Happy CATCHING FIRE release day!

Many of us have seen the movie by now. If not, you’re missing out! Get your butt to the movie theater!

We promise a Catching Fire reaction post at the end of the weekend, when almost everyone will have seen the film and can follow along. Be there or be square!

To celebrate this brilliant moment in our fandom, here’s your opportunity to win some official Catching Fire swag!

STEP ONE: Go see Catching Fire already!
STEP TWO: Get creative and comment with your movie review in FIVE WORDS or less!

Five winners chosen at random will win the following prize pack:

1 Collectable Mockingjay Pin
  • 1 Wristband
  • 1 Glowstick
  • 1 Final Poster

CF Pincatching-fire-final-posterCF GlowstickCF Wristband
Because we’re celebrating opening weekend, this contest will end at 11:59 PST on Sunday, November 24!

Don’t worry, this is just the beginning!

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  1. It’s breathtakingly awesome & on fire!!!!!

  2. 1. Intense
    2. Mindbending
    3. Creepy (@ Snow/mutts/fog)
    4. Heartwarming
    5. Heartbreaking

  3. Exciting, stunning, but SO SAD.

  4. amazingly satisfying and perfectly intense!

  5. Lara Fitzpatrick

    Visually stunning, pulse-pounding masterpiece.

  6. Beautiful, faithful adaptation, mind blowing.

  7. Heart-wrenching, emotional thrill ride!

  8. 1. Fanciful
    2. Intense
    3. Emotional
    4. Excitement
    5. Legendary

  9. “(1) Now (2) you’re (3) just (4) showing (5) off.” – My reaction when things got intense (awesome) near the end of the movie (you know what I mean). Honestly it was brilliant. It worked really well as both an adaptation and as just a movie.

  10. How to make an adaptation.

  11. 1. Fantastic
    2. Amazing.
    3. Breathtaking
    4. Exhilarating

  12. A sequel worth waiting for.

  13. Beautiful, emotional, intense, and exhilarating.

  14. Best movie ever- so great!

  15. Catching Fire: All The Stuff!


  17. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautifully done.

  18. Intense, Intelligent, Rebellious, Brave, and Brutal

  19. Epic and Amazingly well done

  20. Extremely intense even knowing everything

  21. Hey Snow, fire is catching.

  22. Wow…when’s the next one.

  23. Intense. This movie changed me.

  24. OMG i cant freakin breathe!!!! x’D <3<3<3

  25. When is Mockingjay coming out?

  26. Everything hurts; the rebellion begins.

  27. Fog, monkeys, and jabberjays – oh my!

  28. Here come the tears

  29. Hunger Games Bookclub

    Gasp-out-loud with pin-drop perfect moments

  30. Hunger Games Bookclub

    I saw the movie last night with a room full of people who had clearly read the books… Except the guy in front of me. When the closing credits rolled, he stood up and shouted his own “review”: “Oh hell no! No! Noooo!!!”

  31. Couldn’t blink the whole movie! :D <3

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