly, they move on and seem to mostly forget about each other. More importantly, who are we to say how things should work out for them? Shipping celebrity coworkers-turned-friendships isn’t as weird as starting a tumblr to obsess about your favorite celebrity couple or anything, but it’s still a little odd.

Our take is that people (including us) get attached to the idea of the celebrities starring in a fandom franchise staying friends because deep down, it represents the idea of the fandom sticking together. The Hunger Games franchise isn’t just going to go “POOF!” and disappear once the last movie is on DVD, but things slow down. They change. We fear change the way Johanna fears genuinely happy social situations. We just don’t know how to handle it.

So hopefully, Josh’s words about remaining friends with the cast remain true. But either way, let’s not let the end of the movie release road get us down, because this fandom isn’t going anywhere even after the actors are officially done with their jobs.

Viva La Revolution!
The Girl With The Pearl

Fandom– Recognize

credit to -

credit to –

San Diego Comic Con 2014 is in full swing, and the Internet is a buzz with all things Benedict Cumberbatch, Marvel, Hobbit-y, Game of Thrones-y and oh yeah– Lionsgate-y. I’m one of the sad few who is not attending the convention, and frankly will probably never attend, because crowds of that magnitude give me the heebie-jeebies, and trust me when I say this– you don’t want to be around me when I have the heebie-jeebies. Anywho, Comic-Con is a place of fandom-wide fun and excitement, and just all out nerd-gasmic heaven.

Y’all like cupcakes, right? I betcha do! Why not, they’re delicious, and fluffy, and if they’re made right they are moist (not in the naughty way), and light, and put a smile on your face with their fondant, and they’re butter cream goodness. Lionsgate apparently likes cupcakes too, or baked goods if we’re speaking in broad terms. I know this because this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, part of the fun and festivities are baked goods, including cupcakes. That’s right folks, they have a sleek-looking, Capitol-esque bakery set up on display for the burgeoning public to ooh and ah over. This is awesome for all intents and purposes, ’cause everyone and their glutton tolerant aunt likes some free baked goods every now and again. The only fly in the ointment of this sweet, little gesture is the slightly glaring fact that who ever, or whatever marketing firm chose the designs for some of these goods, well– stole them.

That’s right folks, I just used the S word, and it’s not the shit kind. Nope, I call foul on who ever, or whatever person, or group of people who decided stealing other people’s ideas is an acceptable business practice!

Crystal Watanabe has been a staple in this fandom for years, she’s involved more than a random fan as well– and on top of that she’s got more than a life outside of her endeavors involving The Hunger Games. Crystal used to pretty much run, now she’s the founder, and head at Crystal is a master at bento, as well as artisan baking. Which brings me to the previously used S word. Crystal’s designs for two Effie Trinket themed cupcakes are being used without her permission right now at one of the biggest entertainment themed conventions in the world, and all of this is going down without what’s probably most important– credit where credit is due.

I’m just going to say it, but this is not cool! I know that the big guys on top of the money-making machines that supposedly dictate our lives, wholly believe that taking a “little persons” ideas and shilling them as their own, is acceptable. But damn it all to hell– it’s not! I know they’re just cupcakes, but even cupcake designs are things that deserve to be credited to the originator, the designer– who in this case is Crystal Watanabe.

So Hunger Games fandom, if you think it’s cool to steal other people’s ideas– by all means eat up. But if you don’t– say something, that’s what the Internet is for– other than porn of course. This credit issue could be easily remedied with a simple piece of card stock going up on display in that bakery set up. Simple, concise and easy, because this is potential revenue lost to an artist.

Effie Trinket cupcakes designed by Crystal Watanabe of

Them There Eyes

The Fandom Flop

Working on a fandom site: It’s more complicated than that ol’ Facebook relationship status.

A wonderful poster about learning to deal with people if you want to ever have a website

A wonderful poster about learning to deal with people if you want to ever have a website

Fansite folk are lucky beyond belief for all the recognition and opportunities we’ve been given, but things often get tricky behind the scenes. Though it’s usually friendly competition between fansites, that’s not always the case. There’s pressure to outdo someone else: To post first, to have the coolest design, to get the exclusive, to be the most interesting, etc. Internally, there’s the never-ending matter of who does the work vs. who takes credit for the work. You question who’s in it for the love of Fandom X and who’s in it for the perks and acknowledgements.

Thankfully, most of these are not Victor’s Village problems given our editorial nature (though damn does our layout need an update!) Personally, I work and have worked on other sites where these problems definitely crop up.

All of this, we hide from the audience as much as humanly possible. Why? Because nobody wants to be THAT GUY. Whatever problems we have, we’re usually level-headed enough to recognize that it’s not about us, so we don’t make it public knowledge. It’s about creating an exciting environment to enjoy something we love tremendously and just want to talk about non-stop! And oh, do we talk…

Recently, you’ve probably noticed people airing out their dirty fansite laundry. Sometimes it’s been in the form of confrontation, other times reaction. And whenever we see it, we absolutely cringe. It all goes back to production vs ownership. Fansites are not a contractual entity, so if you create and curate on your own sections of the content, aren’t they yours?

More of this, please!

More of this, please!

Look, maybe we’re the new age hipster mom and pop shop taking about corporate establishments here, but it comes down to morals. If Them There Eyes or JJ decided left Victor’s Village under any circumstance, their work is theirs. Why? They worked their ass off creating it! And they did it for their own reasons, not so I could use it to benefit me later on. They’ve helped the site I started blossom and thrive and I owe way more to them than they do to me (Obviously, the same goes for Twiffidy, who was a wonderful addition to the site for two years before retiring from the site with zero love lost)!

Even though we’re not involved, it’s embarrassing because accusations and consulting lawyers and being upset about what people think of you is the exact opposite of what fandom is about. None of you should have to see that, let alone have the situation explained to you due to misleading information elsewhere. It’s sad that it got to that point.

The truth is, sometimes fandom fails you.

Site runners forget that we’re doing this for YOU and not for ourselves. Even if we live off what we make from our sites (which is few and far between, by the way, as most sites barely pay for themselves and almost all of us work full-time outside these shenanigans), we started our sites with the hopes of inspiring people and sharing our love of this thrilling, enchanting, emotional journey with others. We forget that in the long run, we are one of SEVERAL media outlets covering this fandom and our individual sites are not terribly important in the grand scheme of things because fans could easily get the same news elsewhere. We’re lucky to have you and acting like we’re the center of the Internet just ain’t cool.

Nobody wins here. So can we all agree to save the drama for our mamas and act like the stellar Hunger Games fanatics that we are?!

The Girl With The Pearl

The Fan-Made Phenomena

It’s no big secret or anything, but The Hunger Games fandom is kind of into take our favorite trilogy by the proverbial, throat or balls, and making it our own. We love making manips in our fancy, or not so fancy computer software, we like making memes, and daaaamn do we like our fan-made film adaptations, and our original content based shorts and full length films (yes, they do exist!).

Suzanne Collins’ work was published in a sort of golden age of Audience Participation, ’cause come a decade or more ago the trilogy would have had to suffice with fan-fiction, and maybe some wearable fan-art sold at Comic-Cons, or on Cafepress, that’s if Cafepress existed a decade or more ago– and I’m making an educated guess here, ’cause I don’t think that it did. Did it? Tell me if it did Internet-y people!

In our little corner of the Interwebz though, I think the fan-made phenomena that’s the most intriguing, and also sometimes the most disappointing are the many, many, MANY fan-made films. It’s hit or miss with the multitude of Youtube, and Vimeo postings of such fare, I’ll be the bold one though, and call it like I see it, a crap-shoot. Because, as much effort goes into all these projects, only a small collection of them are up to snuff. And when I say “up to snuff”, I mean if they had had a little bit more of a budget for things like scoring with quality, and original music, or better fight choreography, they’d be hard to pick out of a line up of What’s Fan-Made and What’s a Major Studio Project.

I did my research, yerp– I watched a whole lot of Youtube Hunger Games themed videos. From projects made by a group of bored sounding, and looking Australian teens, to a painful depiction of Finnick Odair doing his “I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking.” Speech, where it was delivered with such amateur earnestness that I dare anyone to not look away, because it’s just that bad, car-crash bad. But then there’s the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel full of blood thirsty Undead! John Lyde’s videos are of course counted on the list of quality Hunger Games fan-vids, and then there’s the 2011 The Hunger Games- Johanna Mason short by Wellwood Productions, which I

Yay fan-art!

Yay fan-art!

can say without qualms has one of the most heartbreaking Johanna performances put to film. Honest– watch it, watch it til the end (it’s only 9 minutes long), there’s a moment that turns on a dime– and if you don’t feel all the feelings, something may be wrong with you. I don’t know how it slipped my notice for so long, but it did, because I can’t spend my life swaddled in sweats, watching Hunger Games fan-videos– but there’s this fan-fiction, feature length film called Cirrus Quell — A Hunger Games Story, that’s been up on Youtube since November, 2012. This film is quality stuff, the performances are believable, the fight choreography is good, the writing is good, and the camera work is more than good, yes with the right amount of shaky-cam that Gary Ross was unable to attain even with that huge budget footed by that major motion picture studio.

I’ve noticed something about these top-tier, fan-made Hunger Games videos over the years, blood– they really like the stuff. It’s a repeated complaint I’ve had with the big-studio made Hunger Games films, a sheer lack of that red sticky stuff that keeps all of us alive. We don’t see a lot of it in either Gary Ross’ The Hunger Games, or Francis Lawrence’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and I’ll bet you a big basket of kittens that both Mockingjay: Part 1, and Part 2 will be lacking in the stuff as well, which is odd considering that the entire series is focused on life and death, and also features a whole lot of the latter– some of them bloody as hell too. Like for instance Cato’s in The Hunger Games; in the novel, as we we all should remember, he was ripped apart by Capitol engineered Wolf Muttations as Katniss watched, and then she listened for hours as he groaned, and cried as he slowly, and painfully bled out, that is until she killed him by shooting him with an arrow. in the film however, Katniss watched for seconds as a pack of Dog Muttations swarmed him, and then she quickly took pity on him, shooting him through the skull– a swift mercy kill. It’s all to get around the MPAA, who seem hell bent on showing the world every actresses breasts, but never an actors penis– because, I don’t know– they’re scared of them?

It’s true that there’s not a lot of Mockingjay anything news like coming out right now, you’d have to be seriously out of the loop if you’re not aware of that fact by now as well. So, when there’s the news that a fan-made Mockingjay themed film being made with its eye towards quality, and the other thing that all top-tier Hunger Games fan-made films has in spades– it’s this wonderful thing called grit. I say “hell yeah, bring it on!” Only one problem, to adhere to this particular group of filmmakers desire, and frankly their need to put out quality work– they need our help, the fandom that is, not solely Victor’s Village. You guessed it by now hopefully, ’cause they’re doing the crowd-sourcing thing. They’re shooting for the stars on this one people, and hoping to rent a top of the line motion picture camera, the same model used by Peter Jackson’s crew on The Hobbit films. I’m no stranger to crowd-sourcing films, I’m a Veronica Mars fan– and I put in my hard earned twenty bucks to help the Veronica Mars film get made. And then I shelled out another to see it in theatres, and another to get the digital download. And also, because I’m a forever Veronica Mars fan, I support that cast of the series’ other projects, so I put in twenty to help Chris Lowell’s (Piz) film make it to theatres all over the US and probably Canada. I like supporting projects that I’m confident won’t disappoint me, like Veronica Mars, and Beside Still Waters. And I’m going to be bold again, I don’t think the Hunger Games fandom has ever been witness to the prospect, or the beginnings of a fan-made film project of the magnitude of quality this project is aiming for.

The objective, and feeling of the film is kind of right up almost every Hunger Games fans alley. I’ve had a little time to chat to the woman set to portray Katniss in this film-short, she’s also one of the brain-trusts behind the project– (über fan status is her’s in spades, someone should get her a crown or something), and she’s said some intriguing things that I’m very much on board with. Things like her and the director’s desire to focus on the affects of war on an individual and a society, and the want to depict that in a realistic, and thoughtful way– a way that hasn’t shown its self in the studio films as of yet, or at least not in the full on way that many fans have been hankering for. They don’t have the MPAA to deal with, just Youtube viewers tattling on them for using swear words, which they probably won’t use anyway, but I wish they would. There’s a reason the saying is “swearing like a sailor” sailors go to war!

So, take a chance, if you think about it donating to this project out of most others is less than the price of a premium cup of coffee at Starbucks. Also, anything Mockingjay related is a welcome reprieve from the lull of all lulls we’ve been under for the last several months.

Them There Eyes

The Hunter Games and Other Sad Misunderstandings

FANDOM: Some people just don’t get it. Or they get some fandoms, but perhaps not yours. Sometimes it’s just a little faux pas that’s a whole ton of hilarious.

The MTV Movie Awards were pretty uninteresting and uneventful this year despite plenty of Hunger Games WINNING (Jen for Best Female Performance, Josh for Best Male Performance, and Catching Fire for Movie of the Year!) Perhaps the most amusing moment of the night came just after Josh gave his first acceptance speech:



Yes, there’s not that much of a difference between The Hunger Games and The Hunter Games. It could have been a slip of the tongue, because we doubt Cameron Diaz lives under a rock THAT big. But it’s not the first time we’ve heard someone say “The Hunter Games”.

There’s a chronic thing among people who just don’t get the series:
They can only manage one of the two words.
Either “Hunger” is replaced with any two syllable word ending in -er, or “Games” is replaced with a kinda sorta rhyming word.

The Hunter Games. The Hunger Dames. The Bunker Games. The Hunger Pains. And these are people genuinely suggesting this is the title. It’s exhausting.

We’re sure you’ve heard some good ones too. Even people who enjoy the series (but aren’t super enthusiastic about it) do this on occasion. It’s like a disease! As fans, we’ve gotten used to this ridiculousness, but perhaps it can be cured.

That’s right: They got a fever and the only cure is more Hunger Games. If we all reach out, maybe we can save them from their embarrassing, grievous misnomers!

Advocating, Annoying… What’s The Difference, Really?
The Girl With The Pearl

The Hunger Games Name Drop

Totally expected.

Totally expected.

The Hunger Games is kinda a thing nowadays, if you haven’t noticed! As such, you expect it to make its rounds through pop culture. Like the string of awful parodies and the joke Ellen made at The Oscars.

But some references are more ridiculous and hilarious than others! For instance, the latest song from rapper Drake, “Draft Day”:

On some Hunger Games shit I would die for my district
Jennifer Lawrence you can really get it
I mean forreal, girl you know I had to do it for yah

You can listen to the whole song here. We’ll wait. *blocks ears because once is enough*


Though this is just more evidence showing how popular The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence really are, it is pretty random in the middle of a fairly tough rap number (though Drake comes from a middle class background and once starred in DeGrassi, so no one’s really calling him hardcore.) It’s all bitches, fuck this and that, and n-bombs… and hey, Jennifer Lawrence!

Love at first rhyme

Naming your celebrity crush in the song IS pretty slick…

Aaaaaand when exactly do we hit the wall with The Hunger Games references? When do we say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”? Neverrrr! The song is bad, but this reference is so awesomely bad that it’s actually good!

For Drake’s next single, we’ve got some phat Hunger Games rhymes to suggest:

“I’m so fly I’d survive The Hunger Games arena,
Got more dough than Josh Hutcherson as Peeta”

“I’m a killah, I don’t fail
Droppin’ bombs, just call me Gale”

“Rappers be so obsessed with all the fame and riches,
Strutting around like they Snow’s Capitol bitches.”

*cough* Check my flow, y’all!

Forreal girl,
The Girl With The Pearl