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1070007_392057160896551_1850415740_nSo, everyone and their mother is now privy to a myriad of Catching Fire promotional material. Yes, even mine– although probably ’cause I showed them to her. However, that’s beside the point, because– oh dear god, the last several days has been a veritable media dump where it comes to our as yet to be released favorite film! I wish I had the lack of education to use multiple exclamation points right now, but my English degree precludes me from displaying that level of excitement by showcasing a classic, and very common misuse of one of the written languages most excitable punctuation marks.

Yesterday; as you should know if you have a Smartphone, a Facebook account, a Twitter, use Instagram, have the phrases “The Hunger Games”, “Catching Fire”, several of the cast of characters names on Google Alert, or check any number of entertainment news media sites on Tuesdays– know that Lionsgate dumped eleven character posters on our unsuspecting heads. Not only did they dump eleven beautifully executed, and designed posters on our heads, they let ‘em rip all over us in a span of less than an hour. So, if you were one of the few who was taking an Internet breather, you likely came home, checked your messages, and saw a whole lot of misused exclamation points. I’ll use the phrase again, but– oh dear god, that’s a lot of media to take in in such a short amount of time, and by the end of that collection of minutes I was personally ready to take a nap.

Now, about the posters themselves. For me, I think they’re great, I think they were desperately needed, because this fandom, and the media at large benefit greatly by finally getting clear, and artfully designed posters featuring the Tributes. A few months ago, as you hopefully remember, Lionsgate dropped the ball where it came to releasing the Tributes casting announcements, i.e. they seemingly forgot to update the Facebook photo page they had set up for the purpose of telling the world who was playing who. Yes, and after all that forgetting, they remembered, and updated the entire cast list in one fell swoop, taking any potential glory, or rightfully placed attention from the media away from the newly revealed cast members. It wasn’t a good move, and I hoped by now we would have forgotten about it, but we haven’t– or I haven’t.

Personally, I don’t like having a butt load of media like the new character posters, dumped in my lap in such a short span of time. I think staggering the release would have been a better method, giving due attention to each Tribute, or set of Tributes– rather than eleven all at once. It was literally like “oh my god, where do I look!? Who do I look at?! Too many choices!” But, it’s over, it’s done– they can’t take it back, and we have eleven posters to stare at, and a whole other mass of media being squeezed out seemingly everyday. Yes, like this, and this.

The posters though: The posters– I said I think they’re stupendous, and I’m not kidding about

The teeth are no longer in question!

The teeth are no longer in question!

that. I’m ecstatic to be finally seeing clear, medium-sized shots of all of these characters, who up until a matter of days ago were abstract in my mind. I’m relieved that we finally have certain specific physical characteristics of certain characters confirmed for us, like we now know for sure that Enobaria is sporting her scary looking pointy teeth. We also know for sure that they went another route with Johanna Mason’s hair, because previously we only had poor quality paparazzi shots of Jena Malone in her arena costume, or walking around behind the scenes. We’re getting fantastic introductions to this unforgettable set of characters, like Gloss standing upright, hands behind his back, chest out, stoic look upon his face, looking like GI Joe in a futuristic wetsuit. We finally see Mags, mature, strong, but sweet looking– like everyone wishes their grandmother to be. Brutus standing proudly, an undefinable look upon his face. Prideful? Maybe. Stoic? Perhaps. But there’s something else there, at least to me, something soulful. Cashmere is as beautiful, and stately, and classical like Georgiana Duchess of Devondshire, she’ll confuse the hell out of newbies though– because they won’t understand why someone so striking is standing amongst that collection of people. And then there’s our Finnick, if anyone was still questioning whether or not Sam Claflin is handsome enough, in shape enough, or both– to play Finnick, I hope his character poster has calmed your worries. Because Sam’s embodying Finnick in that shot, and that’s exactly why he was cast. I love seeing all the Tributes, really I do– I just wish the release of their first introduction to us didn’t feel like someone doing something else all over my face. Oh yeah… I went there.


Them There Eyes

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FANSITE EXCLUSIVE: Official Beetee Character Portrait!

Victor’s Village, along with several of our fansite friends, are thrilled to be Capitol Tastemakers for this year’s Victory Tour!

Lionsgate already released triumphant character portraits for Effie Trinket, Caesar Flickerman, Haymitch Abernathy and our Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen.We’ll be analyzing them all Victor’s Village style later this week, so stay tuned for that!

Now, the Capitol Tastemakers are pleased to debut the portrait introducing you to the infamous Volts of District 3, Beetee!

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Beetee Character Portrait

Check Beetee out, sitting in a chair reminiscent of the electric chair, ready to pop the head off that white rose!

Character Posters: Our Take

Ah finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Except not really. Nope, no trailer yet, BUT we’ve got 8 brand spankin’ new CHARACTER POSTERS.

Today, 8 websites each released a different poster (Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Rue, Cato, Haymitch, Effie and Cinna), giving us glimpses of some characters that we haven’t seen before.

So what’s our take on it all?

Well, first, ain’t it a little reminiscent of Panem October? The different Hunger Games fansites each released a different character’s Panem ID (we had Thresh). So could we as a fandom have inspired Lionsgate’s marketing team? Who knows, but we like to think so!

As for the layout of the posters themselves, we’re liking the profiles idea. Provides just enough of a glimpse of the characters’ costuming, most evident in the posters of Haymitch, Cinna, and Effie. We’re liking how the shots are lighted, some more than others. What struck us though is that the photos might be a little too edited, which you can tell more in the fullsized images. Someone was a little too enthusiastic with the healing brush and blur tool. The placement of the logo and text is a little strange, we must say, but it isn’t terrible. And the posters have given us a bit more on the color palette of the movie in general.

Now for individually.

Katniss – We’re very happy to see that her expression isn’t typical tough girl. Her face is soft and almost contemplative, and it’s a much more inspiring way to go for the character. Remember that some people are being introduced to the series for the first time through the movies. We think it’s important to show that Katniss is not a purely combative character. She’s no young Lara Croft, despite the braid. Like Jennifer Lawrence said in her EW interview, when she first fires her arrow, she has to show remorse; she can’t look like a badass. Also, Jennifer looks very young in this picture, which is also a good sign for anyone uneasy about her age. We’re buying that she’s 16.

Peeta – We’re reminded how startling it is to see Josh Hutcherson, not just with blond hair, but with blond eyebrows too! But in all honesty, this is the MOST we’ve seen him looking like the Peeta we imagined. It just doesn’t really look like Josh, but we guess that was inevitable (or maybe it was a result of Photoshop abuse). And great job on giving sympathetic eyes, Josh. We’re totally believing it.

Gale – We’re diggin’ the scowl. Seriously, Liam is giving off a very Gale vibe in the poster.

Rue – Her stance is a bit different from the others. As much as she’s looking down, it looks as if her back is slightly arched, and… she appears to be ready to take flight! How very Rue!

Haymitch – For some reason, making Woody Harrelson’s hair longer didn’t even seem like it’d be an option, but it seems like a good choice. Many assumed Haymitch would have dark hair, but it’s a good look. We’re loving the clothes he’s wearing, confirming what Woody Harrelson was hinting at about his styling when he said that he wasn’t going to be “just like any bum on the street”. He looks pretty snazzy! We’re loving the color of the tie.

Cinna – The biggest thing we’ve found out regarding Lenny Kravitz’s portrayal of Cinna through this poster has been the inclusion of the GOLD EYELINER. Yes, yes, yes! Bringin’ in the book canon. If anyone could pull that off, it’d be a rockstar like Lenny.

Effie – Now hers is over the top colorful and styled. VERY Effie. Crazy curls of a very light pink, a purple hat (we’re assuming) and lots of pink feathers on her garment. And let’s not ignore the bright pink eye makeup. It’s a nice hint of what we can expect from the Capitol citizens, looks-wise.

Cato - We’re not really seeing too much of his menacing nature, but that might be a good thing. After all, we really don’t want Cato to become a caricature. Still there is a predatory vibe coming off him, especially with his almost hawklike eyes.

All in all, we’re very pleased with what they’ve come up with. We would’ve liked to have seen other characters, like Caesar Flickerman (if only to see exactly how Stanley Tucci was styled), Foxface, and Thresh. And of course, Buttercup but a fan has tried their hand at that already (by the way, have you voted for Round 1 of our Buttercup contest yet?).

Now about that pesky trailer


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