Tim Palen And The Hunger For Mockingjay Part 2 Photographs

FACT: We are a bunch of impatient crazies. AND WE KNOW IT.

Mockingjay Part 1 has only been out for just shy of two months. It doesn’t even have a confirmed DVD release date yet (in fact, it’s still in many theaters) and yet we’re sitting here, arching our eyebrow and looking toward Lionsgate as if to say “Soooo.. Got anything from Mockingjay Part 2 yet?”

Well, there’s good news and bad news when it comes to that urge!

The good news? Tim Palen, Chief Marketing Officer for Lionsgate, will soon be releasing a photography book focused solely on the series! Here are the details:

unnamed (1)

This is pretty awesome because Tim Palen is the photographer behind some of the most iconic Hunger Games franchise images out there, including all the awesome character posters. He’s been around the franchise since its beginnings and has got never-before-seen goodness, which is NEVER a bad thing!

The bad news? This will likely be our first taste of Mockingjay Part 2… and it’s not coming until JUNE 2015.

We expected to wait until at least April for the goods. Lionsgate is going to be chugging through the INSURGENT release until the end of March, after all. We can wait for one this to die down before the company worries about another.

Tim’s book will likely mark the very first peek into MJ2. The main photography is his work, so it;s likely going to be released in support of the book. Releasing his work early enough that it’s not considered “in conjunction” with the book would be super contradictory to the book’s whole purpose– TO GET OUR MONEY (and to display some lovely art). This also means the majority of MJ2 images from the book probably won’t (officially) hit the web. Because again, they want us to purchase the book. Which you can do here, if you’re interested.


Does they mean we’re doomed to another year with no real Mockingjay media until late August? We don’t know if we can stand that pain once again! Clearly it didn’t work out so well last time, so let’s not repeat it, okay?

We Can Be Patient. Just Not THAT Patient.
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2014

It’s that time of year again!

We’re back with the official Victor’s Village guide to a happy Hunger Games holiday! We’ve searched the Internet for some great Hunger Games finds that we love. Maybe you’ll find them handy when shopping for the Hunger Games lovers in your life or even something you want to nab for yourself!

Here’s hoping we make The Hunger Games fun in your holiday of choice a little easier!


mockingjay part one blu-ray

Yep. You can do that already.

This is the UK DVD cover, as an official US cover has not been released yet. Still, you can pre-order the film on Blu-ray or DVD right now. Of course, that’s essentially handing someone an IOU as the movie is still in theaters, which maaaaay not put the odds in your favor. Hint heavily for approval before buying!



If you or someone you know wants to collect all the editions, check out this shiny new foil edition box set now available! These babies just came out on September 30th. It’s a bit of relief to see bright, colorful US collector’s editions, as we think the previous US collector’s editions weren’t nearly as nice as the ones you’ll find in other countries.



We will probably not wear a Mockingjay shirt or sweater out and about. We definitely will not feature an actor’s face on our boobs. However, we will abso-freaking-lutely rock Hunger Games pajamas. They’re lots of fangirl fun for those of us who often have to keep our obsessions under wraps outside the comfort of our own home!



Because we’re all looking for more storage, right? Soooo let’s casually turn a Mockingjay book into a small, adorable storage unit! The Mockingjay wall pocket is a small decoration, but one that subtly displays your love of the fandom

There’s a warning here, though: Make sure your recipient is okay with what some fans refer to as “book murder”, aka the destruction of books for artistic purposes.



Apparently, we are okay with book murder, because we love the idea of this book page switch plate. Know the fan in your life has a favorite passage? It can be created into a memory for them, set on the wall as a reminder. Sure, they won’t be able to read it the whole way through, but the feels will still be there!



There’s lots of Hunger Games wall art out there. Designs, quotes, portraits.. LOTS OF IT. But nothing caught our eye quite like that amazing watercolor wall art print. If you’re going to put something on your wall, you want something that The funky, flashy design might be better suited for a teenage fan, but we think anyone could appreciate it!



We may have posted this before but we’re doing it again!

The “dandelion in the spring” quote from Mockingjay is already a big deal and will get EVEN MORE attention once the final movie hits theaters next year. This beautiful dandelion necklace perfectly captures that mood without being too obvious. Quote aside, it’s just really freaking pretty!



And a little something for the musical types! Rue’s whistle mapped out on a mug! Clearly, our gifts aren’t so much about throwing The Hunger Games directly in your face so much as fun pieces that let people know you’re in on the fandom with them. Plus, this is a fun little conversation starter!

Happy Holidays!

The Courage of One… In Liquid Form

Once upon a time, 16-year-old me had typical teen job working concessions at a local arena. It did have its upside because I was technically in attendance at every concert there and also got to watch lots of hockey fights, but ANYWAY…

One very memorable concert we had was headlined by Nelly. Why, you ask? Because Nelly had his own special beverage that we were required to sell at the show.

I remember our supervisor, who was probably 21 and kinda old-ish in my eyes at the time, trying to ignore everyone’s snickering and control his voice as his radioed our manager to ask “So… Catherine… how much are we charging for the… Pimp Juice?”

Obviously, courage is found in your local organics market!

Obviously, courage is found in your local organics market!

This is how I imagine Whole Foods workers feel about the Mockingjay themed Courage of One juice.

Sure, it’s way less ludicrous than Pimp Juice (which seemingly received its own parody in Tropic Thunder with the fictional “Booty Sweat” energy drink), but it’s still odd. Not just because it’s called “Courage of One” juice, though we refute that whole tagline for pretty obvious reasons, but because it’s a juice based off of Mockingjay. And there’s nooooo good names for a Mockingjay juice. Because Mockingjay doeesn’t ave anything to do with juice and it’s kinda silly! It’s okay to giggle at it. REALLY!

Yes, selling that title IS indeed a challenge!

Yes, selling that title IS indeed a challenge!

But if food is the way they’re sponsoring these films, we’re going to take Whole Foods over Doritos and the various candy companies involved. First, because using something delicious yet extremely unhealthy and fattening to advertise a film in which a major issue is starvation just seems twisted and cruel. Second, because Whole Foods is the ONLY sponsor this time around who has any intentions to use their partnership with Mockingjay to fight back against poverty.

Whole Foods is home to the Whole Planet Foundation. Every time you buy a ridiculously named juice, a dollar of your money goes to this foundation, which provides loans to low-income entrepeneurs both in the US and abroad to start their own businesses and better their local economy.

Too embarrassed to go into a Whole Foods, grab a Courage of One juice, and try to look into the cashier’s eyes and feel their judgement as you pay? We are too. Thankfully, you can also go to the Whole Planet Foundation’s Courage of One page. There, you can make a donation, design a t-shirt, upload photos, watch videos, write essays, etc– and oh, be entered for a chance to win Mockingjay premiere tickets for every one of these! It’s a symbiotic relationship, y’all!

Is it a perfect campaign? The COURAGE OF ONE JUICE campaign? I just… *gigglesnort* Probably not? But are you really getting more satisfaction out of scanning labels for a few graphics and 5-second videos?

Though This Juice Could Be Made From Wheatgrass Or Something Equally Awful…
The Girl With The Pearl

Victor’s Village Holiday Contests

We know that the Holidays aren’t always fun and games, so we’re holding not one but TWO holiday contests to bring on the cheer!

Our 2011 Winner!

Our 2011 Winner!

Gather up all your photoshopping/paint skillz to create a humorous, virtual holiday “postcard”. You don’t have to be a graphic design expert, just someone with a fantastic sense of humor!

All holiday postcards submitted will be featured on Victor’s Village. On top of that, we’re giving away an awesome prize to the creator of our favorite design!

The Rules
2. You can theme your holiday card after ANY winter holiday (including one you just made up, if you wish) or in just a general “Happy Holidays” format.
3. If you include photos of specific characters that have already been cast in the films, you must use the actor cast as the character! We get it: You wanted someone else to play Katniss or Peeta or Peacekeeper #56. But they’re not, so deal.
4. To keep things from getting too big and crazy, keep all holiday cards 600w x 350h or smaller!
5. All entries must be sent to no later than Monday, December 23! The Victor’s Village staff will pick our favorites and announce the grand prize winner soon after!

Blueleaf Creative designs

Blueleaf Creative designs

The Prizes

No matter where you live, you’ve probably seen glimpses of Districts! We want you to take a photo of the “district views” in your neck of the woods and let the world see how you view the districts or The Capitol!

The Rules
1. The photo must be an original taken by you. Anything else will be disqualified.
2. No Photoshop! If you want to get creative, stick to the Holiday Card Contest!

Mellark Bakery Apron

Mellark Bakery Apron

3. The photo does not have to represent the District you live in, according to the books. So if you live in Europe and take a photo of something that reminds you of District 12, enter it!
4. All entries must be sent to no later than Friday, December 27! The photos will be voted on by the viewers starting December 28. The winner will be announced December 31!
The Prizes

Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Every holiday season, Victor’s Village searches the joys of the Internet to find new Hunger Games holiday favorites. We realize that it’s already the last night of Hanukkah, but there’s never a bad thing to window shop with us!

Every Hunger Games fan is different, but if you or someone you know gets as obsessed as we do, maybe something on this list will excite!



Starting off a little simple, but the CATCHING FIRE soundtrack is a must-have! Like the first soundtrack, there are so many songs that connect specifically to the books to form a beautiful, emotional reference. What’s new this time around is the mixing of genres, so fans can hum along, air guitar, belt it out, and break it down all in the course of one album!



When it comes to Hunger Games fandom related decorations, we’ve always appreciated the more subtle nods like this clock with the Catching Fire Arena obstacles painted on the hour they go into effect! Available in black or white, it’s one way to test newcomers to your home on their Hunger Games knowledge!



Know someone who’s got skillz in the kitchen? Make ’em an honorary member of the finest bakery in District 12 with a charming and super functional apron! Yup, the Mellark Bakery CAN be rep’d without a reference to Peeta’s buns. Who knew?!



We tried to keep this list mostly gender neutral, but we like shiny things. Not to mention that this handpainted cuff bracelet, featuring the literal Katniss and Primrose plants, tells the story of an epic family bond without being too in-your-face. There are pretty of more obvious Hunger Games options out there, but the elegance of this one has got us hooked!



The comfort of District 12 has a rustic feel to it and so does this HOPE tumblr created by ceramics artist Blaine Atwood. With a hot beverage inside and a good book by your side, this looks like the perfect companion on a cold wintry night.



Katniss’ cowl wrap in District 12 has been making fans fall in love since Catching Fire was released. There are several versions on Etsy varying in style and price (not the mention knitting patterns!), but this one by theLOVEstitch appears to be one of the more accurate looking designs. The downside? This is the most expensive item in this post BY FAR. Be prepared to fork over the dough!


by SoCool Designs


Decals are kind of a classic way to show off things you love, whether it be on your laptop, your car, or somewhere around the house. And at only a four inches, you can fit these Mockingjay ones along decals from your other favorite fandoms and rest assured they’re not going to consume your whole living/driving space.



Were we sucked in by the cute factor? ABSOLUTELY. Charms are a totally flexible type of fun. They can be used for cell phone charms, necklaces, (really big) earrings, or kept as collectibles. We may be inclined to take them out and about to snap pictures with them in funny situations. Because that’s what grown ups do!

That’s our list. As you may know, this list is a precursor to our annual holiday contests! We see awesome Hunger Games prizes in your future! Will one of these awesome items make the list? Keep checking back to find out!

P.S. Looking for books or movies that interest a huge Hunger Games fan? Check out our recommendations page!


Happy CATCHING FIRE release day!

Many of us have seen the movie by now. If not, you’re missing out! Get your butt to the movie theater!

We promise a Catching Fire reaction post at the end of the weekend, when almost everyone will have seen the film and can follow along. Be there or be square!

To celebrate this brilliant moment in our fandom, here’s your opportunity to win some official Catching Fire swag!

STEP ONE: Go see Catching Fire already!
STEP TWO: Get creative and comment with your movie review in FIVE WORDS or less!

Five winners chosen at random will win the following prize pack:

1 Collectable Mockingjay Pin
  • 1 Wristband
  • 1 Glowstick
  • 1 Final Poster

CF Pincatching-fire-final-posterCF GlowstickCF Wristband
Because we’re celebrating opening weekend, this contest will end at 11:59 PST on Sunday, November 24!

Don’t worry, this is just the beginning!

Review: Hunger Games District-Themed Chocolate

Once upon a time, Vosges Haut-Chocolat and Wild Ophelia teamed up to create Hunger Games themed chocolate and admittedly, we were kinda skeptical.

We wondered what it would actually taste like and how those tastes really connect to the districts. Then one day, a big, magical box showed up at the front door and the mystery was ready to be solved!

In a case SO PRETTY, you almost don't want to open it!

In a case SO PRETTY, you almost don’t want to open it!

To conquer this, I brought in the two ladies who taught me everything I know about chocolate: my mom aka Mother of Pearl and my older sister, who shall be called Drunk on Chocolate, for reasons to be seen later. Besides being fellow chocolate lovers, these two are way less picky than me, so they vouch for the things I don’t eat.

Let’s start by saying that the chocolate itself, both milk and dark, is creamy and scrumptious! Each bar is able to be broken up into three “panels”. To start, we all ate one-half panel per bar.

We started with…

DISTRICT 1 – Rare Harvest Cashews + Milk Chocolate
Cashews are not the easiest the gather up and are sometimes referred to as “the diamond of the nut industry”, which is why they work of the Luxury district. We all agreed that the cashews make for a great combo of sweet and salty, but this was pretty similar to things we’ve tasted before. Drunk on Chocolate wonders why the fancy, rare nuts aren’t in District 2, since they have “The Nut.”

DISTRICT 2 – Caramel + Pecan + Milk Chocolate
We made the assumption that this would be very sticky, hence its connection to Masonry. However, this had liquid-y delicious caramel that doesn’t stick to the roof of your mouth. Pecans give it a bit of crunch. Overall, this turtle bar masterpiece was DoC’s favorite.

DISTRICT 3 – Arabica Coffee + Crystal Salt + Dark Chocolate
Coffee is not my cup of… coffee? But Mother of Pearl and DoC both like it, so they gave their opinions. Unfortunately, though coffee and salt are both yummy to them, the combination was too bitter for their tastes.

  • At this point, giggles begin. DoC points out how much chocolate we have yet to try and MoP gets excited because the next bar is from “Cutie Patootie’s” district.

DISTRICT 4 – Sea Salt + Coconut + Dark Chocolate
We worried about this one being overpowering or too salty, but in the end it was a really subtle blend. You could taste everything, but not in excess. It’s comparative to an Almond Joy, but a little more mellow.

DISTRICT 5 – Crispy Crunchy Caramel Corn + Dark Chocolate
This was my hands down favorite! It’s sweet and salty in the perfect amounts with just the right amount of caramel to satisfy. Everyone’s very pleased with the taste.

  • MoP groans over the amount of chocolate we still plan to consume. I suggest we take a break, to which DoC responds with a swift and enthusiastic “Breaks are for quitters!”
  • We opt for smaller pieces of chocolate instead.
Just enough to share!

Just enough to share!

DISTRICT 6 – Crunchy Runner Peanuts in Peanut Butter + Milk Chocolate
Our first question was “What’s a runner peanut?” Well, it’s a peanut, just one that usually grows in the South. Our second question was “Where’s the peanut butter?” because it seems the peanut pieces and very lightly dipped in peanut butter, thus you can’t really taste it. It was tasty, we just hoped for more peanut-buttery bliss!

DISTRICT 7 – Smoked Chipotle Chili + Milk Chocolate*
This one was the first real kicker! Upon first bite, it is VERY smoky. Campfire smoky in ways you wouldn’t expect from chocolate ever. But when you shallow, the aftertaste is legitimately spicy. Do I think I could’ve eaten to bar in one sitting? No. Was it cool to try? Definitely!

DISTRICT 8 – Caramelized Crispy Rice + Dark Chocolate
Caramelized crispy rice is light and pleasant, but it didn’t have much going on it the flavor department that made it different or particularly tasty. “The Capitol would foo-foo at this,” DoC pronounced.

DISTRICT 9 – Milled Oats + Vanilla Hemp Seeds + Dark Chocolate
We generally agree that oats and chocolate make for a good mix, but this was our unanimous least favorite. The oats and hemp seeds made for a pretty tasteless filler and a dry texture that didn’t really work. Maybe there are finer palates out there that will disagree?

  • Despite her earlier claims that breaks are for quitters, DoC declares a break. We go back and forth between giggles and the beginnings of chocolate-induced comas for a while before any of us are brave enough to dive back in.

DISTRICT 10 – Beef Jerky + Smoked Mesquite + Milk Chocolate*
Vosges and Wild Ophelia are NOT screwing around when it comes to beef jerky. It’s not just smoky flavor, there’s actual pieces of beef jerky. DoC and I wish for bacon instead of beef jerky. MoP likes beef jerky, but doesn’t love it combined with chocolate.

DISTRICT 11 – Harvest Cherry + Dark Chocolate
Chewy, dried cherries that are naturally sweet and not too sugary make for happy taste testers! Chocolatey and fruity all in one bite! Who could ask for more?

DISTRICT 12 – Mined Salt + Milk Chocolate
Frankly, we can’t tell the difference between all these salts. What we CAN tell you in that this one brings us back to sweet and salty. These companies have mastered the art of adding just enough salt that you can taste the contrast without overpowering the flavors in the chocolate. Yummmm!

You can find the district chocolate bars, character-themed bars, and the tres fancy Capitol Truffle Collection up for sale here. We’ve also seen the district bars while out and about, so your local convenience store!

The Headache That Followed This Was Totally Worth It!
The Girl With The Pearl

* When it comes to the more specialized flavors from D7 and D10, we got a surprising fourth opinion. My fiance did some post-taste test sampling, declared those his favorites, and devoured them. So really, it’s all about how adventurous your tastes are!

Hunger Games Halloween, Catching Fire Style

It’s only a few short weeks from Halloween! If you’re going as a Catching Fire character, now is the time to prep! We all know looking your best isn’t always an easy thing, but here’s some tips to help you out!

First off, let’s talk the Catching Fire Arena look. Arena and training gear is the CLASSIC representation of the series, so those who know the series will definitely know what you’re going for!

Depending on your comfort level with spandex, there’s a couple different options here!

First, the more comfy, unisex pants and t-shirt combo:
Catching Fire Hunger Games Cosplay RimThis one also comes with a sweater option for children, which is nice if you’ve ever experienced Halloween in a region where autumn happens (ICYMI– it’s usually effing freezing.) You can also grab just the shirt.

For the less weary, there’s also the “Hunter Jumpsuit”, as the company trying not to break copyright laws refers to it:


From there, you can customize your character with their weapon of choice!

And if your hair is too short to be hers, there’s always that lovely Katniss “Arena Girl” Wig. Yup, still around!

Want that “burning up the atmosphere” look?


There’s also Cosplay Katniss and Peeta shirts that can be dressed up with some dark pants, though it’s not quite the same effect (and hilariously, the female model is WEARING IT BACKWARDS.)

catching fire hunger games katniss on fire cosplaycatching fire hunger games peeta on fire cosplay

Unfortunately, there’s one main element to all these things: They’re kinda, sorta, REALLY EXPENSIVE. Which may be fine with you, if you’re big into cosplay or Halloween in general.

For the rest of us.. Believe it or not, it might be easier to be a Capitol citizen. Elizabeth Banks may be in Alexander McQueen, but a big part of Capitol style is that there is no continuity and you can basically make it whatever you want. Go all thrift shop on Halloween’s ass! Get yourself some fabric butterflies and a lavender wig, if you’re crafty! Guys, find yourself an outrageous suit, tack on that glitter fabric paint, grab a blue wig and call yourself Caesar Flickerman!

Really, the possibilities are endless! If you like dressing up for Halloween, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Chins up, smiles on!

May The Sizes Be Ever in Your Favor!
The Girl With The Pearl

Crossing the (Fashion) Line

We are unabashedly in love with The Hunger Games, so try to be positive about all the movie news that comes out. Sometimes we manage, sometimes we don’t.


We get it. We just don't get why.

We get it. We just don’t get why.

Lionsgate has teamed up with online luxury fashion website Net-A-Porter to sell the upcoming “Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville” fashion line. Yup, Capitol themed advertising has officially gone way too freaking far.

Let’s say this: Trish Summerville is a ridiculously talented Costume Designer. From what we’ve seen so far, she’s improved the overall look of the series by 1000% percent, added wonderfully nuanced meanings behind many outfits, and made the Capitol actually look like we imagined it in the books. We love what she’s done and we’re glad other people do too! We FANGIRL her. She deserves recognition. She deserves a freaking Academy Award!

But then… No matter what Buzzfeed says, this writer is of the opinion that Capitol Couture is not really getting the message of the movies (or even advertising the movies) to existing fans or potential newcomers. The advertising campaign seems to have gotten really caught up in the positive initial reactions to the first Capitol Couture issue and it’s forgotten an important message of the series: Reckless consumerism is the most basic form of evil.

At first, Capitol Couture was a fun addition to overall Hunger Games advertising. They feature the fashion designers that fashionistas love, get us involved in the alternate universe a bit, and are generally awesome to look at. Pretty things are pretty. Yet The Hunger Games isn’t about the Capitol. To us, Mockingjay Pin backpacks and District 12 Hot Topic t-shirts feel more acceptable than Capitol Couture makeup and designer brands, because at least Mockingjay Pins and District 12 have significant, positive influences in the series.

Futuristic awesome. Contemporary awkward.

We like the futuristic look, but not for general sales purposes.

Nobody in the Capitol is concerned with The Hunger Games or the devastation in the districts because they are so caught up in the glamorized consumerism and entertainment that their lives consists of. Yes, WE KNOW… “But we ARE the Capitol! We’re the consumers! We love our outrageous entertainment!” To that, we argue that fans of the series are often seen making the effort to be more self-aware than we’re given credit for. Think of all the charities fans have committed to in the name of The Hunger Games, the stunning artwork, and all the intelligent discussion of book themes including war, gender stereotypes, politics, class disparity, and PTSD, etc. That’s just scratching the surface, really! Not to say we’ll never buy new shoes or go to a concert, but we’re not so caught up in ourselves as to act as if issues bigger than our own don’t matter.

By presenting us with what will probably be a luxury (aka “too expensive for your average gal”) fashion line, it feels like Lionsgate is saying that they really don’t care what they’re selling or what the message of the story really is, as long as we CONSUME. Because the more of us they convince that we are the Capitol– whom we remind you are the ignorant, counter-productive followers of a corrupt society– the more we buy into their bottom line.

They’re not selling the movie or its message to us. They’re just selling.

We’re curious to see what the fashion line will look like, for sure! How will it blend Capitol and everyday wear? The clothes will probably be beautiful. We may even want to buy some but… again, we can’t. Both because we’re poor and because it just feels wrong.

Thankfully, The Capitol Won’t Be In Style For Mockingjay,

The Girl With The Pearl

Marie Antoinette and the Fish

Today, Covergirl unveiled two looks from their The Hunger Games: Catching Fire collection. You know those silhouettes? We’ve come to find out that they’re actually models done up in high fashion interpretations of each district using products from the line. So far we have District 1 (Luxury) and District 4 (Fishing).


What we’re seeing so far is lots of color, which is a far cry from the gray-brown, muted nail polish line we got from China Glaze for The Hunger Games (yes, there were a couple bright colors but overall it was pretty dull). Like Them There Eyes said, if you want to go Capitol, go Capitol.

That being said, there might be the opposite problem with this line. Is there really going to be blue lipstick? It’s a little hard to imagine that’d be a huge seller for anyone that isn’t a diehard fan who just needs to get every single item from the collection. The look is fabulous (dare I say, abnosome?) in the photo, on the gorgeous dark-skinned model with fans in her hair to represent fins, but the translation to real life is lacking. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk into the office with blue lipstick.

Covergirl seems to be doing their best with marketing this line so far, revealing the looks to appeal to girls and young women who have grown up on America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway and know what editorial looks and photos are like, very different from their ultra-commercial magazine ads of close-up faces. If anything, the photos so far are very much like if tributes in the tribute parade were models instead of children or victors. Which, though executed incredibly, is a little disturbing. Sorry guys, I’m now running with the head-canon that these are concept photos by Capitol stylists testing their looks out on models first.

The line will be available on October 1 so we have a month and half-ish to save up for the seemingly extensive line. I’m ready to add yet another mascara to my collection, all for the name of The Hunger Games.

I hate that I’m probably going to buy them all, blue lipstick be damned!