Why We Come Back to The Hunger Games

Mockingjay Part 1 DVDs should all be in our hot little hands now, and our DVD or Blu-ray players should be whirling away as we watch every last tidbit. Or, um– maybe you’re like me and work too much, and instead of being the good Hunger Games fan, you fall into bed every night, and in place of having a re-watch of your favorite scenes, you pick up a book that has nothing to do with the Hunger Games, perhaps the book even takes place on another planet, continent, in an other century, and in the end are able to only read a handful of pages at a time– because you’re just that tired.

Hi, I’m a Hunger Games fan who hasn’t done much Hunger Games fan-ing in a while. Some of us live our fandom lives like there’s no tomorrow, they have Tumblr’s, and Etsy shops, they host fandom meet ups, and make manips, and write fan fiction, others only delve into them when the timing is right. Drinking Games, re-watches with enthusiastic, but fandom-ignorant family members, excitement over the beginning of promotional materials for the last and final installment of the film series be damned– fandom is an ephemeral thing that for many can only be sustainable for short bursts

OMG it's 19th century Peeta! No... it's Oliver Twist.

OMG it’s 19th century Peeta! No… it’s Oliver Twist.

of time over a smattering of years, because seriously– if we stayed at the excitement level we’re at when Peeta goes Hijacked!Peeta on us– we might all be dead.

I burn for the days when every last scrap of Hunger Games gossip, and minimal legitimate material was enough to keep us going for weeks, hell– months on end. Philosophical blithering aside, I question almost constantly why we keep coming back for more?

Are we gluttons, are we masochist? Or is fandom something else entirely?

It’s STARTING. Mockingjay Part 2 Logo Teaser Time!

We were wondering when we would finally get a Mockingjay Part 2 logo teaser poster, and it looks like it’s SOON. As in next week. A short Mockingjay Part 2 logo teaser reveal is slated to run with Insurgent, which opens March 20. That teaser will likely be very similar to the logo animation that ran at the very end of Mockingjay Part 1 and no footage, but still, it means THE PROMOTION IS STARTING.

mj2 teaser poster

By next week, we may actually have a REAL Mockingjay Part 2 poster to share.

With the logo teaser debuting, it means that the first official poster for MJ2 will likely be revealed next week too. Maybe a tagline along with it. And we’re grateful, because while the fan versions are good, we just want the real thing at this point!

We’re taking the timing of this reveal as a good sign of things to come, in greater frequency. Last year, there was nothing Mockingjay Part 1 before Divergent, and promotion didn’t really start until May. With this logo debut now, a teaser trailer with actual footage in late April seems to be a smart thing to do timing-wise. WINK WINK LIONSGATE.

Keeping those fingers crossed.


The Unofficial Mockingjay Part 1 Drinking Game

Now that we’ve all likely got our hands on a copy of Mockingjay Part 1, it’s time to return to an old tradition!

We realized today that we never did one of these for Catching Fire (Here’s The Hunger Game version), which is an utter shame because we really would have loved a complete set! Still, it’s time to grab your DVD or Digital HD copy and prepare foooorrrr…


The way it's meant to be!

The way it’s meant to be!


Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)

One regular glass

One shot glass

An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp when…

Someone references “The Mockingjay”

Boggs escorts Katniss or alerts her that she needs to be somewhere

Prim gives Katniss sympathetic doe eyes

Katniss totally loses it over Peeta

Someone talks about Beetee breaking through the Capitol’s systems

President Snow has a shiny new scene

Cressida’s role is much bigger than it was in the books

Tears glisten in a character’s eyes

Buttercup is more endearing than the humans in the scene



Down the glass or bottle when…

Gale gets indignant on behalf of the rebellion

Something blows up. ANYTHING.

Sam Claflin’s British accent breaks through a bit

Take a shot when…

Coin gives a speech and you think “I can see right through your act, bitch!”

In your opinion, the scene in question could have totally been traded out for one of the deleted scenes


Got your own brilliant suggestion for The Hunger Games movie drinking game? Leave it in the comments and we’ll add in our favorites!

When That DVD Just Isn’t Stylish Enough…

If you bought the Mockingjay Part 1 DVD this past weekend, I’m sure you’ve had a great time watching the movie and all the BTS features. But even with the greatness of all that content, I bet you thought something was missing. Fortunately, we know what that huge absence in our soul was now.

Yes, friends. Our pretty DVD with the nice firery pictures of the rebellion needs a Capitol makeover. With Hunger Games-era Effie? Well, we suppose ANY incarnation of Effie will do, but we still don’t get it. At all. It sounds like something WE’D include in a “Let’s Make Up Some Silly Promotional Ideas” post.

Well, in that case, let’s play. Here’s my contribution to the effort. I spent as much time on it as I think was merited.

dvd effiefy

EFFIE – Hasn’t Katniss endured enough?

We think this is a sign to move on to Mockingjay Part 2, don’t you?


Mockingjay Part 1 Lulz: Rolling Dad Commentary

I had a completely different post planned for today, but then something spectacular happened. I watched the Mockingjay Part 1 DVD with my dad.


See, my dad likes the series but is by no means an expert. He probably hasn’t watched Catching Fire since last spring and missed Mockingjay Part 1 in theaters, so this was his first viewing. Also, my dad is pretty big on personal commentary whenever he watches a movie from the comfort of his own couch and his attention skills are not the best.

So today, inspired by “Things My Husband Says During Outlander” (if you watch that series, READ THESE! They’re way funnier.) I decided to write down a few of the gems and share them with you. Because I’m pretty sure everyone know someone who does this!

“Oh wow, he’s in this? How much is he in this?”

White rose:
“What the hell does that mean?

2581126223637204660bpdvmTncSnow gets cut while shaving:
“Yeah, now you got it coming, ya bastard.”

“I wonder where Peeta bread is?”

Dream sequence:
“Wow. She is actually a lot taller than him.”

Negotiation scene:
“I’m not sure why the critics made this movie not sound so good. I’m already sure it’s a lot better than the critics made it sound.”

“Wait… she’s bald. Is she bald?”

“Now is that one Chris? I can never tell.”

Looking at Cinna’s Mockingjay sketches:
“Wait, who’s dead? The bird?”

Propo filming:
“Heh heh. This is just like being in the movies. Except you’re bad!”

Haymitch and Effie eye lock:
“You gotta like them two, anyway.”

“Oh he can’t walk anymore, huh? … I need a refresher.”

“It’s funny how she never runs out of arrows.”

“The red ones must be very expensive.”
*looks at my redhead mother*
“You cost me a lot of freakin’ money all the time.”

“Don’t expect much chit chat, he’s an Avox”:
“An Avox? What does that mean? Is he some sort of asshole?”

“He must be on a puree diet.”

Shooting at Capitol bombers:
“Pretty boy can’t make the shot.”


District 7:
“How the hell do they climb the trees so fast?!”

“What is that? A horse? An elk. It could be a deer, but it’s got the hairy neck. An elk.”

“That ain’t right. You ain’t gonna cheat on Peeta bread, are you? Poor Peeta.”

Katniss/Gale kiss:
*aggravated moan*

Attack on the dam
“Trying to figure out what’s happening here.. Oh, oh! That there is gonna get blown up!”

“Mmm hmm Mr. President.. your time is getting short!”

The Attack on 13:
“District 13 had all this stuff [weapons, defenses, etc] all that damn time?!”

“What’s with all the water? Are they (District 13) purposefully trying to kill everybody?”

The hatch shown in the Crazy Cat scene: “Hey look! They got portable water!”

The Rescue:
“I don’t think this is gonna work out well. I have a funny feeling. We’ve setting up for the next movie.”

“Urgh.. he’s probably already dead.”

Other victors: “Wait.. they were in there too? Where did they all come from?”

The End
*Peeta’s back stiffens*
“Uh oh.”
*Peeta attacks*
“Uh oh!”

“Wow. He really has gone cuckoo.”

At Least He’s Team Peeta, Amirite?
The Girl With The Pearl

It’s DVD Day!

It’s the big happy day for fans in the US, Canada, and Australia. The day we can own a physical copy of Mockingjay Part 1 (as opposed to just those digital versions). We at Victor’s Village opted for the Target 3 disc set because IT’S GOT THE MOST STUFF. And the art is pretty too.

mockingjay dvd

When you remove the plastic overwrap with the Mockingjay, you have the Mockingjay just in black. As it should be.


Our hearts hurt with the choice of the “It’s the things we love most that destroy us” quote. So mean.


Yes, Gale, “Everyone has choices.” Your choices are going to take you down and interesting path soon.


We love this picture but question the insistence to make Cressida the third featured character in the set. Natalie Dormer’s great, and of course they made Cressida look really badass, but the role was still pretty small. Whatever, she looks cool.

We’re still digging in to all the bonus features, but I have already checked out the audio commentary with Francis and Nina, and it’s definitely worth your time. Lots of fun details about the making of the movie.

Enjoy your weekend watching!


Where’s the teaser poster already?

All this talk about how the “Beakniss” poster was finally fixed for the DVD release has got us thinking… Where’s the Mockingjay Part 2 teaser poster?  We learned the hard way last year to not expect Lionsgate to follow the same promotional timelines from one movie to the other.  The Mockingjay Part 1 teaser poster was released in late January 2014 only to be followed by four months of absolutely nothing about the movie, so we don’t mind them delaying the poster release if it’s followed by some more frequent teases along the way this year.

mj2 teaser poster

Here’s a fan version – where’s the real one?

We have reached March now, and still crickets. And yes, the MJ1 DVD comes out in the US this week so the focus is still on selling the hell out of that. But since we’re really bored with all the nothing going on, here are some theories on when the teaser poster will be released.

  • Week of March 16 to accompany an animated logo teaser before Insurgent’s theatrical release – basically a repeat of what was at the very end of the Mockingjay Part 1 credits, but why not show it again to remind us that the movie exists?
  • Week of April 13 to tease an actual Mockingjay Part 2 teaser trailer the following week to play with Age of Adaline (a Lionsgate film) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (not Lionsgate, but you know, a HUGE blockbuster).
  • Or, just some random week for funsies.

We repeat – these are just our theories about what timing would make sense from a promotional perspective (including the talk of any teasers before movies, it’s all guessing games at this point).

When do you think we’ll finally see the last version of our favorite birdie?


Beakless Beakniss

As DVD time approaches, we’ve made a small but exciting discovery.

See, we love it when it seems the movie studios are listen to what’s being said in the fandom, and in this one case, they seemingly listened and corrected themselves.

Just before the release of Mockingjay Patt 1 came a poster that became know in the fandom as “Beakniss”:


Named so because of the giant and painfully obvious beak from the Mockingjay pin protruding out of Katniss’ neck. It upped the WTF factor of the poster by about 60%. We weren’t quite sure how that sucker made it past an entire creative design team and into production, but it did.

To make matters worse, the Beakniss image was the main promo for the film. So Katniss had a beak stabbing through her neck in movie theater cutouts, giant banners… everywhere!

Thankfully, as DVD time rolled around, someone at Lionsgate realized how painful the image is. Because the regular Blu-ray/DVD cover is…



Perhaps a lot of people won’t notice or care, but to us, it’s a major relief. We’re glad we don’t have to stare that poorly placed background beak down every time we want to watch the blu-ray!

We Were Partial To Batniss, Anyway!
The Girl With The Pearl


It’s that time again!

The Mockingjay Part 1 DVD is almost here. We’re beyond excited to add thix DVD to our collection and devour all the special features!


But more than that, we’re thrilled to share the love with you!

To celebrate the DVD release, we’ll be giving away 2 dvd/blu-ray editions and 2 Best Buy editions!

Simply click the link below to enter!


To enter this contest, you must have a Region A compatible blu-ray player.

Contest ends at 11:59pm on March 3rd!

May the odds… and all that jazz,
The Girl With The Pearl

Primrose Everdeen and Dancing With Celebrity

Well, it’s happened.

But apparently she's a gymnast?! Daaaamnnn!

But apparently she’s a gymnast?! Daaaamnnn!

The MOCKINGJAY movies finished filming less than a year ago (not counting the epilogue, of course) and already one of the cast is hitting the reality TV show circuit as a celebrity contestant.

14-year-old Willow Shields will be the youngest star to ever hit the dance floor on Dancing With The Stars, an ABC dancing competition filled with “Wait… Who is that again?” celebrities and the occasional A-lister who wants to shake things up.

While we’re not straight-out embarrassed by Willow’s involvement, it does hurt our hearts a little. Willow, you’ve got your whole career ahead of you, darling! You’re just breaking out! Don’t you realize that with a few exceptions, this is where most celebs go when they’re looking for a quick, artificial comeback for their otherwise failing career? Or to be remembered when they’re feeling kind of forgotten? You’re better than that, kid!

Seriously... where does one even DISPLAY this?!

Seriously… where does one even DISPLAY this?!

Thankfully, Dancing With The Stars is one of the less obnoxious celebrity reality programs out there. There’s a lot of cheeky costumes and giddy judges, but at least there’s some performance art… right?

We can also remain positive because Willow is not resting her laurels on DWTS. She’s also got three movies she’s tie to in the near future: A Fall From Grace, Conversations with Andy, and The Wonder. So this new reality competition role isn’t her telling us “I have no prospects.” She’s young, she’s got energy, this show has been on TV since she was teeny tiny so she grew up with it. So we’ll let the girl dance!

Hope She Can Foxtrot Like A Badass Motherfucker,
The Girl With The Pearl