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Holiday Card Contest Winner, Plus District Photo Contest Voting!

The holidays have come and gone but we’re still getting our party on over at Victor’s Village!

Let’s start by thanking you all for getting the Victor’s Village Facebook page to 1,000 likes! Much love to you all and be sure to keep spreading the word!

Now let’s talk WINNERS. Actual ones and perspective ones!

Congratulations to Kira! She won our holiday card contest with this hilarious Christmas greeting from President Snow:


Kira has won a Catching Fire Fan Camp poster signed by Willow Shields, a Mellark Bakery poster from Blueleaf Creative, and a copy of THE PANEM COMPANION by V. Arrow!

As promised, readers will be choosing the winner of our District Photo contest! Check out your options and pick your favorite on the poll below. The winner will receive a Catching Fire Fan Camp poster signed by Francis Lawrence, a Hob poster from Blueleaf Creative, and a Mellark Bakery apron from Studio Vim!

District 8 – Entry 1

District 8 – Entry 2

District 12 – Entry 1

District 12 – Entry 2

District 12 – Entry 3

The poll closes Tuesday, December 31st at 11:59pm, so get your votes in quick!

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Victor’s Village Holiday Contests

We know that the Holidays aren’t always fun and games, so we’re holding not one but TWO holiday contests to bring on the cheer!

Our 2011 Winner!

Our 2011 Winner!

Gather up all your photoshopping/paint skillz to create a humorous, virtual holiday “postcard”. You don’t have to be a graphic design expert, just someone with a fantastic sense of humor!

All holiday postcards submitted will be featured on Victor’s Village. On top of that, we’re giving away an awesome prize to the creator of our favorite design!

The Rules
2. You can theme your holiday card after ANY winter holiday (including one you just made up, if you wish) or in just a general “Happy Holidays” format.
3. If you include photos of specific characters that have already been cast in the films, you must use the actor cast as the character! We get it: You wanted someone else to play Katniss or Peeta or Peacekeeper #56. But they’re not, so deal.
4. To keep things from getting too big and crazy, keep all holiday cards 600w x 350h or smaller!
5. All entries must be sent to no later than Monday, December 23! The Victor’s Village staff will pick our favorites and announce the grand prize winner soon after!

Blueleaf Creative designs

Blueleaf Creative designs

The Prizes

No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen glimpses of Districts! We want you to take a photo of the “district views” in your neck of the woods and let the world see how you view the districts or The Capitol!

The Rules
1. The photo must be an original taken by you. Anything else will be disqualified.
2. No Photoshop! If you want to get creative, stick to the Holiday Card Contest!

Mellark Bakery Apron

Mellark Bakery Apron

3. The photo does not have to represent the District you live in, according to the books. So if you live in Europe and take a photo of something that reminds you of District 12, enter it!
4. All entries must be sent to no later than Friday, December 27! The photos will be voted on by the viewers starting December 28. The winner will be announced December 31!
The Prizes

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Premiere Ticket Giveaway Winner

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a #TickTock11 winner!


We had an amazing amount of participation of our Catching Fire Premiere Ticket giveaway, but there could only be one winner! We chose the winner at random (Good thing, too! There were too many great entries to choose just one!) and we’re thrilled to announce the winner!


Annie has won two tickets to the US Premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in Los Angeles, courtesy of Lionsgate and Victor’s Village!

Though the pick was random, Annie’s entry was really inspiring. Take a look!

To me The Hunger Games means second chances, a new beginning and hope. Before I found the trilogy I was really struggling with life. Nothing made sense, I was so unhappy and angry and sad all of the time. Come to find out I had a rare form of depression. It only got worse after that, I felt like I was a freak and i became even more sad and angry to the point where life had little meaning to me. Finally while sitting in study hall almost 3 and a half years ago I picked up the first book and my life changed from there. Every aspect of my life has changed since reading those books. It gave me hope and strength and reason to keep living no matter how hard life gets. I will find myself in various situations and I will tell myself to be Katniss, be strong because you know, know small task is to much to handle. To see Katniss and Peeta and the rest of the victors come out of the experiences so scarred both emotionally and physically showed to me that hope is not lost. I will forever be so grateful to Suzanne Collins and the entire film organization for creating the world that save my life.

#TickTock11: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire US Premiere News and Your Chance to Win Tickets!



And you thought it was just another Thursday!

Welcome to #TICKTOCK11!

TT11_V4The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s #TickTock Countdown is getting fans prepared for the film’s release on November 22!

First, let’s recap: #TickTock12 brought some very important news for fans who want to make it to those midnight premieres. The on-sale ticket date for the movie is October 1! You can sign up for a reminder email from Fandango by clicking here. We also got to hear Coldplay’s Atlas, the first song released off The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, accompanied by a chance to win the original lyrics sheet, and saw TONS of new character stills!

Now, with #TickTock11, we are very pleased to announce the date of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire premiere in Los Angeles, CA will be…


Thanks to Lionsgate, we also have the extreme pleasure of offering you a chance to be part of it. Victor’s Village is thrilled to announce that we are one of 75 sites offering up a #TickTock11 contest in honor of the 75th Hunger Games. One lucky fan here at Victor’s Village will win A PAIR OF TICKETS FOR THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE PREMIERE!

To enter, just leave us a comment answering this question:

“What does The Hunger Games mean to you?”

Quick Version of the Rules:

  • This contest is open to international fans, but…
  • The winner will ONLY receive the tickets, which must be picked up at the event location. No other expenses, travel costs, or accommodation costs will be paid.
  • One comment per person. Double entries will be disqualified. We’re keeping track.
  • The winner will be announced on September 30.

Please click READ MORE and check out the full official rules below the cut.

As previously mentioned, you can enter for a chance to win premiere tickets 74 more times from other fansites and media outlets. Go here to see the full list of contests! You can also check it out on Facebook.

Best of luck, tributes!

Remember, you can find ALL the #TickTock moments on The Hunger Games Explorer.

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Holiday Contest Winners!

It’s an exciting time of year and an especially exciting moment here on the site, because we get to announce the winners of our holiday contests! We held an Ugly Sweater contest and a Hunger Games Carol Contest this year, the fabulous prizes for which are listed here.

Now onto the good stuff!

The Ugly Sweater Contest

Congratulations to Annie for her winning entry, a doozy of a sweater she was forced to don in her school Christmas play! She says it was extremely itchy on top of it all, so we’d definitely say she deserves a prize for wearing it.


Hunger Games Carol Contest

The staff voted for their favorite Hunger Games Carol and unanimously chose the winner, Sylvia! Her carol, set to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree!” shows just how fans fall in love with the series. Check it out!

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.
Not only was the book so good
But the movie was well done.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
You are the best series ever.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.
Your tributes are so fierce and strong,
Although some are too young to die.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your characters are so lovable.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.
Why must they, split apart?
What do you mean no District 12?
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your cliffhangers are too suspenseful.

Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.
We love to fangirl all day long.
The fansites are the very best
Oh Hunger Games! Oh Hunger Games!
Your fandom is so wonderful.

For our runner-ups, click “Read More!”

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Victor’s Village Holiday Contests!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz! Not everyone celebrates the same winter holidays, but we think it’s safe to say that we’re all hoping for a little extra love and fun this time of year. So we’re here to spread the love and have some fun with not one but TWO holiday contests!

In true Victor’s Village fashion, we’re not going to just give prizes to you. You gotta earn it! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too strenuous and there’s something everyone can participate in (unless you are completely bereft of imagination or humor, in which case there’s really no help for you anywhere!)

We’d like to give a quick shoutout to Tess from Tanglethorne, who was kind enough to donate the mini posters we’ll be giving away to the site!


General Rules: Both contests are international. Please include your name and country of origin in your email to us. You will receive the prizes after Christmas, so re-gifting is not an option!


In silly holiday tradition, snap a picture of yourself in the most obnoxious sweater you can find for a chance at an awesome prize pack! We’ll gather up the photos and let your peers vote on their favorite!

- The sweater does not have to denote a specific holiday (though it can) nor does it have to be Hunger Games related.
- Faces do not have to be included in the photo.
- Photos will be posted on the site for voting. If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t enter!
- All photos must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19! Voting will take place in the two days following.

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 pack of Hunger Games trading cards
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Seneca Crane’s Beard coffee mug OR pint glass (your choice!) from HumerusWares


Write a carol that the people of Panem could sing through the districts for a chance at another sweet prize pack! Get as ridiculous as you want!


Mockingjay headband!

- Carols can be based off existing holiday songs of any origin or they can be completely original. If they’re based off a song, let us know which one!
- There is no word limit. If you’d like to write us an epic carol poem that makes Beowulf look like a limerick, feel free, but you won’t get extra consideration either way!
- Entries must be sent to by 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, December 19, at which time the staff at Victor’s Village will chose their favorite!

Prize Pack
2 Hunger Games cups from the LA premiere
1 Hunger Games lanyard
1 Hunger Games mini poster
1 Handmade felt Mockingjay headband (modeled by Twiffidy on the right!)
1 Katniss Everdeen Devotional Candle from BananaLeviathan


Announcing a runner-up prize for each contest, thanks to the generosity of Leah from Blueleaf Creative! The runner-up in each contest will be allowed to choose one poster from Blueleaf Creative’s collection! Check them out, just in case! :)


Victor’s Village Graphics Contest!

If you are here and reading this despite our atrocious layout, BLESS YOU.

We’ve had this weird peachy, orange-y concoction going on since this site first opened. When The Girl With The Pearl originally asked a friend for the banner, she insisted that it include the Hot Topic Hunger Games poster with a weird burnt orange background… and everything went to hell from there. Either way, we are ready to move on!

We want a kickin’ design, so we looked into graphic designers and DEAR GOD WHAT KIND OF MONEY DO THESE PEOPLE THINK WE MAKE, WE WORK MENIAL JOBS AND RUN AN EDITORIAL FANSITE FOR GOODNESS SAKE! *cough* Yeah.. so.. we decided not to do that! Instead, we are turning to YOU! The super talented Hunger Games fans!

Here’s how it goes:

  1. We are going to give you our basic idea for an original Victor’s Village banner and icons
  2. Send your entries to by October 20th
  3. If we choose your banner for the site, you get a $25 cash prize and a link on our main page, assuming you have a website!

Interested? Click the Read More link for all the details!

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Hunger Games DVD Countdown Contest!


Click here to reserve your copy:

In celebration of the impending DVD release, Lionsgate is holding a weekly contest! Create your own DVD Countdown images featuring the hashtag #HungerGamesDVD and the phrase X weeks and counting”, starting with 11 weeks this week!

Each week will have a different theme for the Countdown image, announced every week on The Official Hunger Games Facebook page. The theme for this week is the Mockingjay!

Send your entries to and you can win this awesome prize pack:

Hunger Games DVD Contest Prize Pack

The Ultimate Hunger Games Prize Pack

Victor’s Village Contest Winners!

We’ve had not one but THREE contests over the past few weeks! Now it’s time to announce the winners!



There were so many fantastic entries to this contest that we had a very hard time choosing a winner! Overall, we loved Phyllis’ creative Katniss look and photo editing as she hid from the Careers in her own backyard!



We’re so glad that we didn’t have to choose for this contest– the readers did! In a competition of mostly bearded ladies (all of whom were hilarious, by the way), Robert came out on top with this beard, which is both real and way creepy! Seneca would be proud!


We also have to give a shout out to Sara and Kim, both of whom won a pair of tickets to see the movie in IMAX from Victor’s Village and Lionsgate!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Now everyone prepare for our official reaction later today!


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