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Victor’s Village 2013 Year in Review

Because it ain’t over til the last interview is over, we shall not discuss the BEST TOPIC EVER tonight!

Instead, here’s some fun for the regulars that we usually bring you earlier in the year, but Joan Rivers wouldn’t shut up then awards show season and shit got weird. ANYWAY… it’s time for the Year In Review, where we give you all the stats on the awesomeness of you, our readers!

But first, let’s start in a bittersweet note: 2014 is the year we say goodbye to our dear Twiffidy as she moves on to focus on other endeavors. She has been an amazing part of this site and we couldn’t be more thankful for her! Wishing you the best, Twiffidy!

On a happier note, this has given us the chance to take on a new writer here at VV! We’ve already seen her fresh perspective in her guest posts, including predicting a behind the scenes look at The Capitol in Mockingjay and calling out shipping gone bad.


We hope you guys are ready, because JJ starts bringing the noise tomorrow! *pops champagne cork*

As for those stats, let’s take a looksy, shall we?


188 COUNTRIES. Our minds = BLOWN. We’re still shocked by the regular readers who participate, but to see that people have been lead to this site from all over the world is enormous.

Search Terms

The only downside the those 188 countries is that many of those folks were probably looking up trusty search term #1. Which, funnily enough, leads them to a post that makes fun of people searching for that and similar terms!

Best Posts

Note the highlight! Only one post about Katniss’ much-coveted cowl is actually from this year, but another of our top 5 posts is actually a fanfic-style guest post from late 2012 by Hunger Games Bookclub! Kudos, HGBC!


Some of our regulars caught fire (Get it?! *nudge nudge*) as they chimed in on all things Hunger Games this year. It can be a messy task, but we’re glad you’re out there doing it!

So what we really mean to say is THANK YOU for a great year!

Let’s do it again in 2014, PLZKTHX!

The Girl With The Pearl

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Day Two The

Today wasn’t exactly a wealth of Catching Fire or Mockingjay news, so you’re just going to have to suffice with a little personal happy dancing over other things from some of us. Why? Because today was day two of’s relaunch, and those silly little ID cards that aren’t technically available for physical ordering until next week, well– certain fansite staff members got theirs in the mail today anyway. What can I say other than it’s nice waking up to the UPS man dropping off a package for you, (no not that kind, you crazy kids, the other kind)– opening it up, and finally knowing why you were asked a couple of week ago for the information of what District you were sorted into when was up and running the first time, and not living up to its massive stores of potential. It’s not some big, scary secret that a vast majority of the larger, and some of the smaller fan-sites out there are in contact with Lionsgate, is it? If it is,

Yes, those are my real cheekbones

Yes, I own those earrings

um– how do you exactly think we were able to give out tickets to the LA premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and how do you think we were part of the promotional puzzle piece scavenger hunt for The Hunger Games? Really, how?

Anyway, the IDs are kind of snazzy, no? I didn’t get one last time around, mind– mostly because I’m lazy, and maybe I didn’t like the look of them. Also, I didn’t like any photos of myself at that time, and I didn’t want another hard plastic card with a photo of myself that I didn’t like in my possession– much like my license or my passport. Trust me I’m kind of glad my passport expired, just so I can go through the process of getting a new one. Speaking of passports, isn’t it a bit odd that they’re called “ID Passes”? Think about it, the citizens of Panem can’t exactly travel freely, so why call their ID’s “passes”? They can’t go anywhere. Hm, maybe they’re called passes as a subtle dig at their immobility? Back to the actual ID cards though, they’re much better designed this time I think, I like the icy gray tones, the thumb print decal, and the way the photo looks slightly raised, but it’s not. It’s nice, it’s well designed, and I’m probably going to keep mine for a very long time. Maybe not in my wallet, but perhaps in a scrap book that I’ll look back at in 30 years and think, “those crazy fansite years were so crazy.”


Them There Eyes

The Days Before Trailer Day

88dfada702bd9c8078bd8ad092857d36The last week has been a whirlwind of activity, actually the last two days have been– but who’s counting! Yesterday three fourths of the Careers showed up on the Comic-Con floor to sign large scraps of paper (posters), books, perhaps body parts, for a clamoring audience of thousands. I’m speaking of course about Meta Golding, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, and Bruno Gunn– Alan Ritchson is I’m assuming still shooting the Ninja Turtle movie, therefore he couldn’t make it. That’s right, our Cashmere, our Brutus, and our Enobaria braved the throngs, and finally got their first in person taste of just how crazy Hunger Games fans can be. Yep, because only a few hours before they hit the floor, but were in the city proper, the San Diego Fire Marshall shut down the Lionsgate booth, because the fervor for Catching Fire Mockingjay pins was so thick, that they deemed the area unsafe. How’s that for an introduction to our special breed of crazy, yeah– and all for a few measly scraps of metal? They seemed to have taken it in stride though, and eventually the craze seemed to die down to a more manageable level. At least that’s what I’m hoping. That was only day one of Comic-Con though, and while day two didn’t have as much of a Catching Fire presence, those who are still in attendance at the Con are possibly just eking by on the anticipation for the main event happening tomorrow. That or they’re still high off of the Veronica Mars panel, The Games of Thrones panel, The Walking Dead panel, the Orphan Black panel, and of course The City of Bones panel. Damn, that’s a lot of panels, hope they’re all well hydrated.

Trailer Day 4.0 is nearly upon us, and I’m calling it 4.0 because this would be the 4th

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Bruno Gunn, Stephanie Leigh Schlund, Courtney Custodio, Tiffany (Twiffidy) Gustanski, and Meta Golding. Photo courtesy of Welcome to District 12.

Trailer Day on record for this fandom. I think we’re a little excited for it, and I’m pretty sure those who are camping out in the line for Hall H right now as I type, would be counted in the crowd as “excited”. Some of our dear friends are in that line braving sleeping in shifts on the ground, urban camping you might say, and holding their pee in for hours most likely. All I got to say about that is, I hope none of them come out of this experience with a bladder infection, have things like laptops, iPads, DSLR Cameras, or Smartphones stolen– because sidewalk sleeping even at Comic-Con isn’t the safest place in the world. Yes, even if Joss Whedon of Dear-God-Where-Have-You-Been-I-Shouldn’t-Have-To-Tell-You-Who-He-Is, is known to stop by at 3 am, and give campers cupcakes– true story.

Our Twiffidy is in that throng of sidewalk sleepers, so to that I say– you’re a braver woman than me, good-night, and good luck, I wish you dreams of Finnick Odair in only a strategically placed fishing net.

Them There Eyes

Victor’s Village Second Anniversary PLUS ONE Giveaway!

It’s the second site anniversary of Victor’s Village! …Sort of.

We’ve spent a long time shifting through potential prizes and talking all things Hunger Games to get ready for July 13, the 2-year site anniversary! Yay July 13! It’s a big deal!

And then I woke up this morning and realized something that made me giggle maniacally in bed, the way a serial killer when their mind finally breaks:
OH FUCK… I launched Victor’s Village in JUNE.”

So welcome to our Second Anniversary PLUS ONE (month) celebrations!

We’ve had a lot of fun over the years here at Victor’s Village over the years! The cast of characters we mentioned last year still ring true. Analyzing the books and movies, laughing at media spectacle, pinpointing the true level of crazy in this fandom, joking together, or hopelessly waiting for the day when you get a joke– it’s been GOOD TIMES!

Let’s start with announcing the winners of our Guest Postapalooza contest! DRUMROLL PLEASE!

Congratulations to our two winners, TimeTravellingBunny and Aeris! Your awesome entries into Guest Postapalooza, Why Did They Change It? and The “Real” Peeta,  have earned you each a mini theatrical poster from The Hunger Games!

Thought that was all? OH NO! We’re offering you an amazing ANNIVERSARY PLUS ONE GIVEAWAY!
… Hosted on another site, because this one doesn’t support Rafflecopter. Click the link below to get in on the fantasticness!


Also, click below to get a look at the prizes!
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Validation Thy Name Is Julianne

Yeah, I know it’s a rumor. Yeah, I know it’s all unsubstantiated. And, yeah I know this has been covered about a million-trillion-billion different ways, evidenced by my inbox being flooded with Google alerts of articles, blurbs, and sky writing on the subject, but those millions-trillions-billions of ways are not my ways. Julianne Moore is rumored to be in talks for the coveted role of President Alma Coin, and for me this rumor is validation for all the ideas that have popped into my head, all the ones where I thought “that’ll never happen, Rebekah– go back to your corner, and think other things!” Nope, nuh uh, no sir-y, not this time, because this time an actress I personally fantasy cast in a substantial role, that I did not keep to myself, because I have kept many to myself– may actually get the part. At least that’s what I sacrificed my left toe for last week. Just kidding!

Yes, I know Julianne Moore was featured in a Campaigning for Coin article last week, but I’m gonna lay some behind the scenes info for you, she probably wouldn’t have made the Julianne-Moore-julianne-moore-253330_1280_1024line-up if I hadn’t put her name into the original pool of names that the fan-site contributors voted up or down on. See, I was the organizer of the preliminaries before the on going Campaigning for Coin articles were written up, and went live. I’d been collecting names, and photos, and ages on almost 100 actresses for months, and Julianne Moore was one of those women. And now I shall reveal more, because Julianne wasn’t even one of the most voted on actresses at any stage during the voting process, which lasted about two weeks if you’re at all curious, and Julianne in reality– sort of fell in the middle. Which pained me so, ’cause I’d already gotten on the Julianne Moore Train to District 13 or Bust Tour a long ass time ago! Naturally, I’m talking about that I had written a fan-casting article about Julianne Moore, along with Annette Bening, being a good choices for Coin– seven months ago. Sadly Annette Bening didn’t make the cut in that extensive voting process. Julianne did though, and for that I am grateful, also because many of the people who I also think would make totally kick-ass Alma Coins didn’t make the cut, like– not even slightly. However, many people that I don’t think would make awesome Alma Coins did make the cut, so– Even Steven as is said in some circles, right?

Yeah, I know I’m “tooting my own horn” here, but seriously, how often do fandom members get to do that at all, especially where it comes to something positive, like an Academy Award nominated, Golden Globe winning actress being cast in a role that brings more prestige, and respect to a franchise that’s allegedly geared at a certain base audiencescrabbled-message-word-never that many of us haven’t been a part of for several years? I’ll answer that question easily for you all, because the answer is NEVER. So, what do I say to all this? Just lemme have this one guys, just let it go, let this be a happy thing, a happy rumor, a happy moment for this franchise, let the ragging, and the “she’s not who I pictured… she’s not so and so, or such and such…” No she’s not, she’s Julianne Moore, and she’s one of the top actresses in her age bracket, and face it– in her field. The lady has played every kind of person imaginable; from drug addict, to house wife, to porn star, to performance artist, to painter, to doctor, to the potential vice president of the United States of America. If her dossier doesn’t pique your confidence in her abilities, then I don’t know what will– because the lady is not just the annoying pregnant woman from Nine Months. And, if you see Alma Coin as a crone in her 60s or 70s, then I’d suggest you stop that ASAP, because clearly the casting director, Francis Lawrence, Suzanne Collins, and well– Katniss Everdeen are not on the same page as you. So, get with the fancy times, and envision Alma Coin as a woman in her early 50s, who may possibly be a natural red-head.

Oh, if Lionsgate and/or Debra Zane wants to pull from any of my other casting ideas, Michael Cudlitz is available.

Them There Eyes

Campaigning for Coin

1626_1glenn_close155109We’re starting a new series, and it’s called Campaigning for Coin! Over the next several weeks fan-site reps from all The Hunger Games fan-sites will weigh in on different actresses in the role of President Alma Coin of District 13. Starting off the series we have the silver haired Miss Glenn Close, a fan-favorite to some. Read on and see what everyone thinks of the idea of Glenn Close as Alma Coin.

Them There Eyes aka Rebekah: I’ll be blunt, Glenn Close is far from my favorite choice for Alma Coin, but is she the worst choice out there? Far from it. Glenn brings everything to the table that would be required of an actress in a role like Alma Coin, but to me it would be flat out type casting. See, Glenn is known for playing tough ladies (Damages), scary ladies (Cruella de Vil), and oh yeah– creepy and/or weird/crazy ladies (The World According to Garp, Fatal Attraction, Stepford Wives). I’d even say she’s made a career of it. Personally I think taking on a role like Alma Coin wouldn’t be challenging for her at all, and if I was Glenn– I’d want to play a character that’s not something I’ve technically done before. Aside from that, logistics get in the way as well, as she’s just signed on for another franchise just this week, Guardians of the Galaxy. So, I’d go so far as to say that adding The Hunger Games franchise on top of that would be incredibly taxing on a lady who’s over 15 years older than Alma Coin is supposed to be, and if you’re a regular reader of my work on Victor’s Village, you would know I’m not a proponent of casting an older actress in this role. Glenn Close? I’ll say it loud, and clear, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Next!

Arianna from Down With the Capitol: Honestly I’m all in for Glenn Close as Coin. I never thought of her until her name was brought up for this project. She could most definitely play the part as Coin aka an evil woman in power, especially after playing parts in movies cruella-clawssuch as Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and her role as VP in Air Force One. She also has the perfect Coin look which is a bonus. Glenn would only add amazingness to the already stellar cast we have.

Amanda from HG Girl On Fire: This is actually a hard call for me. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind what so ever that Glenn Close could pull this role off. I think she could, and she would extremely well. I think she has proven her acting chops time and again especially with this type of role. One of the things I think is very important for the role of President Coin is that the actress not be too likeable, and be able to pull off being the “bad guy.” I want to be happy when we get to the end, and (spoiler alert) Katniss murders Coin, which in this scenario I don’t think would be a problem, especially when I picture that scene in Fatal Attractions where she’s boiling the pet rabbit. My one and only problem is that Glenn Close does not fit the mental picture I have of Coin. I pictured her as being younger with darker hair, but with that being said I think with hair and makeup that would be and easy fix, and I’d rather see someone who could play the role very well, and not concentrate on looks so much.

Savanna from The HG Fireside Chat: I adore Glenn Close and think she’s immensely talented, though I haven’t seen much of her recent work. I loved her as Queen Gertrude in the 1990 film adaption of Hamlet, and her performance as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard is just…magnificent. To say the least. But for some reason, I’m not too into the idea of Close as Coin. Maybe it’s because she’s too big of a name and too recognizable. Honestly, I’d rather see a lesser-known actress have a chance to take on the character and have it become a career-defining role. That being said, Glenn Close can do absolutely anything, and if she were to be cast as Coin, there’s no doubt in my mind that she would be phenomenal. She does the cold, hard, calculating thing very well and would certainly be a believable leader. The best thing she has going for her, in my opinion, is her powerful, almost magnetic presence; whether she’s onscreen or onstage, it’s impossible to not be drawn to her.

Crystal from I’m not the biggest fan of Glenn Close. I know, I know, she’s got a stack of Oscar nominations, but that doesn’t mean I think she’s consistently a great actress. I’ve already seen her play an executive office role in Air Force One and for those of you that haven’t seen it, she was pretty awful while I thought Harrison Ford, Halle Berry, and Gary Oldman carried off their silly cliche action roles off rather well. I need someone who makes me feel like withering into the floor and an actress who has been in Mars Attacks! is just hard for me to take seriously. She’s got the hard look, but for some reason I’m just not confident she’d pull it off with the right amount of cold Coin swagger.

Kristen from Obviously, Glenn Close has had quite a bit of commercial success in family movies, including her hysterical take on Cruella De Vil in Disney’s live-action version of 101 Dalmatians—but let’s not forget the role that really made her a star: Alex Forrest in the 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction. If you haven’t seen this movie (and if you’re old enough to watch R-rated films) stop reading right now and go watch it. I guarantee you will never see a creepier interpretation of the sociopathic “woman scorned” character on film. In the interest of keeping spoilers to a minimum, let’s just say that Glenn Close plays a manipulative nut-job so well, she’ll make your skin crawl. That being said, I would absolutely LOVE to see Glenn Close as the ruthless, power-hungry Alma Coin. I think she has amazing range, and is beyond capable of convincingly portraying the cunning, unscrupulous leader of District 13.

Angie from When I think of actresses that could portray our infamous

Air Force One

Air Force One

President Coin, Glenn Close does seem to fit the generic Coin mold. Glenn is a little older than President Coin, but I still think she could pull off the character. She possesses the “look” that President Coin should have: shoulder length gray hair, eyes that could bore into any soul, and a serious stature. What sets Glenn apart from the rest in my opinion is her previous role as Cruella de Vil in the 101 & 102 Dalmations movies. Glenn shows that she can play the role of a ruthless, selfish villain that truly only has one main objective. The characters are alike considering in both films they are willing to do or kill whatever or whomever they need to get their way – whether its puppies or medics or children.

Courtney/Tiffany from Welcome to District 12 : Glenn Close for Alma Coin is something we never knew we wanted until it was first suggested. She quite often plays a woman in power, like the Vice President in Air Force One, and can play a great villain, like Cruella De Vil in the live action 101 Dalmations movies. Some may argue that Glenn Close is too old, but we think that’s silly since the casting in The Hunger Games has not limited actors for their age. For example, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland are WAY older than the characters they play, yet they are fabulous additions to the franchise. We’re more concerned with the actor themselves than the age, provided that they are not on the extremes of the age scale. More than anything, it would be nice to round out The Hunger Games cast with yet another critically acclaimed actor. While never having won an Oscar, she has been nominated several times and has won everything else under the sun. We think Glenn Close has the look as well as the range to play good, evil, and a woman in power: All necessary traits to play Alma Coin.

Betcha can’t wait to see who’s up next!

Write For Victor’s Village!

No, you didn’t stumble upon an extra post for this week! This is just a quick messy post asking for longer, less messy posts from YOU.

The Girl With The Pearl is heading to the land of no Internet access for her sister’s wedding next week and we need your help! With new posters, the Instagram, and the fandom going as crazy as ever, do you have an opinion to share about The Hunger Games books, movies, or fandom?

We’ve got your opportunity right here! We’re seeking out some stellar guest posts because, believe it or not, we know that our opinions aren’t the only ones that matter!

If you’ve got ANYTHING to say about The Hunger Games books, movies, merchandise, fandom, etc. that you’d like to share with tons of members of the fandom, write it up and send it to! Wit preferred, but not required. As long as your writing isn’t a hot mess (we have faith in you!), we’ll post it up to be share with other fans!

Oh, and if possible.. send them our way soon!

Any questions? Send us an e-mail or sound off in the comments!

With posters like this, how could you NOT want to get your discussion on?


So Dead

There’s this phrase that I’ve been hearing far too much for my liking lately, and the phrase is “this fandom is so dead.” Sometimes there are variations to the phrase, like “this fandom is dead…” but that’s not really that much of a change,  because it’s just as impacting, just as negative, because the meaning is the same, as well as– um completely misused! I don’t know if any of you out there have ever experienced a fandom actually dying, but I have, and even when a fandom dies, it never really does, especially if it’s a community based around a television series.

Me, I’m a life long X-Phile, that’s a devout fan of The X-Files, which is a television series that premiered 20 years ago this year. It was ground breaking, it was innovative, it was smart, it was thought-provoking, it was scary, emotional, sexy, and hilarious, it was in many ways one of my best friends. Yes, I just called a television show a friend, but it’s true, it was there every Friday night on Fox, until of course it was moved to Sunday nights where it was the ending anchor piece to the night’s line-up of comedies like The Simpson’s, and I think for a time That ’70s Show. Sunday is where I hung out with it forThe-X-Files-the-x-files-25080821-1024-768 almost 9 years, Sunday night was a ritual of anticipating hanging out with my good friends Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner, Byers, Langly, Frohike (pronounced Fro-hickey), Alex Krykec, (Cry-check), Marita, The Cigarette Smoking Man, The Well Manicured Man, Mr. X. Deep Throat, and yes, even Agent Pendrell, who was sadly never given a first name. That’s until it ended in 2002, and that’s when the lull began, unless you count 2008 when a horrible film that I’m pretending didn’t actually happen, was made and released. However, even after that disastrous film that didn’t happen in my world, even though a friend gave me a copy of it, and I never watched it, because lalalala, stupid movie was stupid– the fandom hasn’t died. You know what it’s doing? It’s napping!

Which is what’s happening with The Hunger Games fandom! It’s napping, or dormant if you prefer. Dead to me means literally and figurativly unable to be revived, no one cares about it anymore, it’s buried, gathering dust, it’s just dead. By that definition The Hunger Games is not dead, because I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, but we’ve got three the_hunger_games_catching_fire-wideforth coming films to look forward to, none of them are being put on a shelf, we’re not waiting around 5 years to hear if Katniss’ story will be completed– we know that we’re going to get those three films. So, next time I see someone say “this fandom is dead” I may not be able to control myself, because dead means lifeless, dead means we have absolutely nothing to look forward to, that we’re watching the stars of our favorite whatever do other projects, tuning into them doing interviews on late night talks shows, and hoping, and praying that they get asked a question about that project you wish they would revisit. That is not us! Seriously, it’s not, and while things may be quiet, and a little bit sleepy right now it was only last month that we got out first teaser trailer, which trended on Twitter for a while I recall, and now it’s been viewed 25,054,284 via Youtube. We also got a brand new site launched for our use, and our pleasure, that’s not dead like behavior, that’s very much so alive behavior.

So, if you have the urge to use the word dead to describe this fandom before, say 2016– do yourself the favor, and don’t.

They’ve Been Facebooked!

There’s a lot to be said about social media, “it’s a fad,” “it’s totally necessary,” “it’s a waste of time,” “no one cares what you had for breakfast, stop tweeting!” Yep, all of that and a few other choice phrases have probably been thrown out where it comes to that big bad thing called social media. Me though, I think it’s great, but today is not about me, nope not at all, today is about several people who just happen to be part of The Hunger Games family, who have either just joined a new aspect of the social media phenomena, or have stepped up and reaffirmed their apparent affection for it. First up, I cannot believe she finally caved, but it is our own Mockingjay her self, Jennifer Lawrence! That’s right, around the same time that HungerGamesExplorer officially launched, Jennifer launched an official Facebook page, and according to the page the lady’s been on Facebook since 2008. Not even kidding, scroll down on her page, and you’ll see it plain as the nose on my face, she’s

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

Oh yeah, she also made this little tiny list!

had a Facebook since 2008, just like the rest of us! I find this telling, especially since she’s said in interviews that she finds social media to be kind of ridiculous, which I can agree with on some level, and disagree with on an entirely different one. social media is simply something that cannot be ignored in this day and age, connectedness is just something we do now, and those who are in the public sphere who embrace this, let’s face it, not new development tend to be liked more by the public. Okay, unless you’re Chris Brown, or Kanye West. In Jennifer’s case though, she’s barely dipped her toes into the water, because her Facebook is kind of empty at this point, and in desperate need of some TLC where it comes to Inter-web-y interaction. Perhaps her team will pick up on this need in a few weeks, until this imagined revelation though expect it to remain pretty sparse.

Now, Ms. Lawrence isn’t the only top billing cast member who has embraced the social media draw, and succumbed to its power, because Josh Hutcherson even has a Facebook dedicated specifically to all things a fan of his needs to know! Or wants to know? I’m not exactly sure on this, but I think Josh might be the person in charge of this page, because all posts seems to be written from his P.O.V, which I think is awesome– because it gives it a more personal touch. Josh is clearly no stranger to the need for using social media, and he seems to have picked a favorite tool, which is Facebook. True, he has a Twitter, but he uses it sparingly, which I can respect, but still not so secretly wish he used it a tiny bit more– ’cause honing your Twitter skills is almost becoming an art form in and of its self.

Not surprising in the least, many other members of The Hunger Games family have Twitter accounts, and Facebook pages, most recently however two members of the Catching Fire cast launched official Facebook pages. Bruno Gunn launched his in the last 559045_190552361093648_84713779_nweek or so, and he’s planning to use it much like Josh Hutcherson uses his Facebook, in other words to post on current and up coming career projects, I’d also wholly expect some Catching Fire behind the scenes photos to pop up once the film is released. Bruno previously had an other Facebook page, and if you followed that one, you know he’s pretty deft with the social media interaction, sadly that account has been put to bed, and the new one will in time take its place in a more actively professional capacity. However, If you’re hankering for more social media Inter-web-y action from Bruno, he also launched a WhoSay account recently, and he’s been using it frequently lately, so go follow him there if you so will, and as always he’s an active Twitter and Instagram user.  Last but not least Stephanie Leigh Schlund, AKA our volatile, and sexy Cashmere launched an official Facebook just this week as well.

Have at it y’all, it’s a veritable feast of social media goodness out there! And also, if you didn’t know it already, Victor’s Village has a Facebook page, a Twitter, a Pinterest, and of course a Tumblr.

Them There Eyes

What A Difference A Day Makes

Admit it, a half a day ago we were all kind of disillusioned because of the appearance of a certain photo that we perhaps had seen before, but were yeah–anyway. I’m going to pretend none of the negativity of the earlier part of the day ever happened, and that that certain picture is just something that happened months ago. Which brings us to only a matter of a couple of hours ago when this lovely photo finally became clear to our eyes, and we wept with joy, because– well, I don’t know why, but I’m sure some sleep deprived fool out there cried. If you cried, I assure you there’s no shame in that.529367_655185441164777_1352849081_n

So, what are we looking at here? Well, obviously it’s a photo of President Snow and Plutarch Heavensbee having a little chat. However, what else is in the photo other than those two fine gentleman, okay only one of them is a gentleman, the other is just a Tyrant who dresses really well. All right, if you’re a regular listener of The HG Fireside Chat hosted by our dear friends Savanna and Adam, then you know that I’ve been on the show, and I’m the one who went into insane detail about the chairs that most of the characters in the Capitol Portraits sat in. See, I studied interior design, and had to take several courses on the history of furniture. I know, sounds boring, but it’s not– basically I was studying many of the things that people on the very popular PBS series Antiques Roadshow have the ability to point out and prove about certain pieces brought to their attention. Not very funny stuff, but it’s interesting to me, and frankly– I love it, I want to get an MA in this stuff. But what’s in the picture!? Well, I can tell you that, and not just say “a desk”, “a chair”,  “a table.”, “an oil painting”, Because, dear readers, those aren’t just simple pieces of furniture, and that’s not just an oil painting. 

  1. The Desk: It’s an 18th century Chippendale pedestal desk. How I know it’s Chippendale, the marquetry (marquetry is all the gold stuff), the wood that’s been used (mahogany), and the fact that an extremely similar version of it is staring back at me from one of my many reference books. Yep, I have a little library of antique furniture, and decor books.
  2. The Sideboard: It’s probably not Chippendale, but it’s roughly from around the same time– maybe twenty years on, but on the cusp of the same style era. It’s Regency, it’s likely English, and yes it’s also mahogany. I’d be able to tell you more if I could see all of it.
  3. The Chair: We’ve actually seen this chair before if you recall? It’s the same chair Cinna sat in in his Capitol Portrait. And what it is is a William and Mary wing chair. Why it’s called a wing chair? ‘Cause it’s got tiny wings on the shoulders. Genius, I know. What it’s made of? Probably walnut, not everything can be made of mahogany, sadly.
  4. The Drum Table: That would be the table behind Plutarch, and it’s called a drum table, because it’s shaped like a drum. This one’s likely Regency style as well, but I think it’s American, which makes it American Federal. These are styles and eras that overlap, and basically only have an ocean between them, literally. Oh, and it’s also likely made of mahogany.
  5. The Occasional Table: The little guy in the foreground with either the marble top, or il_fullxfull.386449524_62hlthe tortoise-shell top. It looks Regency, but it could be a revival piece from the early part of the 20th century, making it perhaps Edwardian. Again, if I could see all of it, i.e. its feet and legs, I’d have more information for you all.
  6. Now for the decor! The oil painting on the wall is screaming symbolism to me! Why? because I wholly believe it’s an oil painting circa 1776-1800 that’s depicting a maritime American Revolutionary War scene. Just think on that for a second.
  7. And then we have the framed print on the drum table, it looks strikingly like an Audubon-esque picture of a Mockingbird. Audubon if you don’t know was a world-famous artist best known for his accurate, artful, and impeccable paintings of birds. Ever heard of the Audubon Society? Yep, same guy. Anyway, it’s telling that they have a print that while I can’t tell if it is one of his, but it looks a lot like his style, of a Mockingbird in his collection. President Snow has a print of the fated mates of his Jaberjays, the mother of his Mockingjays in his tastefully appointed office, that cannot be an accident of simply style, and taste.

Everything in that office means something, or at least it does to me. The fact that majority of the furniture is Regency style says to me “this man is temporary,” because that’s what a Regent is, someone who sits on the throne until the rightful heir comes of age. The oil painting of probably an American Revolutionary War scene says to me “a revolution is literally staring at the back of your head every bloody day, you fool.” His chair is a William and Mary wing chair, says to me “he is a conqueror, who likes people to think he’s kind, and noble.” And the bird print, that’s a symbol of his triumphs and his failures, because while the Mockingbird is as innocent as they come, unbeknownst to him he was the creator of the symbol of a revolution by letting that ancient bird mate with his abominable creation.

The King is dead, long live the King.

Them There Eyes


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