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STOP EVERYTHING! Elizabeth Banks Is Talking Hayffie

We normally don’t post on Tuesdays, but there’s something awesome to take note of!

The Hunger Games fandom has been super happy with the recent TV spots and the announcement that we are getting a second trailer after all (and it’s coming tomorrow!)

But today, we’re just incredibly delighted by Elizabeth Banks confessing that she’s just like us! She too ships Haymitch and Effie, aka Hayffie!

While we also secretly love another Haymitch ship with Hazelle, Gale’s mom, there’s always been room for Hayffie in our hearts. This is especially true in the films because 1) Hazelle isn’t there and 2) Haymitch and Effie’s back-and-forth in the film is giggleworthy and fun!

Where do you stand on the Hayffie ship?

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Let The Promotional Material Drop

We’d like to think that more promotional material of real substance has dropped within the last day or so, but I’m remiss to admit that there has not. Therefore we’re stuck pondering the existence of our navels, and this picture that Elizabeth Banks posted on her Twitter.

Happy! Fun! Promo Time!

Happy! Fun! Promo Time!

Let’s see, we’ve got Liam Hemsworth, we’ve got Elizabeth Banks, and we’ve got Jennifer Lawrence all partaking in a much trending activity of “Selfie” taking. Jen’s not unfamiliar with that phenomena, as she participated in the most passed around group selfie in internet history.

Oscars selfie

In case you forgot what this looked like.

If selfies are just the beginning of the promotional craze that’s bound to fall into our laps within the next couple of months, because if you’re doing the math like so many of us are– there are only 99 days until Mockingjay Part 1 is released in the US. 99 days is not very long at all– especially when you think of the promotional campaigns that have been inundating the popular culture media streams of the last several months for other films, and franchises– the Mockingjay campaigning is a little bit late to the party if we’re doing a little comparing and contrasting. In all honesty though I’m tired of comparing this franchise to other films that are in near, or direct competition with it. However, until we’re given more than what we’ve already got, like the characters posters, the teaser trailer, and the news of the procuring of a soundtrack– we’re a bit stuck. I mean seriously, at least give me a shot featuring some furniture, at least I can go to town on that!

Is it November yet?

Them Them Eyes

A New Address for Effie Trinket

The Mockingjay First Look is full of lots of goodies, but the news that made me burst with happiness was that Effie Trinket would be in District 13!  According to the Filmmaker Roundtable, Effie has an interesting journey ahead of her.

We’ve known that Effie Trinket would make an appearance in at least one of the films, as Elizabeth Banks mentioned in an interview about a month ago that she had recently wrapped Mockingjay. But this is confirmation of how she will be folded into the movie. In the book, Effie makes a reappearance at the end as Plutarch’s assistant when Katniss is prepped to execute Snow, but that’s all Katniss sees of her.  For the movie, I had wondered if she might have some role in the “Peeta in the Capitol” storyline, but Effie in District 13 will allow for some interesting developments in her character.

Per Nina Jacobson,

What makes Effie interesting is that she does not want to be there. Unlike Plutarch, she does not want to be part of the revolution. She has to be convinced to help, and she helps for personal reasons, not political reasons.


This seems very fitting of Effie. She’s Capitol born and bred. It’s only when she develops a bond with Katniss and Peeta that she turns on the events of the Quarter Quell. For Book Effie and especially Movie Effie, it’s her affection for Katniss and Peeta that drives her to think the Quarter Quell is unfair. If it were  another crop of kids, her feelings on the games would have been status quo.

Effie CFSo it seems right that Effie would be miserable in District 13 and not be behind the revolution. The lifestyle and culture will be completely abhorrent to her, which will inevitably cause the same type of clashes Katniss’s stylists face in 13. But perhaps when she sees what Snow does to Peeta, or the toll that all of this takes on Katniss, that she finally rallies behind the revolution for their sakes.  And imagine a wig-less Effie Trinket dressed in District 13 greys. Quite the transformation ahead for Ms. Trinket.

Suzanne Collins picked up on it. We all picked up on it. Elizabeth Banks did such an amazing job bringing Effie to life in Catching Fire, that if she didn’t continue on in Mockingjay we would have felt her absence dearly.

Can’t wait to see culture shocked Effie!


Top 5 Things We Learned From The Digital Look at Mockingjay


He's in a bunker and NOW he needs a hat?!

He’s in a bunker and NOW he needs a hat?!

Lionsgate is done holding out on the fans and they’re making up for the wait in big ways!

Feast your eyes upon TheHungerGamesExclusive.com, which in its first incarnation includes..

  • Six Mockingjay Set Photos
  • A Video Interview with Julianne Moore
  • A Roundtable with Francis Lawrence, Nina Jacobsen, and Peter Craig
  • A Page from the Script (That You Can Win!)
  • The Hunger Games Franchise Motion Poster

THIS. This is the glorious stuff we were looking for when we found ourselves totally underwhelmed with the sheer consumerism of Capitol Couture! Not that the fashions aren’t cool, but it’s great to see that there’s some more tangible facts about the themes and overall filmmaking processes this time around.

In that spirit, let’s discuss the five most important things we learned today!

Look at that wonderful REAL PERSON who will be featured!

Look at that wonderful REAL PERSON who will be featured!

1) Plutarch Heavensbee will not be a freaky animation!

We were seriously concerned with rumors immediately following Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death that stated he would be added into his final scenes via CGI. It just seemed wrong and… what’s the word? CREEPTASTIC. Thankfully, it’s just a rumor!  Francis and Nina revealed that for PSH’s non-dialogue scenes, previously recorded footage of the other was cut into the scene (thank you, consistently monotonous D13 uniforms!) and his dialogue was written out, with some lines occasionally given to Haymitch or Effie when appropriate. There’s no mention of him missing out on a *major scene* as suggested in early reports.

2) Effie Trinket is in District 13, bitches!

Fulvia who?! Rather than work in Plutarch’s assistant, the script was repurposed to include Effie Trinket in District 13, at the request of Suzanne Collins! But don’t expect Effie is be a punchline– the filmmakers make it clear that while she brings some levity, Effie is NOT adjusting well and is not there for a higher moral purpose. We’re so glad with get more than one or two scenes of Elizabeth Banks in action!

3) The Capitol tunnels are NOT in Paris (at least not totally in Paris!)

In the intro to the roundtable, the indoor Atlanta set is described as being in part “filled with dingy tunnels”. And here we thought filming was going to Paris for the tunnels! It’s set possible that they will utilize the Paris tunnels to a degree, but it looks like a hefty part of that sequence is coming off a soundstage!



4) Danny Strong ain’t the only screenwriter up in here!

It turns out Danny Strong was not as involved in the Mockingjay films as we thought! Scripts go through multiple drafts and it looks like Strong only wrote draft numero uno. Obviously, that’s a damn important draft, but after that, things went into the hands of Peter Craig, novelist and screenwriter most famously known for his work on The Town. Not only did he finalize the script, he’s been a near constant presence on the set and works with Francis to help the script change and evolve as needed. In case you didn’t know, this almost NEVER HAPPENS. It’s like spotting a unicorn!

5) District 13 probably ain’t so techie in the film version!

In her interview, Julianne Moore described District 13 has a bomb shelter in which the citizens barely manage, which sounds like a far cry from the tech-savvy District 13 from the books. Sure, the look is minimalist and food rations are puny, but Book!D13 is still slick with both food and weapons technology. Movie version seems a bit bleaker, but we suppose they can develop double exploding bombs either way, right?

Now When Do We Get MOAR Mockingjay News?!
The Girl With The Pearl

Elizabeth Banks Goes Behind The Scenes

Big news from Elizabeth Banks… and it’s aca-awesome!

No, it’s not the Catching Fire DVD date announcement, though that was definitely pleasant. It’s the news that she’ll be directing her full-length feature film with Pitch Perfect 2!

And her character's last name is ABERNATHY.

And her character’s last name is ABERNATHY.

Why is this a big deal? Elizabeth Banks has directed two short films and a movie “segment” in Movie 43, but she’s never really been able to sink her teeth into a project like this where she was entrenched in several elements and responsible for the overall feel of the film. She produced and starred in the first Pitch Perfect movie and she promoted it very enthusiastically. Partially because it was a limited release, partially because she just thought it was that awesome. That first project was like her baby and we have no doubt that she’s even more invested this time around.

Oh, and did we mention that the first movie was great? If “snarky musical comedy” sounds like a genre you would enjoy, we totally suggest you watch this movie about a college freshman who reluctantly joins a struggling acapella group. Though she’s not featured prominently, Elizabeth Banks, who plays an ex-acapella star turned competition commentator, is silly comedy gold! It really shows that she can be all different kinds of hilarious on screen, as Gail and Effie’s quirky lines are nothing alike but still funny in both cases.

So far, the details on the second Pitch Perfect film are under wraps, but this really seems like Elizabeth’s territory. Though much more subtle than some, she’s a top notch comedienne (and an important part of comedy, we think, is knowing when to pull back the ridiculousness, which she’s always done well.) The first movie left expectations high, but she look forward to Elizabeth baring her soul behind the scenes and getting some Hollywood street cred for it!

Looking Forward To Some Aca-Awkward Moments On Screen,
The Girl With The Pearl

Hunger Games Actor Memorabilia-Rama!

News flash: Josh Hutcherson now exists in bobblehead form!

josh hutcherson bobblehead

The Hutch approves!

Yep. The Cincinnati Cyclones, a minor league NHL affiliate team, held Josh Hutcherson bobblehead night on the January 17th. Josh even came to the event to celebrate! The bobblehead itself doesn’t look much like him, other than THE JAW and an impressive head of hair (and does the figure have a 5 o’clock shadow?!), but dammit.. IT WORKS. More than most Catching Fire merch, even! Because there is always a market for ridiculously kitsch merchandise!

In that spirit, let’s think up some other ways to memorialize our favorite stars in not really collectible merchandise that could only be found in minor league sports arenas!

Jennifer Lawrence Thunder Sticks – Seemingly innocent things that cheer up a lackluster crowd but can sometimes be a bit disarming? Totally J-Law!

Liam Hemsworth Foam Boogie Boards – Liam is a surfer, but real surfboards are expensive! Instead let’s slap his face on a little foam boogie board and let fans brave the waves with those!

What you've always wanted!

What you’ve always wanted!

Woody Harrelson Hemp Bracelets – Because once you’ve posed on the cover of hemp magazine, we’ve got to spread the good word in your honor!

Sam Claflin Frisbees - Seeing as he’s always working to stay “Finnick fit”, fans see Sam as the athletic type. There’s no real athletics in the stands of a sports game, but how about Sam’s face on a frisbee? Because eventually you’ll see it as a call to exercise. Right? …Right?!

Elizabeth Banks T-Shirts - Straight from the t-shirt cannon! Each includes a zany cartoon rendering of Elizabeth looking totally sweet while saying something slightly inappropriate.

Jena Malone ViewMaster Toy - Jena is a photography enthusiast but again, we’re on a budget! So let’s mass produce 90s childrens toys with slides of her photos! Not weird at all! *cough*

We know you’re disappointed that you can’t actually get these things at the next sporting event you attend. But at this rate… who knows? Maybe you can soon enough!

Bobbleheads Look Classy By Comparison,
The Girl With The Pearl

Sexuality In The Hunger Games

Awhile back, less than a month ago actually, a quote from an interview Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket), did with The Advocate Magazine, started making the rounds. See, Elizabeth was asked, “have you ever played a lesbian?” And her answer was this, “I don’t think I have — although Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games might be gay.” And then the world did something amazing, at least amazing coming from the point of view of someone who’s been on this planet for longer than 16 years, the world didn’t have a hissy-fit. The world’s having a little bit of a hissy-fit right now though, not over Effie Trinket being possibly gay, but over a former Disney kid coming out on Twitter. But back to what Elizabeth Banks said, because I’d rather not scour Twitter and come across any negative spewings over today’s revelations. Elizabeth went on to say something that I’m personally rather keen on as a near constant student of history, and sociology, “my vision of the Capitol is pansexual like ancient Rome, where everybody’s doing everybody.” Astute assessment of the Capitol, that’s what I’d like to say to Ms. Banks, but then another part of me is just itching for her to say more– or simply for the trilogy to say more having to do with that reading of that world. I’m not an expert on Ancient Rome, I’m also not an expert on human sexuality, hell– I’m not even an expert on The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m not one for labels, unless they’re on food, and they’re telling me what I’m potentially eating. I am however a believer in the Kinsey Scale, and a proud eye roller at Freud, and Jung, ’cause those guys were fuckin’ crazy, yo. url

Sexuality, or sexual expression I think in the world of The Hunger Games is kind of a luxury. Now, lemme explain that point of view without totally pissing people off! In the world that Suzanne Collins envisioned I see an even greater divide between the haves and the have nots other than the socioeconomic. In the Capitol you have choices, you can wear what you want, eat what you want, and of course sleep with whomever you want, including former Victors of The Hunger Games, but likely only if you pay… of course. However, in the Districts sexual freedom is well, restricted, much like almost all aspects of life are in that world. True Katniss states that she at least gets to choose whether or not she marries at all, but in her saying that she also is saying, at least to me, that she only had two choices: Marry and pop out babies, or not marry and not pop out babies, because she’s saying without words that she’ll live a celibate life for the rest of her life. Essentially Katniss, before she got all conflicted over Peeta and Gale and developed a sexuality, was going to live the life of a nun, because that’s how you don’t have babies in the Districts. Ugh, sad lot in life, no? The juxtaposition on this sadness is the all out crazy sex lives I’m now imagining the people of the Capitol were having, and also how strange their up front sexuality seemed to the people of the Districts or the Tributes, and then the Victors, I mean think about it… the undergarments alone must have been nightmare inducing to behold.

Oh well, I guess we’ll never know unless Suzanne Collins writes a trilogy from the point of view of a Capitol citizen.


Them There Eyes

Victors at the Reaping


We had a totally different post all lined up pretty for today, but then we saw this and said “Oh wait! This visual indulgence from Yahoo! Movies requires ALL THE ATTENTION!

Feast your eyes:

It’s the freaking reaping scene, guys! I’m sure you could guess by the Justice Building and the giant Reaping Bowls on either side of them. There were some fans who guessed this was the District 11 scene, but as you can see, there are different outfits going on there:

District 11 Scene

Out of all the images to be released so far, this is our favorite. Why? Because it’s a big, sullen Eff You to the Capitol! We should expect no less from Katniss and Peeta, and it’s portrayed so perfectly.

Let’s start with the outfits: Effie, of course, is the pinnacle of fashion in an Alexander McQueen dress and Iris Van Herpen shoes, because she doesn’t know any other way. But unlike in the Capitol party still where we see Katniss and Peeta all dolled up with her, Effie sticks out like a sore thumb. See, our victors aren’t screwing around anymore. They’re not members of the Capitol, so they won’t dress like them. They’re dressing like the daughter of a coal miner and the son of a struggling baker (remember, Peeta’s family may be “merchant class”, but that’s still pretty damn poor by today’s standards) from District 12. She is IN a modified coal miner’s uniform. Yes, they look like they were dressed by Haymitch after a bender, but there’s a message behind it, dammit!

Then there’s the expressions! Katniss and Peeta are both doing the three-finger salute, well after it’s been established as a sign of rebellion that people have been killed over. They clearly don’t give a damn and it seems as if they’re spelling out the reasons why they think they’re going back into the arena and what they want people to do about it. They might as well be flipping the Capitol the bird! And THEIR FACES! No more Mr. Nice Peeta! These two are pissed and they’re not afraid to let the nation know it! Even the District 12 leaders in the background look kinda shocked by the motion.

Sure, we may be geeking out a bit, but tell us this still isn’t fabulous and we won’t believe you!

You Rock That Utility Jumpsuit, Katniss!
The Girl With The Pearl

Cinema Conned

Guys, it was a big deal! Didn’t you hear? Didn’t you know?! The Hunger Games: Catching Fire came to Cinema Con and it was like FLASH! BANG! SURPRISING AWESOMENESS!

The Gate to Fandom Heaven

The Gate to Fandom Heaven

Let’s recap, shall we?

  • Lionsgate’s new space-themed logo is pretty boombastic! Out of this world, perhaps? *symbol crash* At least we know our new cue to start hyperventilating when we get to see the movie in November, right?!
  • Elizabeth Banks made an appearance with Grizzly Adams, who filmed the movie back when we knew him as Liam Hemsworth (Just kidding, of course! We <3 beards). Either way, they were both pretty as they introduced the teaser trailer!
  • The teaser trailer that debuted during the MTV Movie Awards got played on a big screen!
  • FLaw says filming has finally wrapped, something we thought had happened like two months ago. Guess those rumors about the movie taking too long and being over budget held some weight. Ouch.

Okay, so fans were slightly underwhelmed. But believe it or not, that was probably MEANT to be the case. This convention is one geared toward industry insiders, so frills weren’t quite necessary. The audience was filled with cinema owners and operators. They don’t need to be convinced as to why they should be playing Catching Fire, but just in case– HEY CINEMA OWNERS! PLAY CATCHING FIRE OR YOU ARE GOING TO MISS OUT ON AN AVALANCHE OF PROFITS, IDIOTS! (Unless you own an art house theatre, in which case we dig it and forgive you!)

Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth CinemaCon 2013

Liz and The Grizz!

There’s really no one to impress at CinemaCon. Every person in that room could hate the premise of the movie, yet they would still play it because it will not fail them on the business end of things. And sadly, no all conventions are created for the flashy panels that us broke-ass fans can watch on YouTube later, because life is unfair.

Good news, though! This is probably the first of many conventions, because the con circuit NEVER ENDS (Some people started going there not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue going there forever just because…)

Don’t worry! There are Catching Fire promos that will blow our socks off, we’re sure! But patience is a virtue pain in the ass that we’ll have to put up with for a while!

That Song Is In Your Head. Sorry We’re Not Sorry,
The Girl With The Pearl

The Demographics

CinemaCon-2013-5The title of this article sounds like a girl group circa 1965, they sway a lot, and they wear color coordinated outfits, they also say “shoop” a lot, and “na, na, na“. Okay, maybe they don’t, but they might say this– I think the demographic for The Hunger Games franchise has finally reached beyond what the studio originally thought it was, i.e. teenage girls, and their boyfriends being reluctantly dragged to the movie theatre, also possibly parents being dragged to the movies as well.

It’s no big reveal when I say that none of the writers who work for Victor’s Village fall into any of those categories, yep– we’re all women, childless, and all over the age of 25, unless of course we’re lying, and we’re really all 12, 14, and 17, in love with Justin Bieber, and have no idea who Anne Frank is. It’s also no big reveal when I state, at least for me, it’s been difficult being a fan of this series when according to society, I’m not supposed to like it. I’ve personally never thought of The Hunger Games trilogy as a series that’s a cookie cutter young adult novel ??????????????????????series, it’s just very well– adult to me. True, there’s no sex, there’s no swearing, which also according to society teenagers don’t ever do, therefore it’s left out of a large chunk of the literature that’s geared towards that age bracket. But, yeah– if young adults aren’t having sex, and not swearing, than someone better get me a TARDIS, so I can go back in time and tell probably 80% of the people I knew in high school and college, to well– stop having of the sex, and swearing like sailors.

How, or why do I think the demographic has changed though? Three words, Iron Man 3. Yep, yesterday at Cinemacon in Las Vegas it was announced by Francis Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Elizabeth Banks, that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s first teaser trailer will be attached to Iron Man 3 when it’s released in the next several weeks. Iron Man 3‘s demographic is not teenager girls, it’s just not– Iron Man 3‘s demographic is actually young adult males ages 12 and up, and dominantly this audience has also read the source material that Iron Man 3 will be based on. Kind of a sharp pivot to the left, don’t ya’ think? Especially considering that The Hunger Games‘ first teaser trailer, and first full length trailer were both attached to the teenage girls Mecca of a film franchise, The Twilight Saga.

Times are a-changin’, and they come with comic books. 

Them There Eyes